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Grand Island Senior High School Reviews

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Great school with great people, activities, atmosphere, facilities, and work environment. This school is also sandwiched in between two huge historical sites. Niagara Falls and Buffalo. Not only is the school great but the summer is wild, and one of if not the best place in the world.
I liked how the staff were very open to students and always willing to listen to them. I wish they had air conditioning though.
They need to invest in better Geometry and Algebra 2 teachers, they definitely need to do a better job at equality and handling bullying correctly.
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Educational is good. The teachers should listen to the students and their needs some more. I would rather go here other then any other school. It is a good experience. Socially some crappy kids but you can’t do to much about it. Overall the teachers are good.
The school is very accepting of all students withe excellent academics and extracurricular activities.
I loved that the community is very small and most of the students get along very well together. There is a lot of support in the school, whether it's athletics or smarts, everyone is there backing eachother up. The classes are pretty small and teachers know most of their students. I would like to see a few more teachers that actually live on the Island, but no school is perfect. Every student has something to give to the community adn their class.
The health and safety policies at this school are alright. There is a district wide officer, but he is rarely seen. There are cameras in the school, although, there have been recent incidents and the cameras in certain areas were broken or turned off, so they are definitely not reliable. I feel safe at all times in the school though. There aren't many serious threats.
The extracurriculars at this school are something that makes it most unique. There are a variety of clubs and activities to suit your interests. From student council, band, athletic clubs, GSA, Bible Clubs, donate life, etc. There is definitely something for you if you want to get involved. And, in addition to the variety, each club is very well run and committed to what they are intended to do.
My overall experience at this school has been a good one. There is a lot to be involved in, and the more involved you are, the more fun you will most likely have. This school is unique because of how involved the students get during spirit week, competitive sporting events, and powderpuff. The school's events adds a lot to student's experience! I would chose this school if I could do it all over because it has given me the high school experience that I have always wanted. In most categories, the school has out done itself!
Most teachers I have come in contact with over these past few years have been great. Their classes are usually engaging and somewhat interesting. Although, some teachers seem to skip out on a lot of things due to lack of effort and laziness. I wish there were more real life/world examples incorporated into lesson planning, but I understand that there are curriculums and exams that students need to be prepared for. Never the less, the teachers at Grand Island High School are great, but there is room for improvement.
Everyone is very close especially during senior year and we all learn to get along and get through situations.
There are too many cliques in this school. It is hard to make friends and change friends once you've established your friend group.
For it being the first time attending a public school and entering high school not knowing anyone, everyone was very welcoming and understanding. I did see, however, that as the years progressed everyone became more consumed with knowing each others business and wanting to be better than the next. People were accepting to a certain extent and if you deviated away from the limit then you were looked down upon, by both student and faculty.
As a past member of concert band, wind ensemble and the musical at GIHS the music department holds up to its legacy. We as a band traveled to Washington DC, and Atlanta for national competitions and swept the award ceremony, taking home nearly every award. On the flip side I was an active member of Student Council and a Class Officer.
The technology and staff could've been better they usually don't care and would send you back to class
The teachers could be more helpful during and after classes, they don't really care about anything.
Theyre were a lot of options to what extracurricular activities. From technology, debate, math, sports,, or even Gay straight alliance.
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My favorite experience was pep rally days or chicken finger Fridays. No one would want to miss those days. Especially toga day for the seniors. I would do it again if I could because those were the most active days of my life
This school didn't prepare you for the outside world. Your choices post-graduation were mostly influenced by yourself or parents.
The amount of school spirit is overwhelming between sport events, the coaches and cheerleaders. Its basically like a requirement to join in.
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