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Granby High School is a wonderful place to get an education at because of the diversity and wide variety of classes and electives to choose from. My only complain is that for my last to years at Granby my counselor hasn't helped as much as I needed her to for example my junior years we had wrote down that I would be in chorus she took me out of chorus and didn't change my schedule. Another example my senior year I went to her wanting to drop a class because I knew it would be too much in me and she wouldn't take me out my guardian called Downtown they didn't help and now I'm stressed out about a class that I don't need to graduate.
Granby shaped and molded me into the person that I am today. If I could do high school all over again I would and would not change anything about it! The faculty and staff were the absolute best and wanted all of to succeed. We have done just that with their help!
My experience at Granby High School was enjoyable. The teachers at Granby always made me laugh and taught the best that they could. Also Granby students can get a little wild, our principle handles it well and keeps the atmosphere under control. I genuinely feel safe at school and know that our security guards are keeping our best interest in mind. Ive met people at Granby that im going to count on for the rest of my life.
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The school has teachers who truly want to help students. However, the principle changes the rules too many times and enact unfair rules.
What i liked most about my highschool were my teachers. Teachers specifically, are the most important part of highschool as they are the ones that teach us and help form us into who we are today. Some of the teachers at this school including the art department were some of the nicest and caring people i have met. A lot of the time there are not really any good teachers who care about their jobs and their students so it makes learning and wanting to go to school hard.
I would say that for someone who took advanced classes both AP honors and IB Granby offers a great education. The school funded programs on demand, online tutoring and homework help at no cost for military families. Online tutoring classes helped me stay focus and I immediately seen a change in my grades. The faulty did a great job on making sure students had the tools needed to succeed and beyond. Grades were not an important factor to faulty and staff but the student being able to apply the material. I would say Granby is a great school but not perfect, no school is.
Granby is one of the best schools I've attended in Norfolk and I've been to three within my whole high school career. I say this because this school seems to really care about their students. The teachers I've had over the last year have really helped mold me into a better student and didn't mind going the extra mile to help me get back on track. They have recently added a new class which I'm glad to be a part of, African American studies, which helps me get to know more about my roots and where I come from. Also, my English teacher along with the guidance counselors have continually came to discuss our futures. Our staff helped us apply to college when it was Virginia College Application week and helped us fill out resumes. As far as safety, they are always on top of the safety of the students.
Through my years at Granby High School, I've seen compassion, responsibility, and milk's being thrown threw the air in the cafeteria room. Some things I'd like to see change are some teachers, not every teacher there quite knows what they're doing, let alone how to teach children. I'd like to see more chances, if a kid has a bad day and blows up, it's an automatic suspension, even if they've never done something like that before. I'd like to see more trust n their students, allow them to use their phones, or not yell at them to see their pass when they're in the halls. But, I wouldn't want to ever go to a different school.
There are some teachers who are amazing and have changed my life, other teachers are the worst I have ever seen. The students are very spirited.
What I liked about Granby High School was how the administration trusted the students to plan for themselves and make things happen but with their support. Granby mission was to raise the bar so that all students would be well prepared for the world of work, and their commitment to ensuring that we are prepared is clear in their everyday actions.

One thing I would like for them to change is their shyness from modern technology. Most teachers don't want us to use phones or other technical aspects in class yet the world has unlimited resources at our fingertips. It is important for us to use all the resources that we have access to.
Great teachers. Needs more safety and new principle or ideas implemented. The diversity is great and the IB program is a great way to over prepare you for college. If you need help, the school will find a way to assist in almost whatever you need.
At Granby High School, I like everything. The teachers are great, The thing that surprise m at the school that they follow rules. For example, there is a cellphone policy and Tardy rules. During school, you cannot use your cellphone even in the hallway unless the teacher tells you. During lunch, I took my phone out and they took it. The students are friendly.
The school does a good job in education and maintaining a good learning environment. But, the school seems a little run down, and fights breaks out easily.
Granby High School has done a great job preparing my son to be successful in college. The I B program has provided him with a foot in the door for college opportunities and prepared him well. The AP and IB course offerings give the student an opportunity to knock out several college courses even before they walk across the graduation stage. The teachers and staff are very caring and want the students to be successful. There are many opportunities for students to participate in sports, clubs are the arts. Granby High School is a large school but still has the feel of a small with a close knit community.
The faculty are restricted by NPS regulations & standardized testing. The general population students are unrestrained & cause the teachers to use too much of their resources. The IB teachers do not know how how to best help their students so classes end up being a waste of time.
I would like to see a stop in the division of “smart students and average student” The school puts students in a system where there’s on a few things available to them.
My experience at Granby was good because I was in the International Baccalaureate program, so I was able to take more advanced courses and get a better education than most of my fellow peers at this school. I noticed in the regular classes, usually not a whole lot of teaching got done because of the rowdiness of their students. Fights were often and very amusing, but there were plenty of opportunities for students to get involved in the school community if they so chose.
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I am in the International Baccalaureate Program and I really appreciate the academic excellence and vigor that the program promotes.
I would like to see a change in the college preparedness. It seems as though once you get to your Senior year, that’s when your expected to start doing the important college tasks however,
I believe that should begin well before your senior year because it keeps all students informed and included to the point where every year is not just about the seniors.
I enjoyed my high school experience at Granby. I loved how diverse it was and still is. I was Captain of the girls track team, and in FBLA. It was what a school should be, high school is all in what you make it.
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