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I loved the academic rigor Granada provided. Although it was very stressful, Granada taught me a lot about myself and my capabilities. There were tons of opportunities at Granada to take advantage of. I feel heavily prepared for the stages of life after high school. I wouldn't change a thing about GHCHS. They do an amazing job educating future generations and preparing them for a pathway to success.
Granada is a great school in terms of preparation for college. The various programs offered help a student find new ways to learn that they might be better at then just traditional styles. The various resources and clubs offered are incredibly helpful in broadening skill sets. All in all Granada's best attribute is the support given for college, in all areas, from scholarships to finishing applications and bringing colleges to campus. Granada's faculty will set individually the best course based on a student's individual performance in school.
Very well known school. Offers many advanced courses, clubs, and opportunities that look good for college. The classes can be as rigorous as you want them to be. Dress code is very strict on girls though.
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GHCHS brims with diversity and holds a strict policy of mutual acceptance. However, it is so expansive that one can easily get lost in the sea.
Their is excessive homework and too many teenagers. Either make the campus bigger or do not accept many kids.
Throughout my two years at Granada Hills Charter High School I have enjoyed the friendly and safe environment. Not only does this school offer 29 AP and 38 IB courses, but offers college courses provided by Pierce College as well. The diversity in these classes ensure that every student is encouraged to take a course that best fits their interests. There are also many programs at GHCHS that tend to different needs such as STEM and Humanitas. All students are encouraged to try their best, even when coming from a difficult background. The teachers here at GHCHS care about their students and fellow co-workers alike. Teachers often spend hours after classes helping students study, prepare for future exams and answering important questions. With this being said, the teachers also help their fellow co-workers by sharing classroom ideas, worksheets, and exams so that they can later discuss what students and missing or need more guidance with. I hope this helps!
The school provided many resources and opportunities to allow students to grow. Through the integration of rigorous courses, the students are able to get a feel of how college may be in the future and prepare themselves by challenging their strengths and developing on their weaknesses to allow for a smooth transition to a more difficult adult life. However, the school could be improved by allowing students to be more engaged, especially through connecting with others due to the massive amount of attending students which overflows the school and may sometimes feel overwhelming or make it difficult for students to interact with one another.
Going to Granada has been a great experience for me. In this school, I found my passions, my interests, and a place where I truly belong. This place is the IB Program which is a program that is provided in the school.
I personally loved attending GHC. The teachers are amazing and easy to work with. The competitive nature of the students were encouraging for me and my studies. And the school really pushes for diversity and respect.
I liked some of the classes, however the deans are extremely strict with regard to dress code and some of the teachers seem to hold biases towards some of the students.
GHCHS is probably the place where a person is able to prepare for college accurately, or the world in general. People at my school made a great job advising and providing support regarding to academics. For example, my counselor used to set appointments with my parents just to talk about AP courses, my top colleges and obviously grades. In addition, every person at GHCHS is accepted they way he/she is, respecting the nationality, race, gender or religion beliefs. I felt very confident because people from different backgrounds were always friendly, and I also understood their life stories and how they were able to deal with their problems. The education is great. Students were really involved in AP classes in order to pay less for college classes, which is very beneficial now that I'm a college student. I was involved in several clubs and extracurricular activities like the Varsity soccer team. Now I feel very prepared and confident because GHCHS provided everything.
So far everything is all good for me. There is a mix of lazy and amazing teachers- but which school doesn't have that.
It is just HUGE. If you are not in an inclusive community, it is highly likely that you will not gain the necessary attention, whether it is for classes, counseling, college preparations, or anything else. However, because the school is so large, there is great variety of courses and programs you can choose from.
Granada can stand as an easy school or a challenging one, offering a wide variety of classes with plenty of range in difficulty. The sheer amount of students and teachers makes it very possible to find a niche for yourself within its diverse eco-system.
Granada Charter provides a great education alongside a multitude of opportunities for high school students to discover what they are passionate about. With the quality of teaching and the amount of resources for students to succeed, it is not hard to believe how high their graduation rates are.
I liked that Granada Hills pushed me to become a better person and to develop habits and mannerisms that will aid me in my pursuit of education.
Granada Hills Charter High school is an excellent school that offers many educational programs for students. Students can choose a variety of programs that help them learn more about certain academics. I am in Humanitas which is more art and English based. It is a wonderful program that has helped me engage in peer collaborative assignments. The teachers at Granada are very helpful and typically do the best they can to offer tutoring throughout the week. No student is left behind. They just need the motivation to succeed on their own through self-responsibility.
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Great teachers but a but strict. Everyone is extremely nice and takes the time to help you learn. Many teachers stay and help kids during lunch or afterschool
Granada is an amazing school that many take for granted, including myself. They spare no expense in making sure students are able to learn and pass classes, including paying for programs and online website for tutoring for every student. They also care about the arts and fully fund different programs, including more abstract ones like a theater make-up class run by a Nars profession, who has worked with celebrities like J-Lo and Tyga. They really make an effort to make different programs that cater to the diverse needs of he students. The academic programs are fantastic too. Programs that seperate by interest, like the S.T.E.M., Humanitas, or the I.B. program are amazing and if you really make an effort to try all the things has to offer, it'll wrap up to be an amazing high school experience.
I really enjoyed my experience at Granada Hills Charter High School. While the academics may be slightly rigorous, I believe that they prepared me well for college.
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