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Granada Hills Charter High School Reviews

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I thought that Granada was a really good school and there was a lot of opportunities and classes that allowed students to advance and better them selves as well as prepare them for their future.
The school only seems to shine because of the few students who are advanced in academic categories, which is essential to the school's image. However, the school needs to pay more attention to students who don't excel in academics and require more assistance. There are many students who struggle almost every single day, but they are not receiving any help.
The community in Granada Hills is very supportive. The teacher staff offer many resources to help students achieve success.
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The education isn't bad but this school makes the education here seem way better than it actually is.The teachers are very nice and care about the students but some could teach a lot better.The school also gives too much work and expects way more out of its students than other schools in the area.Many students are very stressed and overwhelmed with the workload depending on the classes they take.The school doesn't realize that students have a life outside of school.The school is also overly strict with blocking everything on the Chromebooks each student gets, even things that are educational. They make you miss class if you are even a second late.They are also too strict with the dress code.The school is mainly just lucky with having many students that are very academic and care about school. The best thing about this school is the students because it is very diverse and most of the students are very friendly and nice so the school has a nice environment to be in and it is safe.
Very good school. Gets a bad rep because those giving the reviews are haters, haters who don’t have any sort of work ethic and expect everything to be handed to them. Those who don’t put in the effort to go and talk to their teacher, but rather bad mouth them from behind their backs. Put in the time.
As a student at Granada Hills Charter High School, I feel as if it does a fantastic job preparing us for college!
When I starting freshman year I was petrified and did not know how to react since I barely knew anyone. The most friends I could get were those who chose to talk to me. But I was able to meet new people once my shyness went away and was able to feel relaxed since the school made me feel safe and assured since they always wanted to know their student's safety and health.
Granada has given me overall amazing opportunities to expand on my education and resources to utilize beyond high school. It is clear that they care about student success, especially in the academic field. Some may say that they give their students more work than other high schools, but in reality it is relatively easy to get done with good time management skills (which they teach you) and overall prepares you better for college. I felt that sometimes their rules were strict, such as the dress code policy or tardy policy. I thought that a school keeping up with society would understand the toxicity and almost sexism of a strict dress code. But other than these issues, Granada gave their students many, many opportunities to find their path, whether it was through clubs, sports teams, academic teams, leadership, and more. While I did feel Granada was weak in some areas, they were definitely strong in encouraging expressiveness and truly care about their students.
GHCHS has a place for any student. They have a wide range of classes for students to take, as well as a wide range of sports/teams and clubs you can join. As with every school there are some good teachers and some not so good, nut I'd say the good outweigh the bad. The teachers here show that they really care about the education of their student. There are also school provided tutors after hours for students in need of a little help on their schoolwork. Overall a great school with a welcoming environment.
Granada Hills Charter High School is a good school, I personally do not like it because I take issue with some of the rules that they implement, but the teachers so far have seemed to be very good, school food is decent, and my overall time there has been pretty fine as well.
This school is very prestigious, offering a variety of challenging courses and rigorous classes that will benefit you in the long run. Diversified and great!
I like the friends I've made and pretty much every teacher I've had. I also like most of the staff. I do not like their disregard for the arts and their borderline misogynist dress-code rules.
The staff has always been so warm and kind to me and I've met a lot of teachers that have changed my way of thinking. I've also met a lot of great people in my class that I consider to be my good friends. The atmosphere in Granada has always been inviting and I always felt like I could be myself.
High quality education, offering every AP class there is. However, it can be a high-stress environment, as the school places a lot of emphasis on college and career readiness. Moreover, class size is usually huge (ranging from 25-35). Luckily, there are a lot of extracurriculars, with over 15 sports teams and 50 clubs. Besides on-campus activities, the school provides college visits, college fairs and off-campus classes at the local community college. There is a large variety of food to choose from, with most of it being decent quality. Overall, I'd give it a 4/5 stars- a place that prepped me for my future career, but not a place for students to feel unique or individualized.
Granada Hills Charter High School provides its students with a plethora of resources that allow them to excel in their classes and extracurriculars. GHCHS prepares students for the workload that they will encounter in college. Its safe environment and educational-driven support make GHCHS an incredible high school.
Granada's not a bad school when it comes to academics, for the most part. You also won't be short on meeting people, but it's not hard to choose to also not if that's your thing. Some issues: first, with the amount of people, some places close to specific buildings are jam-packed with traffic, which can be annoying at times, but it's bearable. Second, some of the decisions by the admins have been questionable. Although I personally haven't had this issue, some students complained about counselors not properly helping them get schedules. Additionally, the school has done some things regarding Chromebook policy that honestly just baffles me; for example, they block deletion of site history(which is OK), but they don't auto-delete to free up space, so at some point I started having to clear my cache just to open up a textbook PDF. Other than that stuff, teachers were great in my experience, people I directly dealt with were pretty good, so no worries there. Lots of HW though.
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I had a mediocre experience at Granada Hills Charter High School. The school in terms of academics was excellent. The teachers and the resources were readily available to us whenever we needed them, whether or not you took advantage of these resources were up to the student. The education of GHCHS was rigorous and it helped prepare me for college. However, outside of the classroom was another story. The lack of culture and diversity between students and even teachers is astounding. The administration of the school was entirely too conservative, they would rather keep their reputation high than expel students of wrongdoing.
Granada has a lot of great opportunities that will definitely help you in the future and prepare you for college. The thing is, all the administrators will encourage you to take AP classes or enter harder programs not really explaining the difficulties it comes with. They like to make sure everyone has good test scores to make the school look good at the end of the day. The staff mostly rude but you'll get used to it because some teachers are very understanding. Everyone here is basically pushing you to be greater than when you came in which is a good thing. The campus is really big with over 4,000 students so if you like not knowing everyone in the whole school then this is the place to go.
Granada Hills Charter High School does a good job of helping its students. The teachers want to help students pass the class and for AP classes, they help even more. They want you to succeed so don't be afraid to ask for help. Just be ready for the hoards of students on campus and it can be difficult to not bump into someone.
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