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Granada Hills Charter High is great school academically. The crowd and populous is way too much, with about 5,000 pupils. It is a little too big, and is hard to navigate your way and find friends. For people with a struggle to be social, you should not attend here.
My experience at Granada has really pushed me as a person. I came from very small schools with few students. Granada has really helped me broaden my point of view by challenging me academically. Besides the academics I had the opportunity to try new things such as sports teams and the IB program. The school also has an exceptional level diversity creating exciting discussions and new viewpoints to all class discussions.
Granada was a great school that really ensures students are prepared for college. There are several AP classes offered as well as several languages. There are many events and extracurricular activities. The sports are good as well as the teaches and administration. It is a very safe environment. The only negative is that the school has a lot of students.
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Granada Hills Charter High School offers a variety of academic programs that suit each student. The teachers here are often times very well qualified, though there are some teachers who lack competence. The school does very little to foster a school spirit or sense of involvement, apart from the once a year pep-rallies. The school serves its purpose of education very well, but overly-strict codes and lack of information on rules can make the experience frustrating.
The academics are extremely rigorous at Granada, but it effectively prepares students for college. It is a graduation requirement for students to apply to at least one college. The teachers are generally very nice and understanding despite their tough curricula. The food on campus is much better than LAUSD school food. There are "guards" and staff members constantly surveying the school.
I really enjoy how a lot of students are challenged in a good way to achieve their goals of maybe getting into great colleges and getting great jobs.
Honestly, Granada is actually a great school. You will most likely hear good news about this school, and it will most likely be about its academics rather than its sports. I personally believe that we are especially known for our Academic Decathlon team, and they are amazing. I love how diverse this school is, and how both students and administrators are exposed to many different cultures and traditions. Granada will never stop to surprise me with the varieties of clubs they offer, and the many activities it hosts. Granada is all about college readiness, and I know this 100% because I had just attended a college fair hosted by Granada. Safety is one of the many things Granada performs well because of the amount of drills we do and the campus police. Whether its from a class that you chose to fill in your schedule, or an intellectual conversation you have with your group of friends, you never truly stop learning at Granada Hills Charter High School.
What I really enjoy about Granada Hills Charter High School is definitely all the resources that are available to help you succeed. Though it may be a, academically rigorous school, it have many opportunities to help you along and lessen your burden. Most teachers are willing to have one on one time with students to help them when confused as well. Granada also heavily prepares you for college, whether its holding college fairs, preparing school wide orientations or calling students in to the college office for help, the opportunities are abundant and useful to any stressed or confused students in need of help. On top of this, I have found many people at this school that I can connect with personally, and they make my educational career a lot better. I have had a very good experience at Granada so far.
I love having the chance to attend this high school. The teachers are amazing and the curriculum helps to prepare you for college. I feel very prepared for college. The only thing I don't like about Granada is that they are very strict. They still treat us as children and they don't truly let us express ourselves. I also don't like the dress code at the school but overall the school is good.
Granada Hills Charter High School is a great school academically with access to many opportunities. However, the staff isn't always necessarily looking out for the best interest of the students and I think that affects the learning environment drastically.
Throughout my years attending Granada Hills Charter High School, the diversity is outstanding. I've made many friends throughout my three years and they're all from different cultures and I enjoy learning about them. Also, the student involvement in this school is amazing because there are so many clubs you can join from ranging from an Urban Arts Club, to even Key Club. This school has allowed me to become more prepared for college than I thought I'd ever be. They have provided countless college workshops and have even summoned me to the college office to talk about my future plans. Just by coming in, has opened my eyes because the college counselors are friendly, helpful, and easy to talk to.
The school gives an excellent educational experience. However some of the teachers that were there when I was in high school I questioned why they were there and some of the teachers who were let go were some of my favorite teachers. Moreover, the athletics are pretty good compared to the little amount of funding that the school gives them. Finally, I feel the teachers do not really care about actually teaching the material so much as just preparing the students for the standardized tests. I guess that's the problem with the system in general though rather than this specific school
I think Granada has great teachers, and academic curriculum is fantastic! I have learned so much from my high school experience. I also like that Granada has multiple opportunities like after-school homework help or just classes, and clubs. One thing that I don't like is how overly populated the school is. There are over 4,500 students at Granada. Its hard trying to get from class to class or even use the bathroom.
Granada Hills Charter High School is a great school to get ahead on your education. The curriculum is challenging that it prepares the student for college. Many of the students are dedicated to their studies and look improve their grades by applying themselves to studies and beyond. The student government also gives other students a voice and chance to make a difference for their classmates; that they can enjoy their high school experience.
great opportunities are available to students. Students go on to college with a lot of preparation and are often well adjusted to the amount of work.
Its a very good school, lots of diversity, great academic and sport programs. Some rules the school had though were a little unnecessary.
Overall, the school environment was positive and encouraging; school spirit is big here. Not only were students of diverse cultural and social backgrounds, but teachings incorporated a wide variety of sources and focused on quality. Of course there may have been some teachers that use techniques that may not work for all students, most of the faculty really wanted kids to succeed. Hands-on activities, tutoring, workshops and enrichment opportunities allow for students to really be immersed in the education process. Personally, my writing skills flourished junior year in an AP English Language class and has helped me earn high marks on my papers in college. Electives were also very educational: I took a cooking course which expanded my knowledge on food safety as well as the culinary arts. In fact, all of my skills were harnessed and grew at this high school, allowing me to feel prepared and ready for the best possible college experience.
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I had a great experience attending GHCHS. A lot of my teachers, in the IB program especially, really worked with me and helped me to meet my individual goals and needs. Whether you are a CP student or IB student, Granada will not just prepare you for college, it will make it seem like a piece of cake. I do wish that they had a more attractive art department, though.
Granada Hills Charter High School is a great school. Although you are given homework every night, there are countless of activities to do. Joining clubs and sports can help you interact with your fellow classmates. Taking AP classes is highly recommended so you can be noticed by different colleges. The school should give students more privileges since we already have so much work in our hands.
Amazing school. Anyone who goes there is a lucky student! School is really strict in terms of discipline, but then when you go off to college you realize it was all worth it!
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