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Make sure you sign up for the college bulletin emails, even if you are a freshman. They have opportunities for possible jobs, scholarships, and more. Naviance is also a really helpful tool. Be on the look out for college visits and workshops.
It is a really great school and the students here are all very competitive. Some of the teachers aren't the best but there are also some very great teachers that give college level lectures and help. The rules here are very strict but it is only for the safety of the students. Lots of opportunities provided to students and always someone that is willing to help.
The academics are overall really good. However, the biggest issue that I have with the school is that there's no school spirit. It seems like the school actively 'kills' its students and nobody graduates from the school loving their high school experience. That being said, I've made some great friends and had some awesome teachers.
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Granada has a lot of mixed opinions from me. It definitely isn't the best school, but it is not as bad of a school as everyone says it is. I have met amazing people here, and apart from all the stress from the workload, I enjoy being here. The food and AP/IB exams cost a lot if you don't have the free and reduced lunch plan. Granada offers great programs such as IB, STEM, and much more! Many students are a part of some sort of extracurricular or program. However the overall community has its ups and downs. You sometimes meet students that are not the nicest, but also meet kind students if you search. The teachers/admin make or break your experience. There are really good teachers, and then there are some that don't fit that standard. Detention is a common practice among the staff/admin, since the rules are very strict and are made to ensure that all students are safe and protected from bullying. I personally am enjoying Granada, and hope that 8th graders do consider going here.
Granada Hills Charter High School provided me with the tools and resources that allowed for me to be a successful student. Granada allowed me to test my academic skills at the most rigorous level and has prepared me for college.
My experience was incredibly resourceful the school had excellent college preparation for students which helped not only myself but all students make a smooth transition into college. The dedication and time teachers and counselors put into college preparation should not go unnoticed and has made a difference since my graduating class had over 90% college acceptance rate.
Granada Hills Charter High School does a excellent job preparing students for college. They inform students about scholarship opportunities and tell them about the different types of colleges. They also offer many resources such as SAT prep and mock interviews. However, the school is so well known for things like ACADECA and high test scores that they overwhelm their students with many unnessicary assignments to keep their scores high. They often don't care about a students well being and mental health, and instead put endless amounts of pressure on kids to preform well so the school can have a positive front. They have good cafeteria food.
I am a student at GHCHS and the academic is very vigorous, depending on which class is it. You get to be part of a sports team, join any activities class (yearbook, journalism, ASB, etc.), and many of the clubs on campus. The school provides help in SAT, ACT, homework help, college applications, and many other students support. One thing that I would like to improve is more elective or visual arts class at school. It's because out of the 3 years I have been here, I don't think there was a workshop anymore and there are more vigorous classes than elective classes.
Granada is a very well run school. They have a strict but fair set of rules in place in order to help students succeed. However, Granada has created a culture of stress due to the pressure they've placed on their students.
Granada Hills Charter High School is a school that provides an incredibly significant amount of involvement with its students. It is very diverse and accepting of its students. It also gives a lot of resources for the students to be able to use for college readiness.
Granada Hills Charter High School is a very tough school, if you have several APs then you will get hours and hours of homework. Many of the students do not get enough sleep because they try to finish it all. There are also several teachers, meaning there are some great teachers and some that you won't be able to stand. If you are a person that likes to show your individuality, you won't be able to here because of the dress code. There are some good aspects, like if you do not have wifi you can buy a cheap router that you can use ONLY for homework and the clubs are very enjoyable.
I started at Granada at the beginning of senior year in the iGranada program. While I'm sure the people who designed the program had very strong hopes for it, I think it is incredibly flawed and that the transition from a traditional classroom to this blended program was extremely difficult.
They offer a quality education. Upon entering higher education I found I was significantly more prepared than my peers.
Granada has made me the person I am. The many opportunities presented to me I was able to take advantage of and find what I love even at a young age. Everyone can find who they are and they can definitely find peers with common goals and aspirations. They key to this school is the diversity it offers in the student body and the academics.
I have really enjoyed my experience at Granada Hills Charter High School so far. The staff, teachers, and the students all assist in your path to success. In addition, the school itself provides many opportunities to better our the student's high school career. Lastly, the high school does a great job in preparing the students for colleges.
Granada Hills Charter is an outstanding school! Teachers at this school want you to challenge yourself. There is a lot of diversity at Granada, which is great to be surrounded by. All of the students want to succeed, which makes the environment very positive. I absolutely love this school! Unfortunately, I transferred to another school and it does not compare to Granada at all!
GHCHS is a school which offers a lot of opportunities to students. This allows you to pursue what you want even before you get to college. I enjoy going to GHCHS because of these opportunities, however since there are 4.7K students, you just blend in with all the other students to your teachers
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Granada Hills Charter really preps students for college however personalized help is difficult due to there being 4,000 plus students.
Granada Hills Charter High School is in a great community with very educated and talented teachers and staff. Teachers are genuine and want their students to succeed. There are many opportunities for career development and is a great way to prepare students for college. Classes may be challenging, however students learn are able to learn a lot and discover themselves.
Granada Hills Charter High School is Ana amazing school with the top academics and resources. The only downfall to Granada was my own personal experience. I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the end of 9th grade so the next couple of years became hell for me. However, I am grateful that they set me up for success in college.
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