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Granada Hills Charter High School Reviews

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Teachers and College readiness is what makes this a good school. However, the staff and administration are very disrespectful towards the students.
I enjoy Granada's environment and the variety of opportunities they provide. They provide resources and a wide range of classes and programs that can really benefit one's future.
Granada Hills Charter Highschool is a pretty good school. The school prepares students for college by challenging them with advanced courses. However, there are some teachers that are not fit for the school. Some teachers are very lazy and lack the motivation to help the students. Other than that, the school is good.
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Granada Hills High School has been an amazing school to attend to. The staff and faculty are very supportive. The school inspires students to think outside of the box to reach their goals.
Granada Hills Charter High School is a fantastic school. Staff expect a lot from their students and will push them because they want the best for them. Granada diversity allowed students of all backgrounds to feel comfortable at the school. They provide an endless number of clubs, events, and courses. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to attend this wonderful school that prepared me for college and has made my transition from high school to college so smooth.
What I like about Granada Hills Charter High School is they're really concerned regarding to the future of students through preparing them which makes us competitive. The change I want is how other teachers communicate with other students.
I’m an alum from Class of 2016 and from what I remember, I had an overall wonderful experience. I was advised and always informed of resources offered- especially in the College & Career Center. They made me feel like a top-tier university was achievable and prepared me well during college application season. Overall, students are kind, bright, and ambitious- a great environment to immerse your child in. The quality of instruction depends on what academic program you enroll in because that can shape your experience and types of relationships with teachers and other peers. There are teachers that love their job and are inspired by their students but most of them are only in specific academic programs like GHI/IB/Humanitas/etc. I’ve been thankful to experience that synergy in the classroom. Lastly, admin was extremely rigid with their policies such as dress code and tardy policies that were a bit excessive and hindering in my honest opinion. Other than that critique, GHCHS was great!
My experience at Granada was very good the teachers are there to teach and the classes are challenging. There are lots of things to do related to academics and clubs. It prepares you for college and does a good job of it. Overall its a good school
Granada Hills Charter High School has treated me, a new graduate after attending this school for four years, very well and very precise. It is a large school, some say too large, but somehow still finds the time for each and every student, to help with personal or academic issues. Most teachers are fresh and exciting, bringing life to each lesson they teach - from taking field trips to Six Flags to taking a yoga class IN our actual classroom! Definitely worth taking a tour and grabbing your spot today.
I like how Granada Hills Charter High School really challenges their students academically. Most of the teachers at this school are great and care for their students. There is a lot of diversity so you get to meet lots of people from different backgrounds. Granada Hills Charter has a lot of different academic programs so that students can choose one that fits them the best. The food here is not that bad either. Each day we get a wide variety of options to eat. I personally feel very safe at this school since we haven't had any big incidents so far.
Granada was a very challenging school that did offer several opportunities for everyone to get involved. The business and science programs especially provide students with an insight on relating fields. The overall academics at the school allowed students to challenge themselves by going out of their comfort zones. The sports at the school allowed for more school spirit as well as more involvement.
Overall, I am grateful that I attended Granada Hills Charter High School because the school gave me many resources and thoroughly prepared me for college.
Granada changed my life, I mean that in every way possible. High school is a challenge already but Granada makes it less. The amount of love I have received from teachers and peers and allowed me to continue pushing through every obstacle that I have faced during my time at Granada. I give Granada five stars for being a school of opportunity. Granada changes lives, it's as simple as that.
At Granada Hills Charter Hill High School, there are many opportunities for a diverse range of students. Granada has many proud promising extracurriculars that have won awards. From choir to sports, Granada has many teams and have something for everyone. There are also gender split or gender combined sports and electives that are available. Granada's graduation policy for credits is that it incorporates the requirements to get into a UC/CSU. The rigorousness of the program always keeps student on their feet, which accounts for Granada being one of the top schools for earning highly in standardized testing. The reason that I did not give the school a complete 5/5 is that the school has the biggest population in California, 4200 students at the minimum. This means that there are high class sizes and most of the time there is not enough space to apply to a specific program that contend's to one's needs and students are often stuck with a program they do not want to.
I really like the diversity of people. Also, I think the food in the cafeteria is really good. The clubs are diverse and though it's cool that they have religious clubs as well, it hurts me to say that I was not allowed to talk about religion in school. One of the administrators heard me talking about the history of the Catholic Church and told me to talk about it outside of school. That really hurt me a lot because I'm really passionate about being Catholic and it pains me that I couldn''t speak about the very faith that life.
The people and environment is so supportive. Most of all your teachers and at least the people around me are so helpful and all push you to be your best self. Granada is so open to creating opportunities for their students and providing them with programs and classes that most public schools can't offer. Obviously the school isn't anywhere close to flawless, but I'm grateful
Granada Hills Charter High School fosters an academically rigorous environment, provides numerous public resources, and offers a wide range of classes. From what I remember, while some academic workloads became overwhelming, I truly enjoyed the course work because my teachers were so passionate and supportive. The faculty has developed over time; if not all, most teachers have high degrees and care about their work so much that they encourage student-teacher interaction when wanted/needed. I had a great experience academically and the school would offer public resources to me, like college courses, a wide variety of books, and health(ier than most schools) food. However, I did not really enjoy the social environment due to distinct segregation and the wealthier culture of the campus. Further, many of the regulations and security measures the school board takes often target students of minority groups (dress code, meal plan, etc.).
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I love Granada Hills Charter High School, because of the opportunities there are for students. I was able to join any club or extracurricular activity, while pursue rigorous studies. The teachers I have had at GHC are truly dedicated to their study and want to helps students succeed.
I have an okay experience with Granada. I wish to see my class options and rules that are more open and fair.
GHCHS is maybe infamous for its academic rigor, but it makes up for it by preparing you for college. As with all schools, there are absolutely inspiring, stellar teachers as well as the dull teachers that seem to hate their job and children in general. One of my favorite things about Granada was how much freedom they give you in choosing your classes (as long as you are on track to graduate on time, of course), and they can make exceptions so that you can take three science courses at a time if you really want to. Although Granada has a reputation for being difficult and strict, it does do an excellent job of preparing students for higher education.
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