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Granada gave me a fine experience. It has many activities, such as dances and rallies. What took the cake were the homecoming skits and pre-skits.
Granada High School provided me with the best high school experience I could ask for! Whether if it was teachers who have paid much attention to my questions or a student body and administration that helped me with anything that I needed, Granada High School was one of the best chapters in my life.

Although the environment is not as diverse as I would imagine the average American school is, the environment and atmosphere was great, along with an excellent athletics department and overachieving students, GHS is a great school!
Overall, I can say Granada High prepared me for college from not only what I was taught, but also what high school failed to teach me. The staff was warm and cozy, offering a comfortable and safe environment. However, the school overall lacked the intensity and discipline needed to prepare students for college. As an alum, when I was thrown headfirst into a 4-year University I found that I wish I had learned life skills while in school. Communicating with professionals, being able to network, and knowing it was okay to fail was something I wish would have been reinforced while I was still a high school student. In a way however, I think it was one of the greatest lessons high school taught me. You may grow up in a nurturing environment, but the real world is much different. There isn't always going to be someone to hold your hand all the way through- sometimes you have to embrace the challenges life throws at you head on and just deal with it. You are much stronger than you think.
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Granada has prepared my student well for college and beyond. The caring staff and administration is second to none.
I really like going to Granada High!! We have so much school spirit and every one of us shows pride for going to that school. We have great sports teams who have the whole school supporting them. The teachers at Granada are amazing, and so are the students. We have a diverse population with many different clubs. Our academics are also pretty good, we have AP as well as IB courses offered at Granada.
One thing that stood out to me in Granada High School is their dedication to the language department, specifically in Spanish. However, the school lacks giving attention to the arts and music department. Despite this, the music program is okay but could be improved.
Granada is an enigma. Surrounded by mediocrity yet, like any average individual, parades as the best. My experience there is a whirlwind of the average shallow high school experience and the blaring brokenness of the American education system. In spite of this, this fake facade is loved by many as the classic stereotypes come into play through glances and whispers. I pretend to know myself amongst so many yet as I watch them ostracize unique differences, I look at them with disgust and only know what I am not. Most of the staff was average and underwhelming, viewing students only as distracted minds walking in and out. However, there were few that treasured teaching and nurtured not only the minds of students but the souls.becuase of these few hidden treasures to neutralize the sourness of the cons, Granada is mind-numbingly, astoundingly, average.
This school is so full of school spirit, not only that but the majority of the teachers are very engaging and love to help out after school hours, environment is very safe for the most part, kinda wish there was more diversity but happy to know that there are a few clubs that are diverse and cultural. You will enjoy it here, it is impossible to come and not make any friends, everyone is so warm and welcoming from the students all the way to the staff and office,
I had a great time at Granada, unfortunately cut short by Covid-19. Of course, no teacher is 100% perfect and neither is any student, but I enjoyed learning and had the ability to take a wide variety of classes. The trimester system is unique and isn't perfect, but it allowed me to take classes like Journalism and Digital Photo, which I would not have had space for with a traditional semester system. It also allows students to take the full load of classes and still have an open period if they would like. For students who need to work, this is very important. I had several really great teachers, some not as great, but none too terrible. In general, the school feels like a welcoming place to be. Sports is really big on campus, which makes it fun to be an athlete like I was, even for a sport like tennis, which receives less attention than sports like football and basketball. There are plenty of clubs and activities on campus as well, and tons of interesting people.
I haven't experienced any activities that might have negatively impacted my education and I genuinely like many of my teachers.
Granada High school prepared me to enter the STEM field in college. While the teachers and administration were rapidly changing while I attended, I was able to accomplish everything I wanted to, getting into a great college and having fun in high school.
Granada High School is a good school and gives its students many opportunities to get ahead, Granada also has the IB Diploma and many AP classes which is great for college. I will say that Granada is lacking in diversity and some teachers will be hit or miss, however, the majority of the staff is hardworking and dedicated to the success of its students.
I am a junior at Granada high school, and I have attended school here since freshman year. I have loved my time here, as I have made memories and friends that I will remember forever. The opportunities that I have gained through this school, have truly shaped me into who I am. I have been taught by teachers who truly have a passion for teaching and care about all students in their classrooms. I have been involved in extracurriculars, like track and field and Fellowship of Christian Athletes club. This school provides a safe, unjudgemental, and fun learning environment for all students. If I could improve one thing about the environment, there would be more diversity.
I liked how all students were accepting of each other. I also liked how there was a choir class during my time there. I also liked that Granada and Livermore High Schools combined schools to do a musical. Granada also joined Livermore High in their chamber choir, which I really loved. The food at Granada was good too. You could either eat on campus or walk to nearby eateries. I also liked how Granada had areas to lounge like at Boot Hill Park. Although there may be cliques, I had a good time at Granada. I was the Jr Vice President and Sr Treasurer during my time there. I loved every moment at Granada.
Most people you encounter here are generally sweet and welcoming, and based on personal experience, many teachers genuinely care about your academics and wellness. Many teachers are accommodating and understanding. The area is nice as well, with the school being located in a suburban area of Livermore, and seniors having access to many food places nearby during lunch.
Education was okay. I did have some teachers who I found actually tried to make a difference and help students as much as possible.
A lot of students who played in sports would usually get scouted and be offered scholarships to schools all throughout California. The diversity aspect of the school is lacking but is slowly changing
The teachers at granada genuinely care about you and your education and are always down to help you with anything you need.
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Super spirited with great teachers. The school cares a lot about it's students and there is always someone to talk to.
Granada overall is a good school to attend. There are many teachers that don't care about how you do, but you will see that any where you go and it taught me to become disciplined and strive for self success. On the other hand, there are many teachers who are extremely helpful and involved so experiences here can really determine on your placement. There are some issues with bullying here and vaping that the administrators don't seem to want to combat even thought they appear they do.
I like my teachers, they seem to care about the students. The cross country and track & field coaches are the best.
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