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Excellent school! The teachers are hard working and highly motivated to help students. The extra curricular activities are great as there are plenty of sports and clubs in which students may participate. In addition to the sports and clubs there are a number of field trips taken by the school each year that help to connect the academic objectives of the school to the outside world.
I remember going to Graham Park Middle School in 2015, and honestly, my experience was a decent one. The school was not a very pretty school, many of the facilities are run down and are in serious need of an update, but it doesn't affect the education. My parents chose that school for me because of their competitive courses, high testing scores, and the fact that they have a science and math program that allows for kids to excel in those subjects. The school itself (and by that I mean the students and faculty there) are ever changing and constantly growing to suite the needs of the students that attend that school. The diversity there was majority black and white with splashes of those from other cultures and identities. The schools sports and clubs are top notch, constantly participating in major sporting events through the season. The school is in a decent neighborhood, and parents are involved in the school constantly. All in all this school gives it's best to its community.
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Graham Park Middle School is a average sized school located in Prince William County, Virginia. Being a military child this will be the first school I would have ever been to for the full time. The teachers overall either tend to excel in their job of teaching us or fail. One of the great things about Graham Park is their diversity though, with children with all types of backgrounds. That is probably the only good thing about this school though. Graham Park is located in a very poor run down area, so violence tends to be an issue. Drugs are the biggest issue the school has, with at least one fifth of the students smoking some type of drug at least once. Also fights tend to be an issue among things. Just the the other day a boy brought a gun to school, unloaded, but our school wasn't put on lock down. I wish to see Graham Park become a better environment because over the years the school has gotten worse. Though over all I enjoyed going to this school, despite all its flaws.
Heard about this racist school punishing a poor 14-year-old African American boy for taking a $.65 milk that he was entitled to receive. Taking him to court over it. Unbelievable. Truly pathetic. Waste of taxpayer money. Fire them.
For a subpar or average student the academics are great. However, for gifted and above average students, the education is not good. Classes are all extremely challenging and the weekly sham they call "gifted education" has done almost nothing for me as a student. There is barely any homework or projects to further challenge students and their four period a day schedule is detrimental for education. Some classes have more concentration than others and most often leave gaps in student's education. I do not suggest Graham Park.
Lunch detention is issued very frequently. As well as being denied of privileges. Bullying is quite prominent in the school and poorly handled by the staff.
I have gone to a different school each year of middle school. This school was the worst of them all. I am a gifted student and the gifted education classes only meet weekly, with in challenging classwork. The teachers are so unorganized that student work often goes missing, only to be found in other files or cabinets, all the while the students' grade has already suffered. The four period a day schedule is meant to alleviate stress and reduce homework, but it instead creates laziness. All coursework is extremely easy and a minimal amount of homework is issued. My previous school was much more beneficial towards my education than Graham Park. Overall, Graham Park is a lacking school filled with students who have no premonition of what actual hard work and learning is like.
The school is quite average, with nothing that puts any facilities above what is needed.
Some teachers are great teachers who truly go above and beyond to provide a great education while others are just slacking.
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