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Grafton High School Reviews

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Small school so there is more of a personal feel between students and teachers. The more one on one helps students that are struggling more instead of moving on and leaving a student behind. The only thing is if you don’t like a style of teaching a certain teacher has you have no other teacher because there is no other teacher doing the same class.
It is an alright school. Academics and teachers can leave a lot to be desired but it has a diverse student body with people of all kinds. As a student you are bound to find at least one friend. Teachers can be good or bad, it’s kind of a mixed bag.
My four years of high school in Grafton were great. My classmates as well as all the staff were great. My years flew by and if I were to choose a high school of my preference it would be Grafton High School. The teachers were always very respectful, kind, friendly and always cared about their students to succeed. The counselor was always helping students with concerns or questions. Everyone was very involving in our academic performance and so kind to have each student attend their school.
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The academics offered at this school are great. Teachers are excellent, the schedules are always working fine with each students, and the workload is manageable depending on each student.
In this school social scene is pretty great. I've never witnessed peer pressure, or challenges in racial diversity. Everyone is mostly in their own world with their group of friends.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school are pretty average.
This school has a great environment, most students are very friendly including teachers, which is why I would choose to go to this school again if I could.
The teachers are great with all their different qualities.
the grading is different from the last school i was in. teachers for the most part are nice and knowledgable. communications are good between student and teacher
Portions are small and taste isnt that great. Not a very good variety. there is a salad bar
I'm not sure, I dont hang out with anyone. hard to make friends. i just go to school mind my own business and go home or work
there is a no bullying policy it is enforce pretty good a teacher heard a student talk bad about me and I didnt hear it until teacher as if i heard what the ladies were talking about. I said no, she told me and that she would take care of the matters. the school ended up filing a complaint to court
teachers help if you ask for help, there is after school program for those who need xtra help, workload is average
compare to the last school i was at, it is an ok school nothing great.
my family moved last year to grafton. It isnt an easy school to make friends. i just get buy. teachers are ok but not like the school i came from.
this school is more hockey then football in my opionion
they use to hand on tylneol but some kids abused it and now when i get a headache i cant have tylenol thank you peopl
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I really like my old school better, I had friends. I really dont have friends at Grafton, hard to make.
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