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Over my four years at Grafton High School, I would describe my overall experience to be a positive one. The majority of teachers are well equipped for the tools needed for college readiness and student success. I have found this particularly in the science and technology departments. The building is nice and well facilitated. There could be some more parent and town involvement but overall Grafton High School is a good school.
Grafton High School is very modern and very well equipped for the 21st century. There are iPads for everyone, a complete online learning system that existed before the pandemic hit, and has very knowledgeable teachers.
This school is awful. Nothing was ever dealt with. Kids would shout slurs in the hallways and get into fights all the time. Not once were they penalized or spoken to. However, they did focus a lot on what the girls were wearing. It was as if what girls wore was more important than the mental health of any students.
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Grafton Memorial Senior High school is a pretty good school. The teachers are pretty nice they try and help as much as they can. The sports are very fun and everyone is involved in them.
I liked how the school is focused on the community. However it lacks a lot of diversity which I hope changes in the near future. I also hope that they find better ways to deal with certain situations.
Grafton High School is pretty normal of a school. The kids are somewhat annoying and not that smart but of course there are some smart kids. I think the younger grades in our school are very troubled.
At Grafton, there are so many wonderful and supportive teachers there to help you learn and have your back as well. The administration usually has the good of the students as a whole in mind at all times and do their best to help everyone have a great experience. There are so many wonderful clubs to take part in, and its easy to make your own if needed. The food could be a it better, but that is due to the vendors, not the wonderful cooking staff at GHS. Grafton as a whole is a very white town so the school does end up reflecting that, so diversity isn't fantastic here.
Grafton High prepared me extremely well for college. I was able to take a rigorous course of studies, and was pushed daily to do better and learn more. The counseling services helped me to apply to and select a fitting college. There were a plethora of extracurricular activities that were fun to participate in. I enjoyed knowing my teachers and was very comfortable asking questions and going to extra help sessions. The admissions staff was also very approachable.
I am very happy with experience all my children have had and are having at Grafton High. My oldest daughter graduated in 2016 and has moved onto the dental assisting field. My son is graduating this year and is applying to colleges and my youngest daughter is a sophmore .
Grafton High School is a good school because of the large amount of opportunity. You are able to fit into many different types of groups at school. There are classes for people who like to do things with their hands, music, sports, and computers. This school is very accepting has plenty of outlets for people who need mental health help.
Grafton High School is your average small-town high school. This school has athletics, many extra-curriculars, and students from different backgrounds. I would say it is nothing special, but it is a decent school.
I’ve had very good experiences at Grafton High School. I’ve had amazing teachers and wonderful classes, and it’s a beautiful building. I really feel prepared for college, especially after the AP classes I’ve taken.
It is really good for education and most of the teachers excell at their subject. The elective options are decent, but there should be more as a good number of them require you pass another class before you can take them. The food is eh, but doesn’t it kind of stink at most high schools? The iPads really don’t help education much, especially because the school has a web blocker that blocks 80% of what you need to access for classes. Plus they block most apps to help students from “becoming distracted”, but it only creates more creative students as they find their ways around the blockers.
Grafton High School had many pros and cons over the years. Administration often favored certain students over others based on activities that they were involved in. Example: sports kids were often punished less or let off on easier terms than those involved with the arts when breaking the same rule. The teachers were pretty average, but did their jobs. The guidance department were some of the least helpful people I have ever come into contact with. While nice people, they were not qualified for their jobs in regards to how they approach issues.
I liked the different academic that they have, and how you get to have iPads for resources, I’m looking forward to college but I would go back to High school if I really had a choice.
My experience at Grafton High School had a lot of up and downs. I came in knowing many people so it was easy for me to fit in and adjust to high school life. One main complaint that I have is that the school does a poor job of disciplining kids and the consequences aren't that bad. As a good student, I wouldn't mind them. If the consequences were harsher, maybe the bullying and the student related problems would be fixed. The food isn't the greatest for me and other students. I had to research the contents of the food in my marketing class(which was a fun class) project on school lunch replacements and the food had contents which were worse then some fast foods like McDonalds. The diversity is the poorest i've seen compared to other towns around me. The college prep. and academics are good but they don't prep for the SAT which hurts many kids chances to get into the college they want.
It is a nice school; some teachers are very clear and thorough with their explanations of the material. However, others are lackluster in their teaching. Students are nice. Food is good enough. Overall, I enjoy my enrollment in this school.
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Overall I really liked Grafton High. The school does well with college preparation. The food isn't great. The teachers for the most part were really awesome. Sports and school spirit are really big here.
Grafton High is a good school. It encourages academic achievement and outside activities. Most kids participate in either sports, band or arts in our school and the student body supports all of these activities. I have played varsity soccer for three years and helped me to make a lot of great relationships.
Overall I feel very safe at my school both personal safety and health safety. I gerenally will never worry abut that while at school.
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