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Grady High School is a pretty interesting school if you ask me. The teachers can be engaged with their classes and students when they want. Sometimes the work is manageable and other times, it can be a little hectic. But, the social atmosphere is very pleasing and easy-going.
Grady High School has been a very positive place for my secondary education. The school itself is located in the middle of the city of Atlanta, right across the street from Piedmont Park, which makes it very attractive to me in terms of location. Not only is the school located in a diverse area, but the demographic within its walls is also very diverse, not only in racial terms, but also in LGBTQ+ terms, developmental disability terms, and socio-economic background terms. Grady provides a safe space for students of any background to come and earn an education, and while there is still bias present within some teachers, and while attention is often shifted from those who need it to those who are privileged and fortunate, I still believe Grady to be a great school, and I wouldn't have preferred to get my education anywhere else.
Grady has a wide variety of available classes, and most of the teachers are pretty good. Grady focuses heavily on college preparation, and has many resources to help students looking to apply for schools or scholarships. The school is pretty well kept up, and has quite a good amount of resources available to students, including a nice media center/ library, and quality music and art facilities. The athletic facilities at Grady are also quite nice, including a large stadium and two gyms.
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It is a very relaxed school. I transferred from Decatur and enjoy the day to day much better. There is a lot of crazy things that happen. The teachers care about your life and want to get to know you as a person. You mostly get busy work that does not prepare you for real life. Overall I enjoy going to Grady.
Grady opened me up to a lot of clubs and different community service projects. I just feel line being prepared for college isn’t the main focus. You learn a lot but it does not help you in the future unless you want to be a teacher.
Since I've been at Grady, I've always loved how diverse the school is. I have met people from all corners of the world and seen many cultures. However, our school spirit is very low and because of this our sports teams are not very good. Also, the black experience at Grady is not the best as we are a lot of times profiled by administrators.
I liked the diversity in the schools and the people that surrounded me. The teachers work well with the students and do their best to try to help us learn. The college advisors that we have in place are also very helpful with college questions and completing applications. The school lunches thay we have our somewhat descent but could be better, as their should be more choices offered every day. The saftey of our school is not all that great beacuse their are a lot of reports with students having handheld weapons on campus. Nobody really checks students good enough so anythin can happen on anyday. Overall our school is somewhat of a good learning school.
Grady was a perfect diverse environment for me to excel and grow in. I have met some of the most talented and intelligent people here no matter their background that all have such different interests. Being at an inner-city school opens students' eyes to so many different things including the backgrounds some students can come from or the advantages of being in the middle of a city including colleges loving us and companies wanting to help our school out. You will come across some difficult teachers but it teaches you how to work with anyone you come across, and I have also had some of the best teachers who have fully contributed to my high school success.
Grady is a place to grow in, and I'm very happy to have gone to this school. It has an extensive STEM program, and it has various college oppurtunities. However, the facilities and classrooms themselves can be unkempt.
Very diverse student body. Very good counselors that sent weekly emails about volunteer or job opportunities, as well as college counselors that assist with college applications. The only change I would like is to decrease class sizes from 30 to about 20.
Grady High School has been a blessing for my character development and academic success. They have great AP courses with great teachers to match, and they really do want to see you succeed. It is also very diverse with people of all different backgrounds. Grady also encourages an environment where you can express yourself freely without judgment. I learn every day from my peers and teachers and have blossomed thanks to my school.
I think that Grady is good school, but they should prepare students early to understanding the purpose of the SAT/ACT when applying to colleges. I also feel that the counselor give up on the average students, who are not getting those A and B"s and concentrate more on above average students.
I think it's a good school overall. Not very academically challenging for those high-level students but the dual enrollment programs are awesome. Don't let the number of AP classes offered trick you though. The classes are SO easy.
It's an awesome inner city school. Everyone's very accepting of different races, sexualities, and sexes. The academics are comfortably rigorous and there are many extra curricular activities offered, especially concerning the arts. The main flaw, however, is that the school tends to be a bit discombobulated, with a lot of confusion for incoming freshman, and not too good and making information expressly available.
Grady High School is a place where students are able to express themselves in many different ways. Our school is very diverse and many people come from different backgrounds, so having that cultural diversity brings everyone into a place of involvement. Whether involvement is in sports, community service, clubs, in the classroom, or outside of school. Everyone at Grady wants everyone to succeed and that’s the kind of school environment I love to be in everyday. We just got a Free Lunch meal plan for everyone at school and installed cross walks for the safety of the student body and faculty which shows how much we care about everyone. The cross walk initiation was by the idea of a student at Grady, which shows the great leadership that Grady has and wants to spread. I 10/10 recommended this High School because of the challenges it throws at you and the support you get all the way to your Senior Year.
What I like about Grady is that it's a school for everyone. You can find many places to go to to fit in and be yourself. There are many clubs, sports, and organizations for various different things. Most teachers sincerely want to see you successful and will help you as long as you put forth effort.
Grady is a great school for those who value creativity and a chill learning environment. They offer so many unique programs that i havent seen in any other public school.
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I think Grady High School is a great high school because of the diversity, extracurricular options, the academic classes it has, and the teachers. Everyone is nice to others, and you are able to get a long well with your teachers. It offers a lot of courses and clubs that are available to everyone, and they push you to do the best that you can.
Its alright, I'm not saying it was a bad school I just feel like for being in midtown Atlanta it should prepared for as many students as it had and as of right now that is not the case. Education wise its average, you kind of have to go out looking for good classes and teachers, but its a public school what are they supposed to do? Something that I'd like to mention is that at Grady AP classes are very much pushed and in my experience I felt there was some stigma around it and how many AP classes you're taking which I personally, think it is ridiculous. Grady culture pushes you to overwhelm yourself and doesn't offer help that's effective.
I like that the school is diverse. There are many differences which is good. It’s a good size, not too big but not too small. I would like for some of the regulations to change, as well as the cleanliness of the school. I also feel like there should be more clubs and activities that aren’t already there.
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