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Grace is a wonderful Campus and seems to have good Academics. We applied there during the Pandemic as we were unhappy with how our Current school was responding to the education. We were unsure how the next school year would go.
We moved in faith that Grace was offering a sound mind on virtual learning during this period. They avoided communication on whether that would take place. And once they did the delayed a rollout of how that process would operate. We were taken advantage of during the worst time in US health. Parents have the right to safe guard our children. From illness, guns and people. We asked if we left if we would keep out deposit or if we could use it for enrollment once comfortable with the case counts. They said they would refund it. After withdrawing in the time period they instructed. They kept our 2k Deposit. It has now affected enrollment for my child at another school.
During the process a teacher said she didn't know how to access him online.
I switched over to Grace school for middle school. Everyone was very welcoming and I felt at home. I have made many life long friends. The electives I have done are Theatre,Art,Creative writing and bible. I have really enjoyed all of them. I was able to try new things here. The teachers and staff are all very helpful and they genuinely care about each student. Before I came to Grace I did not like History but my teacher teaches in a fun interactive way and I love history now. Our academics are definitely challenging but my teachers and friends are all here to help. I also love the food here. We have many different choices for lunch and whatever you choose will be good. Personally I love the bread sticks. Lunch is my favorite part of the day. On my first day I was worried about sitting alone at lunch but multiple people invited me to sit with them. Overall I have had a great experience at Grace school and I feel very prepared for HighSchool and College.
My experience with Grace School has been amazing! From the moment I walked through the doors here I knew it was my place. The teachers are very helpful, kind, and genuine to all students. They encourage us to try new things and step out our comfort zone. They are always there to help you succeed no matter what. The students are very welcoming and friendly. I have had so many opportunities throughout being here. I have been able to try new sports, electives, and make new, lifelong friends. Grace helped me learn more about who I can choose to be and who Christ is. I am so glad I came here and I definitely recommend this school.
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The environment at Grace School is so welcoming. I remember my first day, I was nervous but the students and faculty made me feel so at home. The education is top-notch and the classes are very interactive. The teachers constantly push you to try new things and expand and apply what you have learned. I am very involved in theater and sports here and both departments are so much fun. I have learned so much about teamwork and how to expand my relationship with Christ. I definitely recommend this school if you are interested in an inclusive learning environment where you can make lifelong friends!
Having done A LOT of research on private schools in our area, Grace School was recommended by a few friends/acquaintances. This school is a hidden gem!! My children have been in the public school system for the last few years, and I was concerned about their transition into a smaller private school. They are thriving! Grace is a warm, nurturing environment. They have instilled in my children the same core values that we uphold at home: kindness, respect, responsibility... And they teach these values in a very loving way, within a Christian framework.
As a side note, my children have also commented that they have not seen any real bullying , which is a stark contrast to what the witnessed in their prior school. They take pride in being "Grace Kids." Glad to be a part of this awesome school community.
First week of school at Grace and I already see the wonderful difference in my 5th grade daughter. She has settled in so nicely, made new friends, and looks forward to going to school. Grace is such a welcoming community. I’ve already seen my daughter’s confidence boost. So excited to hear her talk about reading 40 books in 1 year so confidently, when she’s used to reading far less. I already see her asking to read when she gets home! What a gift Grace has been for our family.
Grace is an incredible school! They not only exceed all academic exceptions I truly feel like they strive to build the whole child. The teachers are amazing, kind, and challenge your child exactly how they need. The class sizes are small and the STEAM projects are wonderful! I can not say enough wonderful things about Grace!
Grace School offers an excellent learning environment.
My daughter enjoys going to school each day and loves her teachers. Staff and teachers care about each student's development and their success. Great class sizes and facilities. STEM certified which is a huge benefit to the future of all Grace students. Best decision we made for our daughter Academically and Spiritually.
I've worked at Grace School for seven years and have loved every minute. The Grace faculty is like family. We pull together for all seasons of life. I look forward to coming to work because I love the people I work with. I have been able to increase my tool belt for how I teach through my peers and through opportunities given to me by Grace to further my education and knowledge of the latest teaching concepts. I do not currently have children at Grace, but my daughter will be attending in the next school year. I can't wait to have her start at Grace and to be surrounded by a team of amazing teachers. I know they have to best interest of the child in mind. They focus on the whole child and create lessons that are developmentally appropriate and engaging. Grace is a great place to work and learn!
My daughter started her education at Grace School six years ago in the twos class. Every year has been her “best year” because the quality of teachers and education she has experienced is the best. She loves learning and has thrived at Grace School. It truly is one of the best decisions I have made as a parent. We love Grace School.
Faculty and staff are given many opportunities to broaden their knowledge and share their ideas. We are provided the tools necessary to be front runners in education and up to current standards in curriculum and instruction. We work in teams to plan our lessons and activities. We also recognize each other's gifts and talents. We believe that we are building a masterpiece in Primary School that will benefit our students for years to come.

Grace School has been a part of my life for a very long time. I began my twentieth year here last August. The faculty is amazing and care about our students and their families. We also support and pray for each other. Prayer is a very important part of our life here at Grace.
I moved my children to Grace School after being disappointed with the school we were zoned to. Both of my children, who are very different learners, received an exceptional education in a nurturing environment. By the time they completed 8th grade, they were ready for the rigors of high school. In retrospect, the only thing I would have done differently is I would have moved them to Grace sooner.
All Grace School students interact with STEM on a weekly basis. In the middle school, students collaborate to complete various design challenges. From producing vertical, indoor gardens to developing plans to solve the water crisis, our students work through the design process. One of the biggest benefits I’ve seen in students is their growing confidence in how they interact with peers and how they learn to use their individual passions to succeed in group work. As an English teacher at Grace, I love fostering these design elements I’ve learned from STEM into my reading and writing classroom practices.
Being a part of the Grace School family is something special. I am currently a teacher here and cannot say enough about how wonderful of a place this is! The administration, fellow teachers, and parents are so supportive and wonderful. Because of the constant support, the students here at Grace School are given the opportunity to have the best education possible. Small class sizes and smaller teacher-student ratios benefit the students in tremendous ways. I would recommend Grace School to anyone that is looking for an inclusive environment that involves the teachings of Jesus Christ to foster their growth and development. When the time comes, I would love to send my own children to Grace School and have them become a part of this special family.
I am currently a teacher at Grace School and cannot say enough wonderful things about it! I am in my 4th year of teaching here and feel blessed each and every day to be surrounded by such wonderful and supportive families and administration. Our mission is to provide a rigorous educational program that embraces the teachings of Jesus Christ in a safe and inclusive environment. Because of our small class sizes we are able to offer individualized instruction for our students and provide them with valuable learning experiences. One of my favorite things about Grace School is the weekly Chapel. I enjoy watching our students study, learn, and apply the Word of God. I would highly recommend Grace School for families who are searching for a Christian environment to foster the growth of their child’s body, mind, and spirit.
After touring 14 schools, it's still hard to really know if it's right until your child actually starts attending. Even then, you may love the school, but your child may not. For my 4 year old, it was a clear and swift confirmation within his first week of the best decision to choose Grace School. We were coming off of a horrible experience and could not afford another one so early in life. Despite living in SBISD where public schools are sought after, the faith component, presence of HPD on campus for safety, small class size with genuinely caring/degreed teachers and overall engaging culture (parents and administration) the Grace way was something I hadn't been convinced of at other places. Specifically, during open houses, Grace was the only school where presentations were entirely student led, instead of hearing what I already read from the website. Impressively relieved that the search is over.
I have enjoyed my years at Grace from PK all the way to 8th grade. Grace School has inspired me to become a better person. It has shaped and defined me, making me who I am today. Grace has taught me to be a leader, a student, and a servant to all those who I meet. It has amazing programs and teachers who have taught me to stand up for my beliefs, and be a good role model. The fine arts program is especially amazing, with teachers that help you grow. The coaches are friendly and work to make sure those who are less skilled rise to the occasion. I have found great friends that encourage me to be a better student. I am really going to miss Grace
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I couldn't be happier with the education my children have received at Grace School. The teachers at Grace are engaged, compassionate and good role models for young people. They are always ready to listen to students about their doubts and mentor them when struggling in any subject. I really like that Grace has many diverse programs. My middle schooler enjoys having the opportunity to be part of athletics, band and theater arts. The elementary STEM program has added a lot to my kids’ knowledge on technology and engineering. I love seeing them talking about coding at home! The love of learning Grace School provides thrives on exploration and curiosity, and our family has benefited from it.
From the first moment my family and I set foot on Grace campus we felt welcomed and loved. We have been here for six years now and couldn't be happier with the quality of education provided as well as the spiritual foundation that my children receive. The students are kind, the teachers are amazing and are truly committed to serving each child's needs. I am forever grateful for the environment my children get to learn in each day. I would highly recommend visiting so you can feel what a special place this is.
Grace School offers a highly engaging environment that both challenges and nurtures it’s students. As a parent I know my child is receiving the best education that includes learning math, reading, writing, and STEM activities. As the first STEM certified school it gives my primary school child opportunities to think creatively using technology and building materials that are engaging. As well as having high academics, this school has the top rated teachers and staff. They provide an experience that allows my child to grow academically, socially, and in their faith. Everyone that works there has the best interests of every child in mind. As a parent I highly value Grace’s commitment to education and Christian principles.
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