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Grace provided me with what I believe to be the best possible high school experience I could have had the privilege to attend. Speaking of privelge, the only issues I personally encountered as a middle-class student on scholarship, is the ignorance, racially, socially, economically, of some of the more affluent students. While I am aware that these students are the reason why Grace sustains itself financially, I feel as though my schools has a proclivity towards having students leave Grace better than when they arrived. I believe this could apply to the subject and lack of conversation about financial privileges.
I joined Grace Church in the ninth grade, and it has been a tremendous experience since then. The students, faculty, and teachers, all contribute to this warm feeling of niceness inside of the building, that I feel many New York Schools are currently missing. We are also a really close community, and are always there for each other, and not just those in your inner-circle. Grace, being a new school, had the opportunity to make their school unique and implement beneficial changes for students, such as the longer class periods which really help with learning.
It's a great school and will get even better as it develops. Some of the faculty are questionable (not very good) but others are absolutely stellar. It's in a great location, though it's identity is still in the process of formation (at least in the high school division).
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Grace is a great school for someone who is interested in the arts, but if you are someone who wants a traditional education, I suggest finding another school. I am someone who wanted a traditional education but an alternate teaching style, and Grace seemed to be the place for me, but after a bit more than a year, I have found that I need a better fit.
Being a student at GCS has been amazing. It has quickly become one of the hottest new high schools in NYC. Naturally, the school is still new and is still working stuff out. Sometimes this makes the school experience a little inconsistent because of changing policies/activities/facilities that are all part of the growing pains of a new school. However, the school takes upmost priority in college readiness and has taken every measure to ensure that the first graduates do well. The school hired an elite staff of college advisors. We have graduated two classes and students have already gone to fantastic schools. It's been really amazing to be part of this new community and I have had an amazing time at Grace
There is a school nurse. There are also guidance counselors who are available for students to see when they have troubles, and the school is very open to discussing mental health. There are also health workshops that students must attend.
There are a lot of choices for activities, but most of them occur during school; my school is unique in that it has clubs occur during school. The extracurriculars are sports and the school play.
Many of the teachers progress very slowly with their material, so the classes can be boring sometimes. I would really enjoy having more challenging classes and a more competitive atmosphere.
This school's academics are not the most challenging they can be, but the school still has a great community a program.
There is a good selection of sports teams, though there could be more, and clubs are held during a period in the school day.
There are the basic fire drills every school has. At the entrance, there is a security desk.
The staff tries to know everyone and be friendly. Additionally, they want the students to feel comfortable talking to them when they have problems.
The school is very community-based; it values inclusion while also providing a rigorous academic program.
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