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Grace Christian School is a diverse private school on the East side of Columbus. The school excels in academics and athletics, but more importantly shares the word of God with students everyday. The staff is knowledgeable and respected and shows tremendous love for every student. The only thing I would like to see changed about the school is an addition of a high school.
At the heart of everything GCS does is the Gospel. I have two children, 3rd and 8th grade, who love their teachers and classmates. GCS is an environment in which they both thrive.
Our family has had three children go through GCS. When they each entered high school, they were in the honors program at a school ranked in the top 10 in Ohio. Each took several AP courses, due to the preparation they received at GCS. Many students go into high school already having received credit for high school courses. All of our children got into outstanding colleges, and have done very well. They all graduated high school and college with honors. GCS is just outstanding. The academics fit with whatever academic level your child possesses, whether it be superior, average, or needing improvement. The extracurricular offerings are wonderful. The music and drama programs are exceptional. As one current student puts it, the faculty and students make GCS a family.
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We have a chef. She does not have a microwave. Everything is fresh and cooked to perfection. She even has a garden at the school for some of the ingredients
We have an great sports program, choir and orchestra. I would like to see additional activities started
The school nurse keeps families aware of illnesses and how to prevent them. She also make sure the kids can get flu shots at school
Volleyball and soccer often win the coal champs
GCS has teachers that love the kids and teach in a way that stimulates kids in a way that places them in higher level classes in high school often skipping several grades and placing out of certain classes.