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This school has given me more opportunities than any other school I had been to. I love the after school activities that the school provides.
It was okay, there were good teachers but there was a teacher that was only allowed to stay because of tenure and belittled almost all of her students.
Even the kids had educational disadvantages such as ADD, anxiety, etc.
This school neglected to prepare me for college. Guidance counselors were far from helpful and did not provide any assistance applying for financial aid, communicating what prerequisites are needed for specific degrees, and most importantly there was no follow up or encouragement to pursue college. Teachers were pretty average and possessed a lax attitude towards students. As a result, I had to work harder in college than most. There is minimal diversity at this school. Most students are white or Native American. Zero tolerance for bullying and drugs (even though this town is riddled with heroin). Conclusion: Decent school if you’re stuck in the area. If you have the option to move to secure a better future for your child, I highly advise to do so.
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I like the academic options, but I would like to see more student involvement. The classes offered don’t really prepare you for college.
I really like how the teachers are always there for you if you have questions even if their explanations are not the best. Some of the teachers are however rude and unhelpful which could be changed.
The nurses are not nice.
Our sports department is generally not that great but the kids enjoy it.
I like this school but i wish i went to a bigger school to play sports. Our athletic department is not good.
The teachers are almost always available for extra help. They are very willing to help you succeed.
Bullying is not tolerated, and we have one nurse and she does her job pretty well.
we don't really have a lot of after school activities but we do have a few.
I was here before but transferred to another school then came back for high school. This school is wonderful all faculty and staff are wonderful people and easy to come to for anything. Yes, I would come here and do it all over again its just a great place.
A lot of the teachers here are very fun and out going. They do their job and care about each student as an individual.
Most of the the teachers really care and are engaging and find ways to help all students
There are many different activities to participate in and they have everything from sports to theater so there is something for everyone!
The administration is okay because they always get ahold of households to let them know is school or athletic games were cancelled. But they could also be way better with trying to get more parents involved with the school. They could also be better with have the guidance counselors offer more one on one time with the students. They do a good job with making sure bullying is not accepted, dress code is followed, and also don't allow students to miss many days of school because if they do letters are mailed to the students parents regarding their attendance.
The student involvement in athletics is probably the best thing about this school. Many students are involved in sports. and those who are not on a team always go to the games to cheer on other classmates. Parents also go to all the students games some parents will even attend every away game. There is also a weightroom that is available certain days afterschool for a few hours for the students who would want to stay after and work out.
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I think the food could be way better and have a better variety so everyone would be able to eat everyday and no jus on certain days.
There are very few teachers who I believed did their job. As for other teachers would just teach, give work and tests without taking the time to see if students understood what was being taught.
There weren't many clubs and organizations but for a small school there were enough for a majority of the students to be involved in that were in. As for sports many of the students were part of a sports team like cheerleading for me, basketball, football, track, baseball, tennis, softball, wrestling, and lacrosse. The best thing about the sports almost all of the teams accepted anyone who tried to join them.
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