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Governor's Ranch Elementary School Reviews

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Amazing school. Everything is planned perfectly and the best part is that everyone knows you and your kids there. The staff is very friendly.
The school is extremely safe. There is a locked door monitoring system with security cameras. The sheriff visits a few times a week to walk the school and is friendly in his interaction with kids. The clinic aide genuinely cares about the students and their needs. We have two SSN 2classes which include several students with special needs and they are carefully handled and documented. We have had a student with cancer who was loved and embraced, his teacher gave up her lunch and planning everyday to tutor him while he was homebound.
There are a variety of clubs available including cooking, Spanish, French, cursive, robotics, science, and student council.
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About half of the teachers here live and work in the community. There is a sense of family and support. Parents are highly engaged and supportive of all students.
The teachers at GRE are constantly engaged in professional development to continue to craft their art and keep up with recent teaching practices and ideas. They genuinely care about each child and each family. The community pulls together to support one another in celebration and crisis.
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