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Gov. Wallace Rider Farrington High School Reviews

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Farrington is one the few school you will feel like your part of a family. It really was an amazing experience my last four years really taught me the values of honesty, family, and friendships. The outside might look scary but don't judge a book by its cover. When you attend Farrington High School you have a variety of career choices to follow and lots of help from teachers and faculty.
My overall experience was satisfying. Throughout my years I have learned so much. We have so many clubs and academies to choose from and classes provided for that academy.
A very spirited school with their events like homecoming, graduation, may day, and class weeks. Teachers care
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Farrington High School is home to many students from many cultures and walks of life. Even though we are seen as the worst school in O'ahu, the students, faculty, staff, and alumni do not let that affect us. I am proud to be a graduate of Farrington High School. The school has taught me to be understanding of others and their circumstances, that even though we struggle to live in a socio-economical neighborhood we can be successful. This school is rooted in a variety of cultures and appreciates each and every one of them. We even have an event made specifically for that! We also have such amazing support from our teachers and especially, our college counselor who strives to see us succeed. Farrington High School does not hesitate to come together after losing students to violence or illnesses and we are always here to support each other no matter where we are in the world.
It pay be rough, but everyone at the school has character and the mindset to be successful and serve the community.
I love this school, my sister came here and she enjoyed it. The culture is something you can't believe. Most students are proud to be from Farrington. Most of the teachers I've never had any problems within the students are alright.
I had a good time in Farrington, altho there is somethings that should change. One is the bathrooms especially since some of the stalls have writing in it I feel that they should remodel it.
Great school, very diverse. Teachers have a good way of learning, even for students that are having such a hard time.
Despite the stigma, I’d like to believe it is a very competent and competitive depending on the academy you go into, they’re not all built equally. Just like teachers, there’s a lot of amazing and incredible teachers that are genuinely passionate and care about you while some just aren’t. But it’s the few that make a difference especially for those who believe in their own education. Same goes for the students, they’re either really determined or don’t even care. That’s just the truth. But if you care enough about your education there’s a lot of opportunities given despite the district being low income, at times this can be an advantage.
I love the diversity and being able to be around people who are like you in many ways, yet are different, my home.
Farrington High School is a very diverse school, full of different cultures. Teachers and Counselors are always willing to help.
My former high school is one of the poorest school in the district. Many broken down bathrooms, graffiti, and school brawl. But on the up side, there's been many upgrade that was than this past year such as the school field, auditorium and new buildings. Academically, it's okay but should have more improvements on programs such as Auto Mechanic. There's high schools that has auto mechanic programs for high school students.
Farrington High School definitely gave me the opportunity to work with others in my community. The school is diverse and known for its school spirit. Our May Day highlights the cultures within our school and our homecoming weeks are something to see.
My experience at FHS was really a memorable one, I know that our school is not labeled as the best or the safest, but hanging out with the right crowd and treating teachers with respect allows for such a great high school experience. the most memorable part of high school was being an active member in the health academy. I was in HOSA and the academy board while also being an ambassador. This school is really great if you make and strive for success. Now I am a first year Nursing Student at a University, and I entered to learn and went on to serve because of FHS.
The experience that I have at Farrington is one that I will never trade . This school has shaped me up in many various ways. This school will always be known for its amazing school spirit. This is the reason why I love this school.
The Farrington High School Community is very supporting and welcoming, and is also a safe school. I would have like to had some higher level courses, and that there where rules in place that affected the students that don't follow rules as opposed to the students that do break the rules.
My experience at Gov. Wallace Rider Farrington High School was amazing. I was apart of the volleyball program for 4 years and had made many friendships and received great advice and guidance throughout my high school career. I was also apart of the Health Academy for 4 years. It was the hardest academy to be in at WRFHS and I was glad that I had the chance to be part of such an amazing academy. We got a lot of hands-on experience with taking blood pressure and pulse to learning how to place or take off one onto a bed or a wheelchair properly. When it came to sports families were always active in supporting not just their child but others as well. Our motto is "one team, one family" and I can truly say as a school we live by it.
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One of the most amazing diverse school. This school has one of the biggest school spirit throughout Oahu. Every school games and events are full of spirit because of the students. The teachers are very excellent and they really show that they care for each and everyone.
One thing that I like about this school is the teachers that I had. The teachers want all their students to succeed in life so they always push and motivates the students to do better. The teachers also take care of every one of their students and offer help if we need it.
What I loved about my overall experience in this school was seeing how invested the student body is when it came to school spirit and our education. These are aspects of what I believe makes us stand out from other high schools here in Hawaii, as this is our "light in the darkness".

This school is often stereotyped as the "ghetto" due to the environment the students are surrounded in, along with not being able to have the same resources as other schools. Students here are very passionate about their futures here, as we do try our best to be involved in various activities our school offers.
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