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The community is behind the school`s direction so the support system is awesome. Teachers are more than helpful when it comes to helping students.The administration takes students complaints and tries to better the school.
Gordo high school is a good school all teacher and coaches are supportive to everything we want to do. I have nothing bad to say about gordo high . The food isn’t that good but other than that I would tell people to go to gordo .
I graduated from Gordo this year , we do not have a middle school so we are 7-12th grade , which isn't bad but it can throw you off . Our school is basically like a sports entitled school we have the best school spirit nation wide , ROLL WAVES ! I feel like my high school taught me readiness for the real world and helped me explore the dues and dont's for the real world and i applaud my teachers and admin for that
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I have spent my entire high school career at Gordo High School. Everything, from academics to athletics are great. This school is so proud of every student attending and we are a family here. Teachers strive to help students achieve their best success as a student here. Attending Gordo High School was a blessing.
It has been pretty good attending Gordo High. The good thing about attending Gordo High, is that there is a great deal of support from all the staff, coaches, and other supporters associated with the high school. The academics at Gordo are excellent. There arent many bad things that come from Gordo. The only bad thing, is the food. But I would definitely refer someone to this school.
Gordo High School makes it to where if you do not play sports than you are basically a nobody and if you do not have a last name that matter than you will not get the opportunities to succeed in your school. For example, football players make low score on tests but come game day suddenly they have a perfect grade in that class.
If you're not a teacher's child, cheerleader, football player, softball player, etc., you are considered a nobody here by students, ad well as the faculty!!!
Overall, a nice school and teachers really seem to care. They place a bit too much emphasis on sports and football though and not near enough on art programs and creativity.
I like the small town feel of the school. The teachers have a personal relationship with the students, and everybody knows everybody. The teachers also geniuneuly care about the education of their students and also teach us life lessons as well. Sports are a huge part of the school, and everyone comes together to support every team we have. I wouldn't want to be apart of any other school.
I think it is okay because there is no security and someone could just walk in and shoot up the place, but we don't live in a violent community so the most that happens is someone robbing Dollar General.
I believe we could have more activities and clubs or they could be better than they already are.
I thinkit is okay because they could do more things besides sports because all students do not want to be an althete.
They do their job, but could do more and make it more fun. They teach good enough for me to learn.
What makes this school unique is the community support.
I'm new to this school and to be honest it's kind of like my other school. The feel of it I mean. But they do take our grades more serious than my old school. I would choose this school if I could again. If I could change anthing the only thing I would change is me attending it so late. I wish I always went to this school from the beginning. This school is known for football. Our field is the best in the county. That's what makes our school unqiue.
I always felt safe at school. It's a community.
Combination of old and new buildings.
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I am currently a freshman in college and work a part time job. I feel good about the prep I received in high school.
It seems like they cook fish everyday
I know it's not a variety of choices but they let us kids know what's available and to have the opportunity to try out or audition.
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