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The curriculum is fantastic. Scheduling is a bit tough unless your child knows what they are going to be when they grow up when they are 10! The counseling staff is over-worked. Study hours and tutoring after school is offered and very accessible.
The administration as a whole is very open-door policy friendly. Bullying is a hot topic that they take very seriously, even if it pertains to teachers bullying students. Dress code at the middle school and Goodwillie is very strict (as I feel it should be). Attendance is also taken seriously, and parents are called and notified within 20/30 minutes after school starts if the parent does not call the child it for an absence.
There are students of all decent and it has never come into play the 2 years that we have been involved here. There are a lot of ethnic functions and ethnic foods that are introduced and studied. They have all been positive experiences.
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I don't know if politics plays a role in who gets to go to this school, but I do know that there were children that I knew of that were PERFECT for this school, but they were not chosen. My daughter and I felt very grateful for every opportunity this experience has granted her.
Our teachers are very positive and speak to the level of the children. No question is a dumb question, and they allow time for the kids to problem -solve and come up with their own solutions (even if they're not the best). There is a lot of "thinking outside of the box" at this school. The teachers put more emphasis on the stepping stones/the quality of the journey than the final grade. Refreshing to say the least!
The entire staff takes these things VERY seriously. It is an unwritten rule that parents are allowed to email or talk out concerns with the staff. And the staff addresses them head-on immediately.
This school has added a dimension to my daughters life that can not be measured! She is prepared to go to middle school, both socially and achademically.
Our school district is not considered to be huge, so most kids that have a desire to play a sport, usually make the team. The typical "politics" comes into play with most, if not all sports here (status quo for high school sports). But there is a lot of parent support, physically and monetarily, and almost all sports are offered here.
Never a dull moment in this school system/area!
State of the art. These kids want for nothing, other than the fact that the heat/cooling isn't always perfect. But it is an environmental school!
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