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If you are behind on credits the school is good to go to but I've only encountered 2 good teachers at goodwill the rest would just give you credits to pass you and get you pout their class some literally won't even teach
Overall I don't care for my time at Goodwill. It's probably my least favorite school that I've attended. There's always issues with people's credits or switching classes takes forever it feels and the work to me is too easy or getting credits are a bit easy.
I say the overall exsperiance just depends on how you live up your high school.
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the teachers at goodwill high school are okay. i say okay because everyone does things differently. and i cant make a teacher change anything.
The school does not offer as many nutritional stuff as I'd like to try. Salads are always there, but a yogurt wouldn't hurt toget out vitamins up. Food tastes okay sometimes it'll be great and the then not so grey the next day or so. I really do like how you get to choose what snacks to go along with your food you get instead of the lunch lady just slapping up whatever they desire on there.
The teachers are understandable, knowledgeable, friendly, funny, and each have a method of teaching their own ways. Teachers will always ask students on their opinions before stating their own and will never let a student lower their grades, if they do the teacher will give the student many options as to how to raise their grade. This helps us and the teacher as well, we all have good communications with them and they will do the same. I just wish some teachers would actually give us daily work instead of weekly.
We don have many options to many school clubs but there are a few such as virtual classes and pre-college classes that help you get credits and prepare you for your future college experiences. Every teacher at this school is very funny and make each class fun and easier to learn when you have a down-to-earth teacher. The schedule is accommodated to let students have a very long lunch and adjustable passing period, so no need to worry about being late to class. I jus wish they didn't lack maintenance at this school, not always, but quite often.
Honestly this school had not been my first option but now I'm glad I chose it. I am no longer bullied or outcasted by any students and feel like I've been known for what I've done and not for being the awkward wallflower girl that keeps to herself with her rock music. No, I'm known for my smiles, funny comments, friendliness and achievements I've made. You never really feel alone as you will always have someone to talk too everyday-even teachers! You learn a lot when actually reading the assignments they give you and learn cool new words that sound funny when you use them. I would honestly redo my school years here if I had too because I'd never feel like I did my first 3 years at another high school that saw me by my outer shell.
The principal is very involved with helping us all complete credits before graduation-even a little more than the counselor-and let's us know when we have done an improving job. The office secretary is grouchy at times, but she's mainly fun to talk to and just ask for advice too. They have a strict no bullying tolerance at this school-even if it doesn't happen-and will be on it when you need them.. Dress code is not fully enforced here, but when there's something that stands out to teachers you best get ready for a scolding from a teacher about proper attire. I have a problem with the attendance policy, and that is that it's hardly enforced and many students often don't show up for classes, this causes some teachers to often not want to teach because of how small a class is.
At least once a month a k-9 police dog will come on campus to sneak out and drug substances-hardly finding some-and our advisors are very strict on what is brought onto school. Bullying is not a problem here so that's out of the question. The school is monitored by 1 security but he's very on point with us that no one dares do something bad, also the principals office is right in front the gate so he can monitor who enters and exits. I feel particularly safe in this school to say the least and hardly ever feel unsafe. A health program is offered in a school poster that any student can call up-with a parent-and sign up for, but a school nurse is not available, so that's a minus.
You never get judged at this school for being black, Mexican, white, gay, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual, pansexual, smart, not so smart, goth, rock, hip, normal, weird...etc. You just have to be you and never betray someone's trust. There's hardly any peer pressure, maybe the occasional friendly pressure, but nothing major. The more you're involved in school events everyone will want to pitch in one way or the other.
There really aren't many school activities, there are 1 or 2 events per year that take place. I've participated in the blood drive about twice an it has been very fun, but they lack activities.
The faculty is very friendly and funny at times and since it is a very small school everyone remembers your name, including the lunch lady. We have a typing, web design, computer class with 1 computer assigned to every student and the classes are small so no need to fight over one. The guidance counselor is understandable, but sometimes places us in classes we don't really need, but not all the time. There's a concurrent enrollment program for students to take college classes and receive credits quicker and easier. No buses, tutoring or parent involvement or not that recent.
This school has no Extracurricular activities at all. The funding for it doesn't exist and neither does the desire for any extracurricular activities. The need for it does not exist either. All Elective courses are done online.
The school I currently go to is a continuation school, meaning it is for students who are behind on their credits. Since this school is a continuation/alternative school, it is completely different from a regular school. I do like the fact that the principal tries to help those who need help in high school but the school overall is terribly funded, rarely cleaned, and utterly and shamefully disrespected by both the district and the board of education. The teachers there are pretty good teachers besides the fact that they don't teach the class,because most of the school's work is mainly done independently, and the food isn't that bad but it can definitely be better. To be completely honest, I would not recommend this school to anyone unless they need credits to be on track in school. The only reason I like this school is because the credits are easy to recieve. My overall rating for this school is a 3 out of 10. I do not like the high school I am in.
everybody knows everybody its such a small school
academics need more work on
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my overall experience well i hated goodwill i attended the first year the school opened and it felt like a prison the principal and vice principal were HORRIBLE esp. the vice they were both very racist towards the students and kicked people out because they felt like their clothing was poor looking and because of that the student couldnt attend the school i am so glad alot of the staff have been fired because the counselors were no help either im over 30 credits on my transcripts because she "misplaced" them causing me to graduate a yr late plus she wouldnt even put me in the right classes i needed i was also suspended for having a raiders jacket on when everyone else had on charger jackets i was suspended for 2 weeks for no reason at all
educational outcomes uhmmm i dont know what to say to that they dont even do sat or act no help what so ever with trying to find scholarships or colleges they're kinda like just graduate and move on
the discipline is eh whatever they're quick to suspend you over anything
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