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Goodrich High School is big enough where you can explore, but small enough to where everyone knows everyone. You pretty much know everyone by name and there are parents and families that are very involved. However, I would like to see more involvement from the students themselves.
i loved how much of a family the community is, but unfortunately going into university after i did not feel well prepared to take on the challenges that i faced.
The best part about high school for me was the athletics, any sporting event always had a good crowd of students and the school in general had a lot of school spirit. The selection of different clubs and activities was good as well from a nationally competitive robotics team to the typical school sports. The teachers and administrators were phenomenal, they had a passion for learning and that transferred into the classroom learning environment. If I was to change something about the district it would be the amount of available electives, there was a few things that i wanted to take a class in that were not offered at the school.
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Goodrich High School is a very small schooling making it easy to get to know everyone else. The staff here is very friendly and the athletics program is very well organized. The classes however can be very challenging.
Goodrich is a nice school, however if you are looking for a wide selection of extracurriculars or clubs you will be disappointed. There is also little diversity.
The staff and teachers are very concerned about the students. My son was out of school for a month and the school was very good at getting his class work
The school offers dual enrollment with local Jr. colleges that enable student to acquire college credit. The sports program provides a physical trainer to help develop athletes while reducing the risk of injury.
I had a terrific experience at GHS. The teachers are very involved and want each student to be successful.
Goodrich High School is a very good school for close-knit relationships and opportunities. The teachers are almost always available and all the clubs/teams provide a great opportunity to make life long memories and friends.
Goodrich High School was a small community so it was easy to get to know everyone who went there. I wish high school had better prepared me for college however, I easily completed all of my assignments and did very well in all of my classes at Goodrich and when I got to college I felt behind and like I had a bad work ethic because Goodrich had not challenged me enough as a student. Some teachers don't seem qualified to teach the subjects they are assigned which I think leads to students not grasping the material fully and not being able to use it in future classes that build upon those subjects. Outside of classes Goodrich has a wonderful community and for the most part everyone was respectful and helpful towards each other. The athletic teams were very good and many students supported athletics by attending games.
Totally a bad experience I had it to do all over again I go to one of the neighboring school districts they're not involved there's too many clicks it's who you know they hired they don't hire the right way we have a horrible superintendent now that just seems to want to be on the news or on Facebook like in the spotlight ridiculous
My experience at Goodrich High School has been a good one. With the exception of my freshmen year which I was so afraid and the school seemed so big to me, but after having been there for the last four years it is the place I call home and because of that I have found a college in Michigan to attend after graduation that is about the same size and feel as Goodrich.
I like that Goodrich High School is a small school in a small district. Being in a small school allows you to connect with all of your classmates in all grades, allows you to get to know your teachers, lets you get the help that you need, and enables you to participate in class discussions. What needs to be fixed at Goodrich High School is the variety of sports and clubs.
Our school is very unique to other schools. Our teachers are mostly nice, but most don't like the idea of students trying to test out of their classes. Almost all teachers stay after school and are willing to help students if they don't understand. Our school has several bullying seminars, but due to the great diversity and our athletic students lots of students get miss-treated. Ever since I have been in the high school we have never had the same principal for more than one year. One the other hand, due to our small school almost all students are able to join any club or sport they may want to join. Our school also has a large variety of clubs. We have everything from science olimpia to skeet team or even a bowling team, but we are still growing. All in all, our school is decent but could improve just like all other schools.
Despite the fact that the teachers rarely connect with the students and only seem to give a crap about the points earned and their salaries, Goodrich has made me feel like a bad person. The students are not nice, the teachers and staff often turn a blind eye to a lot of actions (students out of class/lunch, leaving campus, pranks, harasssmet, etc. ) and pay little to no attention to the students well being. The academics are moderate, the best part is our ability to take a test, without being taught what’s on it but merely how to take it. The school has only worsened me as a person as this school has tought me how to go without help from others as opposed to connecting with staff and students. I honestly cannot wait to leave this school.
Goodrich High School has excellent AP programs such as AP English which are not only enjoyable and formative but also do an excellent job of preparing for college courses
A very clean school that is well updated in technology. Its small size is great for a real personal learning experience, yet it small size does make the school lack diverse classes, AP classes, and people. It's inhibited in a small well-off society and offers great resources for a good learning experience.
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Goodrich High School was a very nice memory of my education career. Teachers are really nice and help each student to succeed in class. I've learned many things, and was prepared well to exit with the maximum knowledge of the world. The teachers and counselors got me ready for the next stage of my life, college. I really liked this school, moving here was the best. I made friends really easy. Everyone are willing to help you with your education and your future.
This school was 100% garbage and did the worst job of preparing me for college. The integrated math system, I can guarantee, was discovered by chimps and the science department has terrie teachers, a PopTart could've taught me more about Physics. If you only want to see white people in camo go to Goodrich.
Goodrich teachers are very involved and caring to there students. I would like them to consider the amount of homework that is sent home each night.
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