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Good Shepherd Lutheran School Reviews

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The extracurricular activities that I was involved with were always fun and fair in playing time. I always enjoyed the team atmosphere.
We have locking doors and an intercom system to let people in. There are also cameras installed in the office. We don't have a school nurse but the secretaries sometimes can help out. I always felt safe during my time there.
I loved my time at Good Shepherd. The teachers were always very caring and understanding. They were always willing to help me with anything that I needed. Good Shepherd was a great, safe place for me to grow up.
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The teachers here are incredibly special and rare in this world. They strive to prepare students for the next step of life, but they do so much additional work behind the scenes. These teachers care about their students much more because of the deeper bond of faith. The teachers love their students and want them to succeed in school and life, but more importantly to be saved. Students know they have someone who cares about them. Students have someone who believes in them and their abilities and is dedicated to assisting them in their journey. As a result, the teachers put forth their whole effort into teaching. Their lessons plans are centered around Christ as is the school. Out of thankfulness for being saved, everyone in the school strives to do everything to the best of their ability. When attending Good Shepherd, you will be getting the teacher's best work and the students will be expected to put forth their best work as well.

Teachers utilize the many different aspects of the school. Technology is used often to help explain and teach material to students in an understandable way. Teachers are well versed in their subjects and the school has a good mix of teaching styles. As students grow older, classes begin to be teacher specific based on the subject so that they can get the best education. In addition, the change from one teacher all day to multiple teachers assists in the transition from grade school to high school. The homework load tends to be a little more rigorous but it helps in the transition to high school. The grading scale is also a little more challenging.

Teachers provide their emails and phone numbers to keep the lines of communication open. They encourage students to first come to the teacher in person, but if that isn't possible, they are able to be contacted via phone or email. I had my fair share of email messages with questions in regards to difficult assignments and my teachers were prompt and helpful in their responses.
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