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The school is good but could use some work to make it better. It could manage better if the teachers were educated on teaching as a whole, a lot of the teachers do not have experience or teaching credentials. They attend these classes throughout the year while teaching their classes as well.
Gompers Preparatory Academy allows low income students to prosper academically and showcase their true potential within their community. With that being said, students are offered a strong support system by councilors and build secure, reliable connections with certain teachers. High school student also begin to find and build their paths that helps lead them into their future. However, due to the focus on preparing 'college-ready' students, many students, especially high schoolers attending Gompers are stripped of their 'high school experiences.' Most students who attend this high school along side of myself, often miss out on the true experiences of high school rallies, homecomings, proms and the 'high school experience' that many across the state/country cherish.
I loved how Gompers Prep established a feeling of family within the community and the students. I felt highly supported by the teachers, who would often stay long hours to help students with tutoring. Even though it is a small school, I believe there could be more clubs to help the students express themselves. Overall, I enjoyed attending Gompers because they ensure students aren't discouraged from attending college and the whole staff is highly supportive and sympathetic to the students.
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There is too much bullying going on, the staff does whatever they have to, not to make the student feel safe but to make sure nobody knows about it. Many of the teachers abuse of their authority towards the students. I am a parent who has heard from many students how they feel they don't get respect from the staff, they feel they can't go to someone for any problem they are having, or bullying. There are some good teachers too but I hate how the ones treating the students badly just get away with it. If a student complains at all about feign mistreated or disrespected by any staff... they en up getting in trouble for "giving an attitude" or "being ungrateful" with the staff who "does everything for them even when they don't deserve it".
Gompers Prep is a charter school in Southeast San Diego which has shifted labels upon the area. At Gompers Prep, every student has the same opportunities to attend a 4-year university regardless of their ethnicity, background, and low income. Every student has the support they need during and after school and teachers and staff are always eager to help.
I love how Gompers is so involved in academics and helping students get to college. The school takes the time to work with each and every student to help them reach their full potential. Gompers is currently making a new gym so hopefully the sports will advance. The teachers are very involved in all academics and extracurriculars. Even though the school is located in one of the worst parts of SouthEast San Diego, the community members still make sure each and every student is safe. Growing up at this school has shaped me to reach out for help when I need it and to use my resources to my their full potentials.
This school is amazing, it has a very amazing staff that help every student no matter their background. It's a very positive school never letting the students give up. I have attended the school since my 6th grade year, now I will graduate soon thanks to the help of the school.
Its a great school, safe for students I just wish they wouldn't baby students as much as they do which causes them to be unprepared for college.
Gompers Preparatory Academy is an amazing place filled with endless opportunities for all of its students.
Gompers is a place where I can feel extremely safe. This school is really big on the safety of others it is always something that comes first before anything else. If I had never come to Gompers I do not think that I would have achieved so many of the things that I do now. Gompers has made me think about my future and with the help of all my teachers since I came to this school when I was in 7th grade, they have helped me develop a passion for going to college and studying criminal justice. Becuase of this school, I have been able to have many outside connections with others that can help me in the long run. One thing that I wish was different is if we had more pep rallies, we aren't so much involved in getting our school pumped up because of the students. Overall Gompers is the ideal school to attend especially when you have a director as ours.
I love how all the teachers are here for you whenever you need them. In addition, all of the faculty is caring and loving to everyone. The amount of smiles that I saw everyday at this school amazes me.
I use to not want to go to college and would not care about my grades but after being here for now 7 years it all changed for me. My love for wanting to continue school and become someone in life have increased tremendously. I am proud to be a Gompers Prep eagle.
The staff and teachers of Gompers Preparatory Academy ensure that students have the resources they need in order to achieve their goals.
What I really like about Gompers Preparatory Academy is the sense of family and support that students and teachers give to one another.
Overall, it's an okay school. The biggest problem would have to be the lack of motivation in students but the school isnt at fault for that.
At Gompers, it is emphasized keep culture. The uniforms we wear help us as students look more presentable.
Gompers Preparatory Academy is a great school in which I have attended for nearly 7 years. It may have the previous reputation of being not that great of a school but I can attest to how wrong first glances can be. This school is devoted to developing the future and not only teaching students curiculum but the necessary life lessons to succeed in life.
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Overall a good school. Teaches you discipline and how to behave. It does get you college ready, you have the support from everyone. Those who say that it doesn’t get them ready didn’t prepared themselves. I love the school.
I've been a student at Gompers for 7 years now. I wasn't excited about the uniforms at all when I first got there. However, after 7 years one comes to realize it's an everyday thing that one must get used to. Being a senior is difficult but knowing my teachers are there to help makes things better. I know have all the support I need when it comes to rescources and even advice with personal issues. Mentors are always out giving help to those in need.
Better sports (Football), Track Field, allow all students to participate in the shows, not only the musical production class. People would really enjoy the shows more if you had betterpeople
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