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Gompers Preparatory Academy is an amazing place filled with endless opportunities for all of its students.
Gompers is a place where I can feel extremely safe. This school is really big on the safety of others it is always something that comes first before anything else. If I had never come to Gompers I do not think that I would have achieved so many of the things that I do now. Gompers has made me think about my future and with the help of all my teachers since I came to this school when I was in 7th grade, they have helped me develop a passion for going to college and studying criminal justice. Becuase of this school, I have been able to have many outside connections with others that can help me in the long run. One thing that I wish was different is if we had more pep rallies, we aren't so much involved in getting our school pumped up because of the students. Overall Gompers is the ideal school to attend especially when you have a director as ours.
I love how all the teachers are here for you whenever you need them. In addition, all of the faculty is caring and loving to everyone. The amount of smiles that I saw everyday at this school amazes me.
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I use to not want to go to college and would not care about my grades but after being here for now 7 years it all changed for me. My love for wanting to continue school and become someone in life have increased tremendously. I am proud to be a Gompers Prep eagle.
The staff and teachers of Gompers Preparatory Academy ensure that students have the resources they need in order to achieve their goals.
What I really like about Gompers Preparatory Academy is the sense of family and support that students and teachers give to one another.
Overall, it's an okay school. The biggest problem would have to be the lack of motivation in students but the school isnt at fault for that.
At Gompers, it is emphasized keep culture. The uniforms we wear help us as students look more presentable.
Gompers Preparatory Academy is a great school in which I have attended for nearly 7 years. It may have the previous reputation of being not that great of a school but I can attest to how wrong first glances can be. This school is devoted to developing the future and not only teaching students curiculum but the necessary life lessons to succeed in life.
Overall a good school. Teaches you discipline and how to behave. It does get you college ready, you have the support from everyone. Those who say that it doesn’t get them ready didn’t prepared themselves. I love the school.
I've been a student at Gompers for 7 years now. I wasn't excited about the uniforms at all when I first got there. However, after 7 years one comes to realize it's an everyday thing that one must get used to. Being a senior is difficult but knowing my teachers are there to help makes things better. I know have all the support I need when it comes to rescources and even advice with personal issues. Mentors are always out giving help to those in need.
Better sports (Football), Track Field, allow all students to participate in the shows, not only the musical production class. People would really enjoy the shows more if you had betterpeople
Gompers is very loving but they don't really teach and the students don't learn what is necessary to learn. I would like to see more learning happening and actual college readiness.
The thing that I like about Gompers Preparatory Academy is that you can be open, be yourself because everyone has their differences as do I. You don't have to hide, everyone knows you they greet you as you walk in. They just make your day better every time you see them. It's just a wonderful school to be a part of.
What I love about this school is the safety and how the school care about us and send all of us to college
It's a good school overall. What I would like to see change is the academics. The students take a lot of pride when wearing their uniforms. The students are always filled with so much enthusiasm and joy it makes this school a fun, but serious school as well
Gompers Preparatory Academy is the best school their is. Theirs always something going on here, weather it's an event or just a mini performance at lunch. You always have a smile on your face, screaming "JOY" The director of the school is pretty great. In most school you don't even get to have a great connection with your director or even know who he/she is. This is school is almost a second home, because theirs always a reason you have to stay after school and get something done. Its also a great safe space to be yourself and don't feel judge. This school also has amazing teachers and they really don't let you fail because at this school "Failure is not an option"
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Full of joy. I never get denied to be given the support I need in order to understand school or life. My wonderful Director Riveroll is like the father figure I never had.
Gompers Preparatory Academy is like no other school. GPA has gone through so much and has grown into a beautiful, successful school. From a school where less than 50% of students graduated, now 100% of students are graduating. There is no other school that plays music and dances as students are lining up for school every Friday morning. I have attended Gompers Preparatory Academy ever since the 7th grade and I have loved every year. My school loves to spread joy by using music and dance. As a senior, we perform a lot. Just recently we had a Disney themed show with dancing and singing and acting. Also, our culture is amazing. We go by the acronym REACH. REACH stands for respect, enthusiasm, achievement, citizenship and hard-work. REACH is was drives students to be the best they can be. Gompers Preparatory Academy is unique in many ways. There is no other school like Gompers Preparatory Academy.
I have been a student here at Gompers Preparatory Academy since seventh grade. Coming to this school is like no other. Every year the students who get into college increase.
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