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Goldthwaite High School is a very small town school, but its the best. You get one on one time with the teachers and you always can ask for help without people getting mad.
I like the way the teachers help the students out with whenever they need help, and how they give them all there attention.
I am a senior at Goldthwaite High School. I have had an overall good experience at this school. I think we have a decent education system. Our sports programs have been a priority at all times and as an athlete, I have benefitted from this. If I was not an athlete, I might have some complaints on the focus of other students that are not athletes.
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I had a great experience going to Goldthwaite High School. The teachers cared about our education and they wanted us to be successful. They motivate us to everyday and make sure we have a great day. School culture is the best thing I have ever experienced. Our athletic program, band, art, and academics is outstanding.
The teachers are okay over here. Most of them are really nice and help you with what you need. It is a decent experience.
I like that the classes are small and that you get more one on one from the teachers. The teachers really work with you toward your goals of graduating and helping you get into a college. You have a lot of opportunities for UIL and to play a sport if you want to. Goldthwaite is a small tight knit community that support the students.
Goldthwaite High school really needs to renovate their campus. It is not modern at all. I moved to Goldthwaite the beginning of my Junior year. I was used to small town schools, since I originally was from one. The kindliness and welcoming I was given was outstanding. Everyone knows everyone and everything about this school screams friendliness. The school district treats their students as if they were their own. The school is so generous and kind to all of the community. Even though we did not have state of the art appliances and technology, we as students still loved the high school. What else could you ask from a small town high school. Nothing because Goldthwaite High has it all.
There have been ups and downs, but overall I have not enjoyed going to school in Goldthwaite. I would choose to attend a different school if I had the opportunity to do it again. I have not enjoyed the attitudes of teachers and administrators nor the lack of respect for the students. I strongly advise against attending school in Goldthwaire.
The teachers aren't very helpful and will not go out of their way to help you be successful in school. Most of the work we are given is just to keep us busy. We never genuinely learn. Most teachers are very close minded and do not think outside of the box. They are not very open to new ideas and do not show much respect to their students. The grading is inconsistent as well as the disciplinary actions that are enforced. Overall, high school at GHS has been a terrible experience and I cannot wait to graduate.
This school was great! I am very happy with the decision my mom made for me and my siblings to attend this school district.
The teachers at Goldthwaite High School are very dedicated to their work. They all have different but relatively similar teaching styles and each teacher definitely qualified in the subject they teach. Every teacher has the student's best interest at heart, they care very much for the well-being of the students. The teachers also know how to communicate very well with the students and other facility if its by face-to-face interaction or by email. Also, every teacher is very consistent on their grades.
The student involvement is top notch and everyone gets the feeling of acceptance.
The workload isn't that bad. Most of the teachers are very helpful. There isn't may choices for special studies.
There are not many safely services at this school, but all of the students feel safe because it is such a small community
There aren't many clubs to choose from. They will make chess club available every other year or so.
In my opinion, this high school is the best place for a student to attend. Not only are you getting to know your teacher very well, but you are getting a large amount of support from them. Your parents are also very supportive.
All of the teachers have respect for the students as long as we respect them. They give real-life examples and inform us of their experiences. They also make sure that all of the students are involved.
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The extracurricular opportunites at this school are average. Since we are a small town we don't have a lot of options. We have football, baseball/softball, basketball, tennis, and golf. There is a chess club, robotics team, One Act Play, Band, and UIL. These activities are supported by staff, family, and friends. The extracurricular activities are ran coaches or teachers who are willing to spend extra time working with students.
Goldthwaite High School is a good school. I have gotten the opportunity to be in the band and encourage the football players during the games. Being in the band I got to advance in marching contests on odd number years and concert & sight-reading every year. I have had some pretty good experiences in the activities I involve myself in. The school is honest and willing to work with others. We have combined Star ISD with our school about a year ago. Overall the school is one of the main attractions as to why people move to Goldthwaite, Tx.
Most teachers are able to be reached after school till about five o'clock and are willing to help you no matter how much the student is struggling. A few teachers are willing to help you outside of school with homework and help you grasp the subject better. They all go in depth with their lessons and you learn pretty quickly. The teachers do get involved with the sports/events that the students do and encourage them to do their very best. The school is overall great and a safe environment for students to be at.
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