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Goffstown High School has such a great environment. It has loving and caring teachers who truly have the best interests of their students. The extracurricular scene is great, and we have some of the best school events in the area. The pep rallies are about as fun as they could possibly be. We have such spirit. The school provides its students with great opportunities to expand learning horizons with tons of AP classes as well as the option to go to Manchester School of Technology. Ultimately, I feel like I have a real home at GHS, and I am happy to call it my school.
I loved going to Goffstown high school. The teachers there are dedicated to their students and actually care about them. The arts department which I was a part of is extensive. With classes like interior design or artisan crafts.
Goffstown high school gives its students many opportunities to succeed. The teachers and staff are more than helpful and are great at their job. I love this school.
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Goffstown has a lot of great teachers and great opportunities for you to express yourself and build relationships while in high school
Goffstown High School is a pretty good school. Diverse school with many different clubs and activities. Many groups of kids. Kids don't usually intermingle. People tend to stay in their own little groups. Many different support teams. Teachers and counselors are pretty easy to get along with. The majority are pretty supportive and willing to help.
Goffstown High School provides numerous resources for all of its students. The school provides lots of help and support when it comes to the college process. They help you write your college essay and host college nights regarding financial aid and life after high school. GHS provides you with college assistance and with abundant quantities of books, laptops, and online resources that assist academic needs. GHS has drug counselors and counselors that are there to help with mental help. I think they make a large impact on the students lives and are able to make them change for the better. Goffstown has many resources provided to the students that are an immense help to not only their academic lives, but their lives outside of school too.
I loved most of my teachers, they were fantastic and you could tell they were there because they were passionate about seeing kids learn. But there was a small handful of teachers who seemed to hate their job and were only there for the paycheck.
Goffstown High School is a great school with plenty of diversity, acceptance and talented teachers. The commute is not too long but can get heavy with traffic early in the morning. As a school, we perform highly regarding test scores, sports, and the performing arts. All the teachers love their job and share their joy with their students by making learning fun and enjoyable. The guidance counselors truly help prepare students for success as they help them pick the best classes, help them with college preparation and personal issues. If I were to change something I would install a track on the school's property as the track kids have to walk down the block to Barnard Park which can be dangerous if they can't get a ride from an upperclassman. Goffstown High School is truly a safe community with welcoming attitudes from a number of staff and students.
Excellent Performing Arts Program but the town is loathe to provide upgrades and improvements to it. They would rather spend the money on Sports. Theatre department has run out of storage space for costumes, sets, and supplies.
It’s mostly a good school. The teachers all really care. The curriculum is flexible, allowing advanced students to be enriched in honors and AP classes, and students with difficulties still be challenged and included in amazing open level classes. They have extensive college preparation, and they understand that college is not the only option, preparing you for whatever your life will take you. The school spirit is incredible. The only drawback would be that that don’t have ASL classes, and the way that they incorporate MST. We do not need that school. I can’t say much bad about it because the teaches and students have helped me grow as a person, and the mingling of New Boston and Goffstown students has allowed me to meet my best friend.
This school is pretty exceptional. I am enjoying my time here, and love taking Honors and AP courses. The teachers are exceptionally helpful and very kind.
They were very supportive, they helped me get into my dream school. They taught me a lot of information that is useful in college. They helped me prepare for what college would be like.
Not many people LOVE school, but I have been at Goffstown since my freshman year and it has been a pretty great experience. The teachers are all phenomenal and have great lessons planned, not a whole lot of wasted time. Our principal and other school officials give us freedom and treat us like adults while still being respected.
Goffstown High School is one of the top schools in New Hampshire for academics and sports. Students' standardized test scores are phenomenal compared to other local school districts. Diversity and culture is a huge part. With both New Boston and Goffstown attending the high school. Every year, students look forward to spirit weeks, such as homecoming and winter carnival. This gives students a chance to get to know each other a little more and have more school spirit. When students graduate, they all get into at least one college and are fully prepared for their bright future. Most teachers and staff are former students from Goffstown, or have children who are. This creates an unforgettable connection for students as they work their way towards college.
Goffstown High School prepared me well for college. In addition to obtaining knowledge, I learned and practiced important skills, including time management and accountability, that I will use throughout my life. I formed bonds with teachers and created friendships, and my education is beyond valuable.
I have had an amazing experience at Goffstown High School. They take many cautions to make the school safe and I do not feel afraid be there every day. There are diverse classes you can take ranging from Woodshop to Photography to Culinary. They have also prepared me a lot with my college search and I feel secure in my abilities for college.
I loved Goffstown High School. I had some amazing teachers and the environment was always full of positivity. I would not have wanted to be at any other school
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This school has created so many wonderful memories for me! The school spirit among classes is undying and the clubs they provide help students become more involved in the school environment. Some classes could use more options for teachers, as some students learn differently, and may struggle to understand one teacher's limited skillset. When you do get a good teacher in your class, it is easy to connect with them and get help outside of class if needed. If you aren't satisfied with the class you are in, then the guidance counselors are readily available to make changes to your schedule anytime. Overall, the staff and student body are positive and work together to create a great learning environment for teenagers.
Very football oriented, but the teachers are good and most of the people are nice. With the low budget the school has, they do a very good job of keeping technology updated and teachers happy.
Good school. Bad lunches. Good teachers (in general). Overly strict in some categories. They suck at communication with their teachers and students in order to warn of snow days / events etc. Good culture.
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