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I like how many opportunities there are here at goessel. Before I moved to goessel in 8th grade, I never played any sports, but since moving to Goessel, I have been involved in a number of sports year round. There is also an availability of clubs for everyone that I find incredibly usful, as I enjoy singing and acting as well. I hope this helped!
At Goessel High School, I had a very enriching time in the extracurricular activities. The coaches have always encouraged me to work hard, overcome difficulties, and form a strong bond with my team. I know that this is going to benefit me in the future. The academics, however, are not very challenging. In fact, there are only two teachers who have really challenged me in the whole school. There are teachers who will let the students converse for half the class without intervening. By talking with students from other schools, I have come to realize that I am extremely deficient in some academic areas, not because I have a learning disability, but because I've never been taught some things or have been taught them in an efficient way. I must brag on the music department, however. Goessel's music program is extraordinary. The teachers are passionate and really get the students to put their hearts into their music.
I enjoyed Goessel a lot. It is a small school and yet it does not feel like it. The teachers do a tremendous job of getting the best out of their students as well as preparing them for the college experience. If I were to change one thing, it would be to allow more college classes to be taken. This way students could really focus on their career path as soon as they enter college. Overall, I love Goessel and I am very proud to call it my hometown.
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I have gone to this school since third grade and coming in as a new student the faculty and students all accepted me with open arms. One thing our school is great about is accepting new students and finding ways to get everyone involved.
Since the Goessel school district is smaller than others and the number of teachers and funds are limited in ammount, the variety of classes a student can take are also limited. The required curriculum is covered, but elective classes such as business classes like entrepreneurship, and Vo-Ag courses like wood working are unable to be offered.
The teachers are all very good at their jobs. Some or most of them have been held their position for five or in some cases many more years, but they all do an excellent job at making the classroom interesting; however, some have a good knowledge of the subject matter, their teaching skills are less than stellar.
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