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Godinez Fundamental High School Reviews

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The school is exceptionally amazing. The teachers and administrations are ready to help any child, student, or parent. Teachers are ready to teach and motivate students. College is something that they promote to the school. Great school and its environment is amazing!
What I love about Godinez Fundamental High School is how important the students are for the faculty especially the principal. He was provided many AP course and recently provided classes that students can take in a college which is opened to 9-12. One thing that I do not really like is the safety of the school. It is literally next to a public park where there are homeless people others who do drugs. Many kids walk to school and have to pass the park including myself and sometimes I do not feel safe.
The staff really is there to help you. Teachers genuinely care and want the best for you. Any conflict between students is usually solved right away with the help of staff.
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My experience with the school was overall amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it. I would love to see it be more involved With the students and the asb
I have had a great experience throughout my four years at Godinez. Sadly I won't be able to finish out the year there, but I will always remember the great learning environment that both students and staff created. The staff is willing to put in the time to make sure that students understand the lesson. Teachers and other staff go above and beyond to check in on all the students. The atmosphere at the school is great.
I really liked it. It is my final year and they are helping me so much with getting into college. Throughout the years this highschool molded me into becoming a better person. The teachers helped me with everything. Without the help of my peers I probably wouldn't be where I am today.
Godinez is somewhere that you can feel safe at. the staff there are really nice and you can talk to them about anything there. they have fun events and make school enjoyable. teachers give you all the resources you need to succeed and get into college. students at the school are nice and don't have any real problems.
It’s a great school in my opinion, my high school experience has been absolutely great so far although I am barely a sophomore. The rules are set at a bar higher than non-fundamental schools but not at an exaggerated point. The school has so much spirit & has very little problems.
Godinez is an excellent school. All of the teachers are very caring if thier students and go out of thier way to help them. For example, my English teacher Mrs. Jocham, noticed that some girls didn't have enough money for a prom dress. So she set up a system where she started collecting used dresses and if you need a dress, all you had to do is ask her. The rest of the staff such as the counselors, janitors and the security gaurds are also astounding. You can often see kids talking and having fun with them which I find to be amazing. Godinez is almost perfect. Tons of paper and water bottles get thrown away with trash because there isn't a recycling bin. This is true with most schools in my district though we are trying to change that. My fellow club members of the environmental club and I have implemented a paper recycle system and we have set up separate bins for water bottles only. We hope to make a permanent change in our school. Thought I still love my school.
I really love the amount of work and care the school counselors give to help each student be prepared in every way possible for college. However, I would like to see a change in giving some of the underrepresented clubs and activities at school to get the financial and social support as other well known activities receive.
The opportunity that comes from this school is amazing and unmatched the ability to create everlastingly memories. There is truly something for everyone here I was able to enroll in dual enrollment course and get ahead in my college classes. Not to mention the faculty that supports you and guides you.
What I loved most about godinez was that no matter where you went almost most the time people were together and happy.
A really good school with some of the best teachers around. They will definitely help you get ready for college.
Godinez has a nice campus compared to others and it easy to get around. Most of the teachers care about the students and how they are doing with their grades and try to give them help during class and in tutoring. The school allows students to be apart of different clubs and extracurricular activities, such as sports and music, so there is something for everyone.
The faculty at Godinez Fundamental High School care tremendously about their students. They are enthusiastic, engaging, and helpful. They strive to help students whenever they can, whether it before school, after school, lunch, and even on Saturdays.
Honestly, I had a pretty good time here. I made meet some great people and made amazing friends. I would recommend anyone in the area to enter the lottery for this school. And remember, Think Godinez.
Godinez is a good school to go to that prepares you for college and makes sure that all students are on the road to graduation.
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I joined Godinez my 8th grade summer to take an advanced Spanish class. Not knowing a thing about high school or anybody going there, I was welcomed in by all the students and teachers around me which motivated me to try harder. There were many programs that I was involved in over the years where I was able to meet new people and find things I liked that I didn't even know I liked. Over the years, Godinez became my home where I came to learn something new everyday and go to my clubs and sports.
I really enjoyed my high school experience here because everyone was focused on the academic well being of the students here. Not only that but there are so many extra curricular activities one can be involved in. Having the chance to attend this school has given me motivation to apply to good colleges and get accepted into one as well because of all the support this high school offered.
Godinez was an amazing school and I will always cherish the time I had here. The only disappointment was my senior year; we had a lot of financial cuts so that next years seniors could have the year to the fullest. To say I was annoyed is an understatement. We even missed out on senior sunrise. In other news I did graduate from there with a 3.8 unweighted GPA and appreciated most of my teachers. Definitely loved it here and will miss it.
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