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As a current student of Godinez Fundamental High School, I would like to praise the school for its amazing achievements and high academia. As a Vietnamese-American, I am a minority in a school of minorities. This means that there are definitely times where I know I do not fit in. However, the friendly and welcoming students at this school make this experience worthwhile. The teachers at this school are supportive of the students and strive to ensure that they can assist them in their best abilities. The only change I wish to see in this school is increasing athletic facilities. We do not have tennis courts or a swimming pool because of limited land and funding. Even so, if this issue could be addressed, many of the students would be truly grateful for the improvement.
I am currently a sophomore and I think Godinez Fundamental High school is a great school because teachers are always attentive to the students in what they need and so is the principal by always trying to provide what us the students and the parents ask. The school offers many academics programs and also sports.
Godinez is an opportunistic type of school that has extracurricular and academic regions to play around in. You will find your fit at this school, no matter what. The only downside would be the lack of funding for the arts program.
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What I like about Godinez is the fact that there are so many opportunities. There is no excuse for anything, if a students needs hours for community service they can join Key Club. If a student needs help with a subject they can either take tutoring or see their teachers who offer their time off to help them either in the weekends or after school.
What I liked about Godinez Fundamental was the way they encourage students to strive for success. What I would want changed is the school involvement, the students are not really involved with events happening on campus.
Excellent school. there are various clubs and there are a wide variety of classes to take. The school has teachers who are willing to help, tutors to help and even counselors who are focused on their students and like to help out and be there for them.
I am involved in several activities and clubs at this high school such as water polo, swim, softball, Associated Student Body, Red Cross, and Key Club. The teachers, staff, and students, are a pleasure to be around and the school is overall amazing.
As a current junior at Godinez, it is an average school. The sports are not great, considering the fact that we don't have any real facilities to practice. The school is pretty much just hispanics with a low diversity. As of now, the school does not have great food but then again, that could be expected from free food.
I was a high school student and over all I had a great experience at the school. It had serval resources and extracurricular activities for student. Their main focus is for their student to continue their education and enroll in 4 year universities.
Godinez has grown to be an amazing school compared to when I started here. The new principal is making great changes and helping build a fun and focused learning environment.
Maybe include more diversity and try to help more students who are struggling in the academic area. Along with this information, students are aware that they have numerous resources and these resources are available at the library such as textbooks, printers, and computers.
Being apart of sports was a great experience. It helped me connect with more people out of my classes and grade level.
What I liked about Godinez Fundamental High School was that once I went in to ask for help, administrators were ready to help and answer any questions that I had; they tried to help as much as they could. Everyone was also polite and respectful, there were no problems, it was easy to find what I was looking for with the help from others including students and facilties.
What I had liked about Godinez Fundamental High School was the welcoming environment. The community was nice as well as the students. The teachers each had taught me information very well.
My overall experience at Godinez was good. I liked how Godinez became my second home because I would spend most of my time there until 5 or 6 in the evening. One thing I could change is the food.
Over the past four years in high school, I've gained new skills and great friendships. The staff and teachers are wonderful. They do their best to contribute to the integrity of the school and students success.
Godinez is such a gorgeous school and such a beautiful campus. I've never had any issues with any of my peers or even my teachers. The school provides so much help and councilors are almost always available. Administration always have smiles on their faces and I always feel welcomed walking into campus.
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My experience at Godinez fundamental high school has been very well. I like how the school has many clubs that you can join and the help that you get.
It's a very accepting campus. In my four years of being there, I haven't personally witnessed any signs of bullying or unfairness. Every student is treated equally. The staff show they care for each student and there push for success in each one of them. The theatre, drama, and choir programs are outstanding and they push to create good quality shows and performances.
I did like how Godinez Fundamental high school had lots of school spirit. I went to plenty of games and there was still spirit even when we lost a game. I would change the lunch food because it is not the best.
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