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G.M. Walters Junior High School Reviews

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I liked the teachers and the classes. I also liked how we got off early on some days. For my physical education class I enjoyed learning how to perform CPR. I think they can better improve on having committed teachers who want to teach the students.
I dont know how to review, not an issue.
Lots of the same, still very good
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Few exceptions, most are very good in all respects.
I wish they had more electives to choose from. The electives are basic.
The school dress code is very strict.
I would definitely return because I had great teachers and administrators. They taught me to ask for help and guidance. Helped me not be fearful of high school and look forward to it. They have great programs to learn new things and maybe decide what you want to do for a career.
All of the teachers I had throughout my time in junior high really cared and wanted me to succeed in life. They had before and afterschool tutoring. They were always reaching out to make sure the students understood the subjects and gave the students enough study time for tests. The teachers wanted all of their students to pass with high grades. My teachers helped me have a smooth transition into high school.
The academics were great with teachers everyday with a new lesson to be taught.
Teachers taught at a pace that all students were able to go through with. Some teachers even had there room opened during lunch for those who needed a place to eat lunch if they were in need of a safe-haven.
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