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I've been going here for awhile and for a little bit I was having trouble with bullying (for about like 3 months or so ) So I went to one of the teachers and they only told her to "not do it again". Luckily, the bullying stopped, but considering the school has a "zero tolerance no bullying policy" I thought she would at least get in some sort of trouble. Aside from that, I do think the teachers were all very nice. One thing I really did like is spirit week it was pretty fun. I also enjoyed the high school retreat which was a blast. Aside from that I think it is a pretty decent school.
I love Gloucester ever since I came in 7th grade! It is in a really nice area and the teachers truly care about your grades and where you're going in life. Things that really stand out are their thriving sports programs and their national competition participation at Bob Jones University. They offer areas in Bible, Speech, Music, and Art against 20+ other states in the nation. One thing I would like to see change with Gloucester is the strictness of the school and their college prep. Other than that GCVS is a great place to be!!
GCCS has played an important role in my life. The teachers all work so hard to provide us with a good Christian education. We have chapel and Bible class three times a week. I have learned so much and have gained such an appreciation towards the school and the faculty. I thank God that I get to attend a good Christian school with good Christian friends.
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Teachers really care for students and want to see them do well, technology is behind but is starting to catch up. Great school for a Christian education with very small class sizes
In general, the students and staff care about the students. Much work is needed to care for a diverse population of students. Safety of students is sometimes an issue.
I learned a lot during my time at GCCS. However, I mostly remember disliking all the teachers more than anything else. But, to be fair, when I went to college, my first two years were a breeze. This is entirely due to the college prep that GCCS had.
security is campus wide, regular drills
Sports, drama, faculty, admin. - we had great experiences with them all.
We had great experiences with our child's teachers.
The sports programs are pretty good. I just wish the emphasis on sports was player development.
there isnt enough time in the world.
only a few actually care.
hallways are so tiny and crowded between classes. the stage for the drama program is horrible. during the winter its to cold and during the summer its to hot inside. they never can get the air conditioning/eating right. its horrible
teachers dont care if the kids are being made fun of. unless your a teachers pet and they like you they dont care.
the school is so cold during the winter so the student wear sweatshirts to and from classes because of the frigid temperatures inside, you get a dresscode for every time you wear a sweatshirt. dress codes are handed out on the daily basis to everyone from the "good kids" to the not so good kids. The policies in this school are so strict and overblown, it drives everyone insane.
The basketball teams are an amazing experience. We hace some amazing coaches who actually care. Only problem is that the communication with the director of the athletics is horrible.
When applying to the school, before you get accepted you have to go in for an interview. You are required to give your testimony and most likely wont be admitted if you arent a professing christian.
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School is monitored at all times.
Very easy going and fair.
They instill moral and christian principles with grace.
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