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My experience at Glenmora High School, I would say has been enjoyable since I first came here in third grade. I haven´t had any issues or serious problems with the school or it´s students over the years. Everyone is friendly, and not as rude as people are usually. I get along with everyone in class especially new comers, Glenmora always welcomes them with open arms no matter where you come from,and that is something I´ve always loved about this school. They know how to keep there system safe, interesting, and educational for everyone.
Glenmora High School is a really good school. However I will say that more diversity in sports and classes would be appreciated. I can really say that my years at this school did not disappoint. Many memories and friends were created, and many things were learned that will influence me for the rest of my life.
This high school and middle school is very friendly and makes all its students feel like one big family. Every one knows everyone and nearly everyone is involved in something. There are always teachers there for the students to talk to and come to for help.
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What I like about Glenmora highschool? Well, for starters I like most of the teachers and students that go there. They try their to handle us, and certain situations that needed to be taking care of. The only thing I would like changed about the school, is really directed to the school board. Some of the school rules are ridiculous, like for example: girls wearing scarves that cover their whole head can not be worn like that, otherwise it'd be called a hat.
Glenmora High School is a small public school that is very welcoming to everyone. Everyone knows everyone and it is easier for one to communicate with one another.
what i liked about glenmora was the food was good. The teachers aren’t bad but you have that one who just can’t teach. As far as academics go they are really good at helping you learn and making sure that you understand what’s going on. I do feel pretty safe at our school. i wish they could add more involvement and activities like more pep rallies or events for students to join. They need more interaction with students to make them feel comfortable. Our sports are pretty good but we need more clubs. I feel like most of our teachers don’t wanna host clubs because they don’t wanna spend their time with students. Also, the food is good but the portions are ridiculous.
I have been here since second grade, so therefore I have seen a huge transformation this school has made. From the way they are educating, to its appearance. Therefore up to now I would not change nothing.
Glenmora High School has taught me things that I would have never had the chance to learn anywhere else. I have attended this school since pre-K and plan to graduate from here. Not everyone likes school but the factuality and staff there make each day a day that us students can look forward too. The class room environments are very comfortable although our school is small this makes it very easy to communicate with teachers . The teachers there are ready at all times to help you with anything you need whether it’s school related or not . This school has prepared me for college in more ways than I can imagine and I highly recommend this school to anyone considering it . Our school is more like a family than just fellow peers . And I can assure you that you will feel welcome our students go out of their way to make sure everyone has a good experience and feels welcomed .
I like to be active in all activities at school, All the teachers are helpful and creative. They all want you to do your best and see you have a great future. They make sure you get all the materials that you need in the real world and they make sure to answer any and every questions you have.
I absolutely love the school and its friendly environment. There is very little bullying and we have prayer circles every Wednesday for those who would like to join. The teachers are extremely helpful and non judgmental. The main building is a little cramped as more students are enrolling but once you get the hang of the direction of the crowd its not to bad.
Glenmora High School is a great school. It is a small school but can compare to bigger schools in the state. The teachers are dedicated and will help you in anything you need. The school spirit is like no other especially at sporting events.
What I liked most is the teachers make sure your own the right path to success and make sure you believe yourself never giving up on you
Glenmora High School teachers will help the students as much they need. I like how Glenmora High School will have jeans days on Wednesdays and Fridays.
I love this school. I've been going there for most of my life and the staffs is so loving. The education is great. There is nothing that I do not like about this school.
the only thing that i like about this school is that some of the teachers are nice.
The school I attend very rarely feels dangerous. The reason I give 4 stars is because I know that there is conflicts between students sometimes. They probably feel different about the school than I do.
The teachers at this school usually put in more effort than they have to. Teachers usually leave students with a lasting bond and connect with the students in a way that will last them a lifetime.
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Some of my best times at my school have been playing softball and engaging with other students.
Teachers at my school are willing and able to help any and every student pass and prepare for life after graduation.
Our rules and guidelines must be strictly followed.
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