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Glenelg Country School provides me with ample opportunities and has guided me to a future path of success. I enjoy the small environment and community based aspects of GCS. I thrive in smaller environments because I am able to ask questions and thoroughly understand each concept. I have made great friends and I truly appreciate all of my helpful teachers.
Glenelg Country School is an excellent school! I have been fortunate to be taught by wonderful, invested teachers and find a true community within the diverse student body.
Love this school :) My shadow visit was great, and I plan to apply in the future. Faculty and Staff are very nice.
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I had a horrible experience at this school as a teenage student. I was treated differently by teachers because of my race and the students in the 2023 year are extremely rude along with my grade. The academics are hard and teachers rarely work with you. This school definitely should not be #1 in Howard county. It lacks diversity and the teachers/ students are very racist. I'm so glad to escape this hell hole and did I mention the students make fun/ ridicule and bully shadows and other students due to skin color or if they don't appear "cool" to the other students. I have never felt safe at this school and I hope parents can take this into consideration. please warn you, students, if they don't play lacrosse they will have the hardest time at this school.
Glenelg Country School allows for a smooth transition with a welcoming community and teachers who truly invest in each student. Excellent resources are provided to students in order to prepare them for life beyond graduation.
We have had a great experience at GCS. Great school and great community. The teachers, coaches and the administration really support all of the students.
I would change nothing. Teacher accessibility is outstanding. Extremely strong parent community group.
Glenelg Country School is an outstanding place with challenging curriculum and nice community! Great school to foster intellectual growth. The faculty and staff are very supportive and truly care about students’ success. Glenelg offers a lot of resources and volunteer opportunities locally and internationally. Beautiful campus.
GCS has allowed me to meet friends that I know I will keep in contact with for the rest of my life--the social culture is overall welcoming to all students. The level of academic stress you're faced with depends on who your friends are and what classes you take, so choose wisely. I just wish the school would place more emphasis on its arts programs and athletic events.
I attended middle school. The teachers cared greatly about me and my classmates. I made valuable friendships. GCS encouraged me to try new activities, and backed it up by making it easy to join sports teams. It also supported music and drama programs, which I enjoyed. The breathtaking campus is the epitome of a “country school”.
Outstanding teachers and exceptional method of transitioning new high school students into young budding adults with a future to pursue.
My son attends GCS and started in the 6th grade. He absolute loves the school! He moved from another smaller private school in the county as it only went up to the 5th grade. He very quickly adjusted and made new friends. The teachers are wonderful and welcoming. They’re all very helpful yet ensure the students are challenged. They have a variety of academic options from language to various electives the kids can chose from. The sports and band program is also very solid. We are so happy to see our son thrive in an environment that challenges him and absolutely made the right choice!
The connections teachers and students have at this school is so important. You feel that your teachers are more there to be as a mentor rather than someone that is meant to discipline you.
My experience at Glenelg has bee rewarding. You will definitely be prepared for college. The teachers are awesome. My only gripes with the school is lack of diversity, more diverse clubs and more recruiting for other sports.
Passionate teachers, great resources, school and community involvement are encouraged and celebrated amongst students. The administration and college counselors make sure that they look after their students by providing them with quality amenities and plenty of opportunities to advance academically and achieve whatever a student's goals may be.
Glenelg Country School (GCS) has been excellent for my two grandgirls. The oldest is now a junior at James Madison U (JMU). She was well prepared and is moving toward a major in accounting, CPA and a MBA. GCS gave her superior academic skills and allowed her to be accepted and excel at JMU. My 8th grader is an all A student in a competitive environment, participates in soccer, basketball and LAX, and enjoys the choir and other activities. We love this school. Well worth the tuition!! The staff, students, and parents are wonderful role models for our girls. Staff Cares - in a 7 to 1 teacher student ratio.
Their college list is not very impressive. Students are not groomed for the top colleges. At the moment, this school has very weak leadership. College councilors do not have great connections.
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I love my school. The most of the students are welcoming and nice and the teachers are the best. They really care about their students doing well and are passionate about what they teach. I can confidently say the teachers are the best part of the school. The only thing I would want to change is the small lack of school spirit. The campus is beautiful and the sports teams feel like family. Great investment!
This is our second year in the Lower School at GCS and we couldn’t be happier. The small class sizes allow each student to be well known by the students, teachers, and staff, as well as get the attention to ensure material is well understood. We love the weekly science lab class built into the schedule and seeing the lab packets brought home regularly that show what is being worked on. Though not much of a consideration when deciding where to send our child to school, the arts curriculum has been a pleasant boon to our and our child’s experience. In addition, I hear a lot of happy singing around our home and love the performances by our child as well as the rest of GCS: the band concerts, musicals, and plays. We’ve also been delighted with the foreign language classes. Overall, our child has thrived at GCS.
This year, 2018 will be my second year as a parent with GCS. Our overall experience had been very good. The teachers are responsive and the academic standard is excellent. I recommend GCS to other parents.
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