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I loved the competitive spirit at Glendora High School! The teachers were amazing and if I didn't go to the library or computer lab to study there was always the college and career study for me to work! ACTION brings the school together and is one of my favorite high school experiences.
Glendora High is has been a good experience overall. Some of the facilities do need upgrading. The biggest problem is the dirt track. This needs to be redone and made modern, so our track teams can actually use it and host meets.
I enjoyed my time there. It was a safe environment with good academics and college readiness, but there were a lot of opinions pushed upon you and it wasn't a very diverse school, not that that is their fault.
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I love the open campus and the many close places you can go for lunch. The teachers are nice and supportive (at least the ones that I had) and school assemblies are very memorable.
Great Campus, Good Teachers, and Good School Spirit all around with students and faculty. Fun activities available for students, and a good support system set up for students.
Overall the school is average. There's a lot of spirit when "Action season" comes. But, the memorial rock for action has been taken away. The virtual teaching is not working well. There is not much being taught, but a lot of assigning work.
I had a great experience at Glendora high school, I was involved in many clubs and sports team, had great teachers that set me up for a successful future, including preparation for college. Definitely a great high school to attend! Not only great academics, teachers and school culture, but also great community involvement!
I liked how devoted students were to their AP classes and the variety of AP's offered at the school along with very capable teachers.
My experience in Glendora High school was amazing. I had create teacher who were always there to help me through my classes and explained things so well. They are more than willing to help out even if it means to stay after school or coming in extra early in the morning. Counselors were so nice and so helpful and I knew exactly what I was doing in my classes and which classes to take.
At Glendora high school, I can say that I never had a bad teacher. All the teachers care about you succeeding and they understand that you're a person and not just a student. This goes for all the staff as well. The administrative staff, cafeteria staff, and even custodians new you by name. The campus activities were the best part. Once a year the school has a class competition called Action, and everyone participated. We looked forward to it day 1, every year. Senior year the throw a pool party for the students and have a senior sunrise to start the year and senior sunset to end the year. I am so glad I went to Glendora and would still choose this school over any other.
At first I wasn’t looking forward to coming to this school but honestly was the best decision ever. I’ve met so many people who became to be one of my closest friends. Not only that but the activities, games, and dances were definitely worth it. Ive been there for four years and I wish I can go back to relive it all. Students also grew close with the teachers and they helped in any ways they can because they also wanted to see you succeed.
Glendora is a very safe, tight knit community. Most people at the school have been close since we were all kids. It has amazing music programs, and a lot of the teachers there teach in a way that makes you feel important. They teach you a lot academically, but also about life and what is really important.
Through my time at Glendora High I have come to love and appreciate education. We have dedicated teachers, welcoming students, and amazing support systems.
Glendora High school is an interesting school, as it is in a quite wealthy town but yet looks like it's in a poor town. There is gum all over the cement, the lockers are old, and classrooms are run down. AP classes, however, at GHS are the greatest classes the school offers, with fun and informative teachers who prepare you well for the test and great classroom environments. On the other hand, CP classes are the exact opposite. Often the teachers do not care about CP classes and neither do the students. AP students joke about CP classes because of how easy and simple they are compared to AP classes. There is a huge disparity between the two courses, which needs to be fixed. GHS has amazing athletics with a good football team. The amount of school spirit GHS has is scary, which makes our annual events like Action a blast and one of the best nights of the year.
I love the school environment. The school is spirts orientation and gets everyone involved in the extracurricular activities.
Glendota High School has been such a great school to me!! I've met a lot of great friends and had lots of fun. There's many great teachers that you can tell truly care about their students. However, there's also some teachers that do not care as much as others. But, even those teachers that don't care as much as others are still good too! My school counselor was very nice and answered questions that I had whenever I needed her to. The campus is pretty and well taken care of. The bathrooms could be improved. Overall a great school!!
Glendora high-school was overall a great experience. The teachers cared about your learning experience and wanted you to succeed. The academic rigor was great, especially if you were taking AP classes. The AP classes and teachers really prepared you for your college classes and were about the same if not harder in difficulty. The only thing I believe Glendora High school lacks is diversity among the students.
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We have an excellent marching band program, as well as a robotics team, but otherwise it seems there is not much emphasis on STEM extracurricular activities. In addition there is no concurrent enrollment program with the nearby college, which is a shame.
Glendora High School offered me a chance to enjoy my teen years. With the abundance of sports I found field hockey which I continued to play in college. Also, being a highly respected academic school, GHS helped me grow as an academic and prepared me for my collegiate studies.
Improvement of our track and field area. Better classroom space for showochoir and more school funding for showochoir
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