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My experience at Dawson High school was a pretty good one I got to meet great people and get involved in clubs and activities that I love participating in, overall it's relatively a pretty good school.
It's a great school with lots of diversity and academic opportunity! There are some great teachers and the electives are high quality. The only problem is that students are extremely competitive and have a lot of stress because of it.
Very good school. Challenging if your kid is taking the AP courses. It has truly challenged my kid and is preparing him for college.
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It is a good school. Diversity is very prevalent, and the teachers take their jobs seriously. They have the Capstone program and numerous AP and Dual Credit classes. It is quite competitive and offers a vast number of extracurricular activities and organizations. The staff really care about the students, and it is a safe place to go to school at.
They are very hypocritical when it comes to enforcing the dress code and show leniency towards some students while badgering other. However, they have an excellent education system in place, however they should make it easier to switch out of classes.
It is my first year, and its going pretty well so far! I made four whole friends! The councilors have helped me a lot with understanding the concept of college and how important it is to think of my future. My clinic aide period has made me enjoy the medical world even more!
Dawson High School is one of the top schools in Brazoria county. Students are highly motivated and this is shown by excellent academic record and performance in standardized tests, Advanced Placement tests and state/national presence in club activities such as UIL and DECA. A good number of National Merit semifinalists selected each year. Students get accepted to MIT, Harvard, Stanford & UPenn among others
Glenda Dawson's academics have always been top notch, consistently scoring much higher than the national and global averages on AP exams. Pearland is one of the most diverse cities in the U.S., which is reflected in Glenda Dawson, as classes normally consists of at least one child from each listed ethnicity, allowing for an open minded and culturally accepting community. There are definitely amazing teachers that truly make learning enjoyable and actually prepare students for college, but there are definitely teachers that are definitely not qualified to teach certain core classes. The administration of Dawson and Pearland ISD do not really care about the health of their students, as they will force students and staff to drive to school during tropical storms and force students to take more AP level classes, further raising stress levels. The sport teams and clubs are definitely high quality as the school spirit always keeps the players and club members motivated.
Dawson High school is a very diverse place. While the faculty focuses on ensuring our safety they also make sure the campus is an enjoyable place to be in.
Glenda Dawson high school is a very good school because of the culture and the diversity of the students there. They are friendly and helpful with anything.
Dawson is a great school because it is very diverse and offers a great variety of academic classes. It is very big which makes it very competitive.
A high school with lots of money poured into it and excellent extracurriculars, but counselors are incompetent and administration is not great either.
I was never a student who loved coming to school but then again, who is? From freshman year, I kept thinking, Im sooo ready to graduate. Graduate this, graduate that. Now that I’m in my final stages of high school, I can honestly say that high school taught me a lot about myself. It taught me to not avoid people purposely, to come out of my comfort zone, and to enjoy my surroundings. Even though Junior year definitely got to me with all the practicals in Anatomy, and struggling with SATs and ACTs, the outcome of it all was what mattered. The teachers, administration, and mostly all of the students is what I find will be most memorable in my years to come. Everyday I would be greeted with a smile on a teachers face every time I walked through the doors of my school. Teachers were always there for us. That made me feel loved.
Overall, Glenda Dawson High School is an excellent school. I have gone all four years of high school and feel like it has prepared me for college. The classes offered gave many options; however, it is very competitive and a rank/GPA driven environment. The AP classes are good and do well to prepare you for college.
Glenda Dawson high school is a nice diverse campus that is easy to navigate through and easy to get used too. Friendly faces from students to the faculty help make Dawson a fun friendly campus to all that attend it. Large amount of clubs and extra curricular activities display many opportunities for one to create new friendships and abilities to help them prepare for their future. Although Dawson has many great attributes, if i had to change one thing about Dawson high school, I would focus on the college readiness aspect, many of us are not called in my counselors until the end of our senior year or until the application process has started. This is caused by our counselors being busy or focused on other things, and students not being properly prepared for the application process. Overall Dawson high school is a good school to spend four major years of your academic career at, and will prepare you for whatever college you attend in your future.
While Glenda Dawson High School offers a wide variety of different, rigorous courses preparing you for college, the school lacks when it comes to its teachers, administration, and facilities. The school emphasizes its football team over all other sports, resulting in--for example--there being no pool at the school for the swim, dive, and water polo teams. The administration uses outdated, oppressive dress codes. All in all, OK school: 4/5.
I liked that it had good teachers. It is too competitive. The dress code has gotten better but is still too strict. There should not be ranks.
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Glenda Dawson High School is a very diverse high school. There are so many opportunities given to students to experience the many cultures we have. We have clubs such as Asian Culture Club and African Culture Club, some of the things that truly make Dawson special. On top of all that, the academic and athletic competitiveness is something unmatched from other high schools.
I'll readily admit that I've never been a very pride-filled person; However, I would say that I'm proud to be a Dawson Eagle. GDHS has been a wonderful school to attend overall. The school is incredibly racially and culturally diverse and has opened my eyes to a variety of experiences other than my own. The teachers generally like what they do and try their best to create wholesome classroom experiences, with the exception of a few. The pressure to do well is always placed upon you at Dawson, which can be scary at times, but is ultimately for the best. The access to technology is a definite plus as well. I can confidently say that I would be worse off as a student if I had attended school elsewhere; In fact, now that I'm in my final year of high school, I wouldn't change my attendance of Dawson for any other school.
Although it is a competitive school, one can still have lots of fun in the social events the school hosts. The students have a lot of school pride. Many teachers can teach their subject very well and they are all very nice people. The AP teachers prepare the students wonderfully for the AP tests and their future college courses. The school is very diverse with many different people from different cultures coming together all under one school. The school is a very safe place since there are at least three security guards in the school everyday, wandering the hallways and entrances to keep the staff and students safe. Dawson provides many resources for students to use to help better prepare them for college. Many parents are involved at Dawson, making it a more fun and safer place for the students. The music and arts section of Dawson are very talented with Dawson band getting many awards in their contests.
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