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Glenbard west is really nice and big. I love that they try to incorporate diversity into everything and are open to making new clubs for eveyone.
I am currently a freshman at Illinois Institute of Technology, graduating from Glenbard West High School in 2019. Glenbard West has and encourages its students to take a variety of honors and AP classes. Although these classes are often difficult, being college level courses, the school offers an excellent academic support system. As imperative of a role academics play in a student's career at Glenbard West, many students are able to participate and often excel in two or more sports, where the student and parent fan base is nearly unrivaled for high schools in the state of Illinois. Overall, Glenbard West high school was excellent in preparing students for higher level education and providing a high school rich culture; almost all of the class of 2019 are currently attending a four year university.
What I liked about Glenbard West was that every teacher there helped you out no matter what and would take time of their day and their lunch hour to be able to help you and get to where you want to be. In school everyone is respectful towards others and doesn’t matter wether we are different race color. We all respect each other and love each other and treat each other’s as family.
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Glenbard West has a good culture and helpful teachers. I especially like the early release on mondays. I would changes food quality and the types of clubs here.
Overall the high school is very good especially in comparison to the ones in the surrounding area. Unfortunately many of the students come from Glen Ellyn and tend to act like they are better than those who do not have the wealth that Glen Ellyn has.
ive met a lot of diverse people and i loved most of my classes and most of my teachers were very good.
The School was very challenging in terms of academics. When I transferred during my sophomore year, I found it very hard but the teachers there were all very nice and helped me with whatever I had trouble with. The students there are also very nice and I made some very good friends there. I was on the soccer team my junior year and it was the greatest time I have ever had because everyone was just extremely nice and funny and the coach was really cool. Overall, this school helped me in so many ways and made me believe that I was a great student.
Glenbard West High School is not only a great setting - on a hill overlooking a lake - it is historic yet modern. The faculty is excellent and while the school is large, each student is treated like an important individual.
What I enjoyed about Glenbard West High School was the fact that the curricula there pushed me to challenge myself while also providing me with the support I needed to succeed in those courses. The school also proved to be a very welcoming environment, being open to students of many different backgrounds with their own academic and personal struggles that were unique to them. This environment allowed me to grow intellectually as well as socially, pushing me to my limits in terms of both school work and social interactions, such as working together with students of various different interests. These social interactions that pushed me to, what I believe, be a better person also extended to interactions with staff members, who were always more than happy to express empathy and support for students in their struggles, both in terms of class content and social lives. In conclusion, the welcoming atmosphere at Glenbard West helped me both succeed academically and become a better person.
I love it there good teachers and good recourses it’s diverse And teachers help you with everything you need and there for you mentally as well not just as your teacher they actually care about you and your health .
Education was valued at Glenbard West. The teachers and the rest of the staff wanted to see the students succeed and provided the resources to do so.
I like my teachers and counselor. I look forward to going off Campus to pursue the CNA program. It is setting me up for success.
An amazing school! It made me realize the that I love and grow from them, from the community and to the teachers, You feel like you belong.
Glenbard West is home to a number of competitive activities that have represented the school well. Hilltopers play tough and they have fun while playing the games. All student are united, they cheer for the team and represent the school with their spirit. West is diverse and Everyone is welcome without regard to race, color, religion, gender, disability or national origin.
Glenbard West has so much to offer to all of its students. The teachers effectively prepare students for higher education with rigorous courses and the athletic programs are unparalleled. The tradition and pride every student has to be a Hilltopper is unprecedented at the high school level. Go West!
I like how people worked together. I had lots of friends from basketball that were so supportive. it's a great environment for any and everyone.
Glenbard West Highschool is a great school with many opportunities for every student regarding race,religion, nationality and ethnicity. Glenbard West is a diverse school, this teaching students how to work with people that are different from them. Also, Glenbard West has hardworking and dedicated staff to help students succeed. I like how Glenbard West has a social service office for students who might be struggling with their mental health. Lastly, Glenbard West has many ap classes that will challenge students and help the student prepare for college. Overall, Glenbard West Highschool is a great school that has many opportunities for everyon and teachers and staff are ready to help students achieve their dreams. I am so thankful I go to Glenbard West Highschool.
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What I liked the most about Glenbard West High School was the fact that I was faced with challenges which allowed me to both grow as a person and take loss. Needing help in certain classes forced me to reach out to others for aid, which requires a certain level of humility. Earning these skills, I believe, has made me more sociable and amiable to talking to new people, even if they are strangers, skills which have helped me grow intellectually and socially.
Going here for 4 years definitely was an experience. Though this school is really amazing at sports and have amazing academics, diversity lacks. Something this school could work on. But overall an amazing 4 years was experienced at this beautiful school.
Such a cool building with great resources in a safe area. The teachers want to help you here.There is no reason no to like this school
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