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Glenbard West High School helped me get the education I need in order to be ready for college. I had all the resources and help I needed. What I would like to see them change is the difference with the students going to the school. I felt as if more people had more resources than others.
Great school. Not as many minority students as would be preferred, but Glen Ellyn doesn't have that many in the first place. It's more of a societal problem than one that can be blamed solely on the school.
The teachers are very dedicated and helpful. The students are very kind and accepting. The only change I would like to see is an upgrade to the cafeteria food.
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During my time at Glenbard West I had a good time and learned a lot of new things. The academics at the school are very good. The teachers are respectful and prepare students for college and the teachers care to see their students succeed. Each year students have to talk to their guidance counselor in order to get students in the thought process of college. When ever a student is struggling there is a lot of resources and facilities a student can go to. One example is the Write Place it’s for students who need help writing their papers. There are many extracurricular activities students can participate in. Students can join one in many clubs like Bass fishing club. Or if a student wants to participate in a sport they can join the football team. There is not a lot of diversity in the school but students still get along with each other.
At Glenbard West High School, you will find yourself feeling safe as there are plenty of Andy Frains and plenty of security around the building. You will find lots of help throughout classes and guidance. The school is very cleanly and beautiful. Amazing campus and friendly staff.
I have had an amazing experience at Glenbard West including amazing sporting events, extracurricular activities, and opportunities in the classroom!
I was very successful at Glenbard West. There were great teachers and resources to be successful. I also loved that there was an extra curricular activity or club for everyone.
Great school, have very fond memories from there. Great education, and pretty good preparation for college.
As a senior at Glenbard West High School, I can confidently say it has been a great experience from the very beginning. I did not know many people coming in, but it was super easy to make new friends and branch out. I took advantage of the many sport and club opportunities. I have also found the staff and teachers to be very helpful and supportive through it all. Saying goodbye will be hard because it has been such an adventure, but coming back to visit will be even better.
Lacks diversity and pushes you a lot to get ready for college but needs to realize not all students can handle the push. Some teacher can get better at teaching. There are teachers who are passionate about students’ learning. Counselor helps out a lot to understand and make you feel comfortable. Transportation for after school programs and sports are provided but takes and hour to get home for some students. There are lots of school extracurriculars and sport. Sports is doing very good here and the school academically too. Maybe think of adding dual classes.
Glenbard West is a different high school than the ones shown in movies or on Tv at Glenbard West they offer the best education and experience, although the materials given in class can be very hard the teachers and administration make sure that the students understand what they are learning, because after all that is what school is about, learning.
Other than the lack of diversity with the student population and administration, I love being a student there.
my experience in glenbard west was amazing, since I was an international student, I studied 3 years, they welcomed me very well, each one of the teachers that I knew left me with a memory and a life lesson, I am grateful to have reached this high school where I met the diversity, I learned from different cultures, I learned new subjects and being there helped me grow more as a person and leave my comfort zone.
I had a great time in high school. I feel it prepared me well for college and the real world. In my college science courses, I feel especially prepared and like I know most of the material already.
Glenbard West is an amazing high school for education, extracurricular and etc. It provides AP classes for college readiness, and it overall prepares you for the future. It does it by making the staff have set rules and not be lenient, from this the students learn how punctuality is key which helps them in college. The staff at GBW is great, they want to help you and they give their fullest for your success. There are a variety of extracurriculars in GBW, there is something for your interest, they have clubs like UNICEF for learning about global giving, there is Fashion club if you're into that, or Breakfast club in which you watch movies and chill. GBW also balances school stress and activities, it has football games almost every Friday and there is a lot going on throughout in which students can relax. It also provides opportunities for students to volunteer or work. Besides the academic point of view, the campus is beautiful, it's on a hill and there is a downtown close by.
Over the years, Glenbard has continued to grow in answer to the ever-increasing pressure of enrollment. The first addition was made in 1926, the auditorium in 1931, and the Hilltop gym in 1936. The East wing was added to the building in 1953. Biester Gym was built in1958. In 1959 Glenbard East was built in Lombard, and the original school became Glenbard West. In 1964-65, there was a complete renovation of Glenbard West, including the addition of new choral, band, and physical science facilities. In the years that followed, our George Zahrobsky Botanical Garden, our Shakespeare Garden and our Poet’s Corner were added to further enhance the beauty of our campus. The most recent additions, a new library and fieldhouse, were completed in the fall of 2001. The school study body is exceptional, with outstanding comradery. GBW is one of the top 25 high schools in Illinois and is a great place to continue my education!
Glenbard West is widely known by many in the Chicagoland suburbs for many reasons. Our school raves about football like no other and students travel hours on the weekend to support our “hitters”. It’s an amazing time, the vibe in the air in the student section is insane, even if it raining or snowing nothing can stop the fans. Also, very well known for the many AP classes students takes which is amazing that the school pushes students to take challenging courses, but can quickly become overwhelming and extremely stressful. Overall this school has provided me with so many life lessons and prepared me for college!
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I love that classes there are academically challenging and that there are various clubs and organizations there that students can get involved with. However, the school itself lacks diversity with the students who attend.
The school was terrific! Great environment, not too much diversity, but decent for the most part. The sports were awesome! The coaches were highly motivated and truly cared for their team.
My time at West was topped by the formation of great community. This community started mostly from friends, but soon included teachers and staff. It almost began to feel like a new family every time I walked into a new class.
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