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I am extremely pleased with the quality of education Glenbard East offers. The teachers go above and beyond their duties to provide support to students. Glenbard East offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities, and encourages every student to get involved. Glenbard East also has a very diverse student group, which helps expose students to many unique people and cultures. Overall, Glenbard East is an excellent school.
I’ve attended glenbard east since freshman year and I think it needs some work as in the district knowing how the teachers really are and how they teach. Some teachers don’t know how to teach properly and when students ask for help sometimes they don’t help them but I think overall it’s a pretty good school a lot of after school activities and clubs for students to attend.
My experience at Glenbard East was a good one. The teachers are super supportive of their students and are very helpful. I felt very safe going to this school as well, the deans are always there to take care of the students and so is the staff in general. Overall a very well rounded school, I enjoyed my time there! There's a lot of extracurriculars you can get involved with too, there's a lot you can do! 10/10 experience.
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Had an amazing experience. The vast majority of my teachers were great at not only teaching but were also caring individuals that seemed invested in my education. This school provided me with ample opportunities to get involved, and there were experiences I had here that I don't think I would have gotten anywhere else. Furthermore, I cannot praise the music program enough. Everybody involved is amazing, and it makes for a great and very fun experience. Highly enjoyed my 4 years at this school.
I like all of my teachers. They’re all extreme helpful. I like how there are tons of different type of activities to be able to do. They’re very encouraging and they always push the students to do more. Some things that I think should change would try to get more diverse students into the AP and honor classes. Those classes are not as diverse. Another thing would be to put more focus on the orchestra program.
I had a pretty good experience. I had teachers who encouraged me and the chance to participate in many amazing clubs/activities.
Glenbard East High School was overall well organized but I would like to see better lighting in the hallways. I always felt that the halls looked old and depressing. I think that better lighting would make the students feel more away and motivated.
Glenbard East is a very fun high school to be a part of. The school culture is very active and there's always something going on. There are some amazing teachers who love what they do and make you feel like you're actually making progress. We're more of an arts/music focused school and there are plenty of fun classes you can be in if thats within your interests.
A great school with lots of activities and really passionate people. I've enjoyed my time here and have really grown as a person from what I've learned here in the classroom, as well as all of my extracurriculars. The teachers are always helpful and knowledgeable about their subjects, and all the staff are dedicated to their jobs and care about the success of their students. I'm glad I was so privileged to attend such a highly ranked school
I rely like it was really of fun. I meet a lot of students and teachers and a lot of teacher help me in the school
I believe the school needs to work on their safety. The current security the school has is very poor it was previously better. The school needs to work on having more and better academic programs along with less politically based sports. The school does not provide good resources academically but they do have some of the best teachers and staff I have ever met. They care for your overall well being and want you to succeed. They don't stop until you understand and are growing as a individual in their class. The administration does not really care about its students especially if you were to call in sick or leave due to an emergency they don't have any sympathy for you nor are the nice or willing to help you. Overall the school helped me become ready for college but it was the teachers that helped the most.
It’s a decent school. If you are there to get in and get out it works, but don’t expect anything more.
I liked how it was fun to come to school everyday and have enjoyable classes with people who have become my best friends.
The teachers are so nice and really want to help you learn and see you succeed. The counselors at Glenbard East are such a big help and you can ask them for anything and they’ll guide you in the right direction
Glenbard East offered many awesome opportunities for me to be successful and ready for college. Overall a great staff and good learning environment. Go Rams!
I liked the social life at the school and the events they held were fun. The sport team wasn't very good though because the football team loses every year. Homecoming was a good event and I would say it's worth going I did not go to prom though so I can't say much about that. Diversity is about average because I felt that there were a lot of african americans and white but not too many other cultures. Clubs there are good because I went to anime club and music clubs and I enjoyed it.
My experience at Glenbard East was amazing. The faculty was supportive, incredibly friendly, and very experienced teachers. My classmates from Freshman year are still great friends to this day. The clubs and activities they offered gave me a high-school experience like no other. I may have graduated, but it is still always a "great day to be a Ram"!
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The college encouragement. Glenbard east offers a lot of college opportunities for the students. They provide us with college fairs, college counselors and the teaches at the school also knows a lot about everything. So I think that is the best thing about this school
The thing I liked about Glenbard East is it’s diversity. Everyone is from different backgrounds and has different stories, which makes everyone feel special and unique.
I loved the staff at Glenbard east high school. They were always very welcoming and always so supportive of extra curricular clubs and sports. The diversity here is amazing I never once felt out of place being Latina and there are so many other people I know who feel the same way. I spent 90% of my time at east involved in sports and the athletic director Mr. Bates puts so much time into these sports and finding the best of the best coaches. One thing I wish they would change is to do more things with school spirt. Students enjoy high school more and get involved in school activities when school is actually fun. Also, please change the food in the cafeteria. It is not pleasing to students at all.
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