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One thing I enjoyed about this school was the teacher commitment to the students. Many of the teachers I had actually wanted to see their students become successful. There are always a few that just get through day to day but the ones that actually try stick out more and make the students feel cared about.
My overall experience with Glen A. Wilson High School has not been the best, but not the worst. Wilson has an amazing athletic program and average educational program. However, the worst part of this school is the support system. Our school counselors and office administrators do not seek care for their students and do not give the time and help we need. Most of them are almost like robots, just working to get through their job and to get their pay. I don't blame them for that but I feel like they truly do not care about their students. Counselors are supposed to connect with students, give them advice, and support them. Counselors at Wilson are hard to reach, always claim to be busy, and never give true effort and care to students. That is my main concern and problem area with my school.
I like the programs and pathways that Wilson had. I really enjoyed the engineering, drama, and dance pathway.
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Most of the teachers are kind and helpful to me. I’ve learned quite a lot over these few years. But the school events need some improvements because these thing can often turn into a mess. It is a nice school overall.
I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Glen A Wilson! The sports teams are equally funded, regardless of gender. As a tri-athlete this is extremely important for me. Glen A Wilson also has a lot of artistic opportunities for students. We have Drama, Dance, Choir, Band, Colorguard, Photography, Digital Graphics, and Art classes as well as teams and clubs. The extracurricular son campus also vary from community service to cultural clubs to athletic clubs. The campus is very welcoming to people of all nationalities and religious beliefs, there is zero racism present on campus from the teaching staff as well as the students. There is also a wide range of classes available. There are regular, honors, college-credit classes Advanced Placement, as well as International Baccalaureate. I would highly recommend Glen A Wilson to every family looking for a good public school educations with many opportunities for the student to explore their interests, career or otherwise.
The administration makes it clear that they don't care about student opinions even though they try to appear that they do care in front of parents. We feel like we're locked in a prison where our opinions are not being heard. A lot of teachers, particularly in the science and math departments, don't seem to fully grasp their subjects in a way that they can effectively teach their students. However, there are a few teachers that do make it enjoyable.
Personally, it was a good school all around. It felt like an average high school, but I appreciated that it felt safe. The food was tragic, but the school events were fun. Most teachers responded to our needs and with the right intensity of hard classes and competitive students, I felt prepared for college.
Glen A. Wilson high school has a welcoming and warm environment that welcomes all students to enjoy learning. The school welcomes people like me who doesn't speak English well but can still be successful due to the school's various kinds of supports for its students. I like how I can ask for help whenever I am in need and feel like I belong to this school.
I transferred to Glen A. Wilson in the beginning of my junior year. Compared to my old high school there were big differences. Glen A. Wilson basically served the same food over and over and over again everyone while my old high school had multiple lines filled with different varieties and culture of food. My new high school unlike my old one did not do sudden performances during lunch or in classrooms to show off their skills and advertise how great it would be to join them. This new high school of mine was very and I mean very divided by culture.
Wilson offers enough AP classes and if you are enrolled in these classes, an intellectual environment that allows you to be competitive in college admissions if you are self driven.
It's a pretty normal school and home life. There is no bullying at least not in the open and the teachers are pretty nice.
I like really enjoy the school’s culture. Everyone, from the staff and students, are very friendly. Most of the academics are taught by very well trained teachers that love the subjects their teaching. However, the main thing that I dislike about Wilson would be the how disconnected the administration (assistant principals, principal, etc) they are from the students. Other than that the school is very good.
Glen A. Wilson is extremely welcoming and warm. The students are very accepting and making friends is no challenge here. The teachers and staff are some of the best I have encountered and I have formed amazing relationships with many of them on campus.
A high school tucked away in the suburbs of Hacienda Heights, Glen A. Wilson High represents diversity, community, and advocates for personal development. I am proud to call myself an alumni, a Wildcat, as I have fond memories of hanging out at the barn and benefiting from the art/dance department. I gained great leadership skills, honed in on my self-esteem and confidence which projected me to new heights as I pursued full time careers in tech and consulting. Faculty and administration also invested their time and effort in ensuring students' success as they focused on propelling us into our passions and pursuits.
I would like to see the admin take more involvement in allowing the students to make events for themselves instead of being so quick to shut them down.
Glen A. Wilson High is a very good school that has a concentration on STEM programs as well as an exceptional fine arts program. Last year our school had 5 seniors go to Ivy League schools including Carnegie Mellon University and and Stanford as well as UC Berkley and MIT. Our Faculty and staff are very helpful and knowledgable in terms of college readiness and student health. The school and administration work very hard to have resources ready at students fingertips such as college workshops and this year hosted The 57th Annual District College fair by Ian Calderon which helped many students and raffled of many scholarships. The badminton team has gone to state finals in the past years and has an overall great athletic department. Not to mention this school also has a wide variety of clubs and organizations run by innovative students that give back to their community. This is one of the best public high schools in the community.
Glen A. Wilson's staff is very supportive of the students, regardless of their background. The staff is very kind and welcoming. They are always willing to listen and help the students. Academics are well-awarded. Wilson High is full of amazing people and classes. The only major change I'd like to see is in the physical appearance and environment of the school. I'd like to see more greenery and better facilities.
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Well it was hard but school has always been hard for me, but it has prepared me how to time management as I am in choir, swim, and volunteer at my church. What I love about the school is that different ethnicity just come together and we just stand up for each other we never decrepitate and we are a very accepting school. What thing I would change is some of the staff does not care and some can be rude but most teachers are kind and will be willing to do anything for you.
Glen A Wilson High School is a IB and STEM school so they really push those two things. The school has pretty good spirit and students!
I like that Wilson encourages its students to take initiative towards making the most out of high school and contributing to the community. The school tries to emphasize the importance of education and the staff is doing what it can to spread awareness of the steps students can take to be college-ready. They could improve by ensuring that AP teachers, and just teachers overall, are truly preparing students for exams and providing them with ways to use their resources. This is really only an issue in some classes, but it can make a big impact on what students learn.
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