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The High school is an amazing. In my very first year I made some new friends joined some amazing clubs and had the most wonderful teachers. Each year the teachers went out of there way to help me whenever I asked. On days that I wasn't feeling like myself either a teacher or one of my friends would notice and try to help.
The teachers made my high school years tolerable and overall the school was decent. Students here get the best education in the state in my opinion. There is no discrimination from adults or other students. There's a reason why GHS is a model school when all we try to do is achieve the best for those that attend.
Our high school is in very good standing academically and is prestigious because of that but, often times it feels like the school’s soul concern is our test scores so sometimes it feels like the information we are receiving is very rushed or forced and the teaching quality can lack because of this. Fantastic band program and the majority of the staff is friendly
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Glasgow is an awesome school system with lots of amazing opportunities to get you in the workforce or prepared for college.
Glasgow High School is a widely diverse community that emphasizes the importance of academics and athletics. One thing that could be better is the individual programs, such as the medical program that was shut down half-way through which left students somewhat stranded. (Or having to start over in a new program). However, Glasgow High School is a great school overall.
Glasgow High School is a great school that cares about your academics and your future. The teachers and staff all put in hard work in order for all students to have the best opportunities when they graduate and go out into the real world. Our school really focuses on our academics and shows us that the key to a college career is the succeed you have in the classroom. I really appreciate what Glasgow High School has done for me and thank them for everything they have done.
What I liked about GHS was how everyone was always positive. No one hardly got into fights, no one was getting into trouble. Everything was calm and just like a high school should be.
I met some lifelong friends at this school. All the staff wants is for their students to succeed and prosper after graduating.
I loved the attentiveness of the facility. The facility also gave a great amount of love and support through all 4 years.
Glasgow High School is obviously a great school, given the fact that it is ranked 7th in the state. Most of the teachers are great, the school is new, and many AP classes are available to you to prepare you for college. The reason I'm not giving the school five stars is because I feel as if the school caters to the athletes too much, and that needs to be fixed.
Great, it is a motivating school. That expects its students to work hard. many students enjoy being here.
I loved how the community in the school was it wasn’t hard getting to know people and build friendships it was a great experience as a freshman, the school introduces you into high school before shifting to high gear before you know it but as a senior the only thing I want to see changed is the lunch periods because Glasgow is the 6th ranked school in the state in academic standards they’re main priorities are making sure your life is on track to a prosperous future but they focus on that too much and not enough on other aspects of high school but I couldn’t complain I was able to enjoy high school and now I will be able to graduate with a promising high school diploma.
I love Glasgow High School. The staff is very friendly and more than willing to help you with whatever questions or concerns you may have. The school is large enough to remain diverse without being overwhelmingly massive and hard to navigate. The staff really care about their students succeeding and work very hard to make sure they offer the best help they can to prepare the students for college life.
It has opened up my opportunities to learn about the career I am interested as well as keeping me educated in general education at a distinguished level. The classes challenge me to be the best I can while in high school to help further my education in college.
lots of emphasis on preparing students for the future. everyone is typically willing to help. our ACT scores are pretty good.
My previous experiences with the Glasgow Independent School district was overall significant. It improved my college readiness and had beneficial programs to help boost my composite ACT score. There are also many different clubs to get involved in, and opportunities to meet new people and create lasting impressions. They make sure to get new resources if the older ones are missing or in bad condition, as well as making sure safety is used in procedures when it comes to projects or experiments.
The nurse is usually there if you are not feeling too well. The building has many security features.
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There are many clubs for whatever your interest is.
Everyone is friendly and the teachers do their best to help you. Overall it's a good school with friendly students and staff.
Most of the teachers are willing to give extra help to students. They do their best to make sure that you are learning and participating.
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