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Glacier Creek Middle School Reviews

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Glacier Creek may not be as fancy as the other middle school in the district, Kromrey, but I would not have chosen to go there over my experience at Glacier. The behavioral issues at Glacier may be more present than those at Kromrey, but it prepares students for the real world and doesn't put them in a bubble. The diversity is much better here than at Kromrey and students are less entitled. Middle school is typically a dreadful experience, but the amazing teachers at Glacier made me actually enjoy my time there. The teachers genuinely care about their students and try their hardest to make class fun. The school doesn't have very many clubs or sports, but I feel like that isn't overly important in middle school. I would say that academically, it didn't prepare me for high school as well as it could have, but other than that I would recommend this middle school.
this school is a great school to send your kids to so that they can have amazing teachers. As a student, there are such nice people that go to school. The academics are so good that I wish I could stay even longer than four years.
Glacier Creek is a wonderful school. My two kids have enjoyed there experiences in and outside the classroom. They have wonderful opportunities for students to grow intellectually and socially through the many programs like PBIS student team, WEB program, other clubs like forensics, yearbook, homework, foreign language, and art club along with some athletics (instrumental volleyball, cross country, wrestling, and track). Staff is dedicated and hard working and strive to help all students succeed.
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Terrible school!!! They don't trust students, bad communication whith parents, dont pay attention on a doctor's note!!! Always  loosing  homeworks, and blamed student, that they didn't do,after 4 months they found them,but the students have already got bad mark. The previous school teachers explained new material in different ways, but  Glacier teachers, able explain only one way and don't care are the students understand or not. In this school we just loosing knowladge and time.
this place is rather interesting, lots of people and stuff, its kinda annoying since we get out at 3:35. WHICH GIVES US NO TIME TO DO ANYTHING
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