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In my years at Gilbert High School, I grew to love learning more through struggles, students, and striving above and beyond. The teachers helped me to achieve my goals and prepare me for the future ahead. I will always cherish my times Gilbert High School.
This is the the ultimate small town experience school. It is full of community, immense school pride, and some of the best athletics in the district. Our fine arts are beyond talented. Each and everyone one of the teachers and administrators make me feel like I’m cared about and that matters to me!
Gilbert High School is a very well-rounded school. The community is very welcoming to all people. The school is very dedicated to all parts of a student's life such as with academics, sports, and the arts. The administration and teachers are extremely helpful.
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Excellent small town school. Teacher and admission care about the students. They want to see everyone succeed and reach his or her highest ability.
I love everything about Gilbert High school. The staff, teachers, and students are like family and you can always trust any adult in the building with your questions or concerns.
Gilbert High School provides a great learning enviernment and supportive staff. Students are eager to learn. GHS has exemplary sports and clubs that help your child to develop their career skills.
I like the size of Gilbert High School. I think the school need more space and funding for the arts, and the school is currently going through growing pains with its increasing amount of students. I also do not like EL learning, which many other students will attest to. In general, I like the environment, but there is much room for improvement.
GHS is a very lively habitat however you really must teach yourself. Though that is the point of how they do education in LSD1 it isn't always the best method. The people and teachers of the school are lovely. Very welcoming and at home like always around to speak too.
I liked the opportunity Gilbert high school gives you. You can take classes at other schools like Th Lexington Technology Center.
Gilbert High School is an EL School, which I am not a fan of. However, the staff is very kind and caring.
Gilbert is a small school, but it allows athletes and students to have opportunities that would be harder to achieve at a large school. It has a very welcoming environment and i feel like i am a part of my community and not just a student.
My experience at Gilbert High School was very eventful. I like that Gilbert High Schools administration cares about their students and finds new ways to help them relieve stress. The school will have many "stress free"days, which allow students to have fun while learning new ways to cope with stress. I would like the food to taste better and I wish they didn't block everything on our computers. The school blocks many useful websites on our computers which can prohibit us from finding the information we need.
The teachers, staff, and administration have been pretty good since I've been in high school. I have had many experiences in high school where the environment haas negatively impacted me, but there's been times where I've seen many teachers help their students in their own lives and on a personal level.
Gilbert is one of the best schools in Lexington school district 1. They have several clubs and sports teams to be apart-of. the teachers are always willing to help you out on anything that is needed. Gilbert also offers duel enrollment courses that could really help out on getting classes out o they way before college.
Gilbert High is the small town high school. Where everyone knows everybody. the school has a little over 1,000 students. the school is in the best district in the state, so you have the resources you need.
I love the teachers and their way of teaching. One thing I wished that changed were the attitudes that certain staff member made very noticeable to students.
I like the community of it being a small school. I also enjoy a lot of the people in my class as well as a decent facility.
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I moved to Gilbert in the third grade and hated it at first. I did not like the idea of leaving my old school and friends for a new one. I now see that Gilbert is the best place to be. I have so many opportunities at Gilbert that I have taken hold of that I wouldn’t have been able to at my old school. I am in the orchestra and on the archery team and have taken multiple AP classes. Everyone is also so nice and the campus is clean (the majority of the time) and is just a place I would want to be.
While Gilbert does exceed in many achievements, the students tend to be inconsiderate. Gilbert is one of the only EL schools in the district and that has caused a few problems pertaining to the students' academic abilities. Many students are struggling while administration in the school and the district is trying to work out the kinks. Gilbert is a good school but we do have our fair share of problems.
I love Gilbert high school. All of the teachers and staff know the students and actually care about their lives and that they are successful. They care about us not only in school but out of school.
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