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Overall, I had a pretty good experience with Germantown High School. I really liked the teachers because they showed interest in their students and really wanted to see them succeed. I also really liked the counseling staff at Germantown High School. They do a very good job at preparing their students for college, and they are always there to help their students with any problems or issues.
There are a handful of very passionate and thoughtful teachers who love their work, many AP programs to prepare for college, and it is definitely a privilege to go to such a nice school. However, there is a lack of diversity (though I am not sure this can necessarily be fixed) which has caused me to feel somewhat distanced from peers. The clubs are also far and few between, lacking organization at times. Overall, my experience at Germantown High School was fine, but I would not equate it to some of the happiest years of my life.
I really enjoyed attending Germantown High school, and there are many positives about it. The teachers, officers, and administration do an excellent job at creating a safe learning place for their students, which is very important for the world that we all live in today.
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I had the opportunity to be involved in numerous clubs and activities in addition to maintaining my 4.0 GPA. Teachers are flexible and genuinely want to help you. From swim team captain to student council vice president to active member of the wind symphony, my experiences at Germantown High School were diverse and fulfilling.
The school itself has a really strong academic teaching, but administration lacks authority sometimes and isn't willing to listen to opposing views. I once heard from a black student that they went to administration due to racial bullying and the administration said they wouldn't do anything about it. Overall, everyone is pretty nice and open.
Teachers are helpful and most of the students work well with each other. New additions and athletic facilities are some of the best in the area.
I like the variety of classes offered and the amount of help that is offered in every class. I enjoy going to school every day because of the amazing learning environment.
I have totally enjoyed my time at Germantown High School. I have been a varsity member of the dance team and been involved with many clubs and activities. There are so many things to join to become involved at Germantown. The teachers are really good too! I have learned so much and feel ready to start college.
It is a very good school with a wide range of courses to take. The teachers are overall good at their jobs and easy to talk too. Administration can be annoying though and are often over strict.
School is a borderline prison!!!!! NO FREEDOM AT ALL!!!!!!!! Very little social interaction with friends and other students. Teachers are bad at teaching what they need to teach which then they pile on hours and hours of homework. Forced to wear IDs because they make the place "safer". Oh, and not to mention if you don't wear the ID you will get suspended. In my opinion, this is the worst school your kid could go to. This place has such a bad vibe and makes kids unhappy and makes them go through more than what they have to go through.
It is nice with the new upgrades to the school. We got a brand new pool, performing arts center, and brand new hallways and classrooms. The teachers want you to succeed if you put in the effort to at least try. There are a wide variety of clubs and athletics to choose from, however don’t overload yourself.
Germantown High School provides its students with a warm and welcoming environment to grow individually and academically. Germantown offers many opportunities to be an active participant throughout the school and community through the numerous clubs and activities to be a part of. The education is excellent! Germantown high school offers students many different classes to take and allows their students to explore many opportunities in potentially their future career path. Overall, Germantown high school is a marvelous school which any parent would be happy with their son or daughter’s growth personally and academically.
This school recently underwent major construction, which added a new fieldhouse, auditorium, pool, tech-ed wing, and many updates to the classrooms. In the coming years, the facilities will be very nice and clean as they finish construction.
Germantown High School is an athletically focused school. They take their anti-cellphone policy very seriously. While it sucks to not be able to use your phone at all during the school day, it does help students pay more attention during class. There are a lot of AP classes you can take and they finally built a new Performing Arts Center for the choir and band. I definitely think they are getting better as a school. There are still a lot of drug problems, with most of the student population, with about 6 students being expelled for drug possession just in the 2018-2019 school year.
Great school. Prepared me well for college. Teachers were great and I learned a lot. Very well maintained for a school body, lots of respect.
love the school teachers are always very helpful and good with communication. The new addition to the school looks amazing. Other then the students and the teachers helping other students to make a better fit or enviroment to work in isn't to bad but they can work harder on it but 100/100 for that school.
It isn't an awful school, but has quite a bit to improve. They are trying to prove, but we focus too much on grades rather than actual learning. Our school is also not diverse and doesn't offer much open mindedness in the community. I also wish the arts had more funding but we are getting an auditorium so things are getting better. Right now not as many people are taking art classes which is difficult on the department.
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Overall, my experience at Germantown has been well spent. Since I was a freshman, all the teachers push you to be the best you can be. Classes are well structured, and all the teachers I've had have been very pleasant. This high school has prepared me well for college!
Overall a good school. There were a few instances of teachers or principals choosing favorites or treating others differently when they shouldn’t have. Academics wise it is a great school and highly rated. I personally had a good experience here for the most part throughout all 4 years I attended. Some teachers were good and others not so much but I feel like that is the case at every high school and opinions will vary. I think there could be more security measures put in place. There was never an issue but I think there could still be improvements to prevent anything from happening in the future.
Looking back at my memories at Germantown High School, I wouldn't have wanted to be a student anywhere else. Teachers were extremely helpful and knowledgeable , yet still easy to build a friendship with. I made a group of friends I truly consider a second family.
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