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GFS's mix of academics and values makes it truly special. Their intellectual rigor is beyond compare (and why they are known for sending their graduates to the most elite colleges) but it's really their sense of community that gives the school its heart.
I love going to school everyday, the community is so accepting and understanding, and there is a wide array of opportunities available. Teachers are outstanding, especially in the high school. Lots of clubs activities and sports choices. Academics are insane, perfect for all.
GFS is a school where academics really are the priority. The teachers are ridiculously excellent and the entire faculty just wants you to succeed. Everyone is accepting and there's no popularity, cliques, etc. It really is a school for people who are self-motivated and ready to work because there is a lot of work and a lot of stress, pressure, etc. that accompanies the work and the teachers are there to help you but it's up to you to know when you need to ask for that help. Overall I could not be happier with my experience at GFS I love it and my friends and I would absolutely without a doubt recommend to anyone who genuinely enjoys learning because that is the mindset that GFS fosters.
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Best school ever. No matter how much homework I get or how much I am stressed out about exams, I always end up looking back on the school year and thinking about what an amazing time I had and how much I learned. I don't know how, but bullying is nonexistent here (at least in my experience) and there are so many nice and amazing people here to spend your time with. So glad I ended up here and couldn't imagine my life without it.
I had an incredible experience attending this school, k-12th. Amazing teachers and student body. I played on women's sports teams and found it to be an extremely enriching experience.
A good school for ambitious kids who don't mind the humorless morality of the Quaker tradition. Taught me loads.
The community is incredible - teachers will genuinely care about you individually and its goal is to make everyone feel included. It is a quaker school, but it's not overly religious. There's Meeting for Worship every week, but it's a nice time to connect with other students and faculty and relax.
Very good school. It claims that it is accepting, it is for different races and genders however is if you have different political beliefs you are not as accepted. Despite that, everything else is pretty good.
School claims to be diverse & accepting of differences. This is true if you happen to share the same political or social views as the majority of the school population. Otherwise expect to be frowned upon. Security personnel are less than adequate with some oblivious to surroundings, not present to guide students across streets, very concerning considering the dangers present in the community. Otherwise a great school academically, but safety & accrue sense of acceptance are lacking.
I came to GFS in 8th grade looking for a challenge. My previous school did not academically challenge me in anyway. GFS has been exactly what I have been looking for academically. Social, although it is a smaller school, students will always have their group of friends. But overall, if you are willing to work hard and put in the time, GFS will be one of the best experiences of your life, like it has been for me.
Teachers really do genuinely care about the students. It is always easy enough to email and/or meet with teachers about any help that is needed. They tell you very clearly what is expected you as a student in their class. Although there have been incidents of inconsistent grading, the teachers are very fair in the grades they give out. But most importantly of all, teachers will never let a student fall behind and/or fail.
Despite the bad neighborhood, I, and students around me, generally seem to feel pretty safe around campus. There are security guards all around the perimeter, and a bus that takes you to the sports fields and train station. Be careful at night though.
Teachers really like teaching at GFS
There are a variety of extra-curriculars at this school and they extend themselves to the vast interest of the students here. There is something that everybody will like
I love GFS and I wouldn't change my choice to go here. Although there are some things about the school that don't please me, most everything else does and I am happy.
The teachers at this school, though are sometimes inconsistent with their grading, do show genuine care for the students and that goes a long way.
This school, despite its location in the poor neighborhood of Germantown, is definitely within its own bubble of protection. Issues only arise when students need to get off campus, either to take the public transportation or to make it to the Fields, which are located apart from the main campus. The health programs, although a little sparse, do educate students, and the support from the school nurse and athletic trainers is more than sufficient. The school itself has no bullying, and is one of the most friendly and welcoming communities you are likely to find. It truly is a school for anybody who couldn't fit in anywhere else.
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This school helped to form me successfully as a student, and I am grateful for the influence it has had on my educational career. If you're looking to get into a great college, particularly UPenn or any number of the Ivy Leagues, then there aren't many better options out there. GFS fosters bright individuals, and despite all its little quirks and flaws, it is a great experience. They work you hard, but you emerge a better student because of it.
For the most part, teachers here are fantastic. You can expect thorough discussions within the classroom, with an emphasis on analysis and individuality. The culture is really healthy, and students call teachers by their first names, which helps to create a sense of community. That being said, there are a few teachers who are not suited for the course they teach, and thus are less successful in their lessons.
I got a wonderful education from this school. The teachers were always there to help, and I had endless opportunities. My senior year I was on the women's soccer team and we won the first title for the women's program since its founding. We then went on to make it to state semi finals. It could not have been done if we didn't have a fantastic team and a wonderful coach.