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I have attended Geraldine school for ten years. Each year comes with new surprises. Going to school in a small town can be stressful at times but every teacher and all the staff always go out of their way to make you feel welcomed. Going to a small school is fun and you know literally everyone that goes there. I love how all the teachers make class fun. Geraldine might be a over looked small school but every student gets one on one experience for a better understanding. Geraldine is where I call home and I would not trade it for the world.
Geraldine High school is a really good school to go to because you get to know a lot of people and get close to them. Teachers form there help you out a lot they help you be a better person and help you on things you need and they even get you ready for college.They help me out a lot even with college need that I need it’s a really good school and everybody is friendly and nice to you
I love Geraldine High School. I have learned many things over my last thirteen years there. Our safety through out the school does need to change. We have recently got a new principle, and he is tying to make Geraldine High school safer.
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All in all, I enjoyed my time there. Despite everything I really got alone with a lot of the students in my grade. Teachers were nice and understanding, and I got a lot of chances to learn about different things I was interested in.
High school was honestly terrible for me. I fell into the popular crowd and became someone I did not even recognize. The so called friends I had started a hateful group message about me all because I stopped being friends with them. The teachers knew about it and did nothing to stop them. I would say that all teachers need to make sure to put a stop to bullying and not feed into it because this is something that has affected the way I see myself and probably will for the rest of my life.
I enjoy going to school at Geraldine. I like the people and the kindness they show towards you. But I do not like the quality of the school. We have been needing a new school for the past 5 years, but our school system does not seem to care. I also do not like our sports. Coaches do not seem to care about making our programs any better. We often settle for mediocre. I enjoy the teachers at Geraldine School. Most of our teachers are well qualified and truly teach you well. Our school’s Algebra Two teacher is phenomenal. She pushes students to the next level and prepares them for college. Our schools Geometry and Calculus teacher is also a great teacher. Our school has great science teachers as well. There are several things about Geraldine that I do not like and would change. But I enjoy my school, and I am blessed with the people that I am surrounded with.
Geraldine School has had a big hand in helping me become the person I am today. Every school has there down falls, but the teachers at this school are all around amazing people that are always there to help any student in need. The staff stays very involved in all clubs, activities, and sports. Also, the sports program is outstanding at Geraldine in almost all areas. The coaches become so involved in each athletes life and the school continues to receive awards.
I like that you have the freedom to express yourself there, but I would like the school itself to change.
Great atmosphere and close knit. Yes the school may need upgrades but it's a great place for my kids to go.
Great involvement from staff but not much diversity when it comes to the material being offered and taught to the students.
We have no pool, soccer fields or track team.
I really like the school personnel and administration. They seem to really care and help their students.
Geraldine has several extracurricular activities that have good support by the students and faculty. They fully support football the most, basketball the next, volleyball gets a lot of support and baseball and tennis get very little in my opinion. We have a great school and great coaches. I feel we deserve the support we get from our wonderful community and students.
Our school is very spirited. The majority of the student body attend all the football games and basketball games.
We have an excellent staff at our school. The teachers are wonderful.
Our school mainly focus on athletics, so things such as drama, art, chorus, and band are sometimes neglected.
More needs to be done about the bullying issues.
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As a sister to a student who needs one on one attention, I can say that they are excellent at meeting each individual student's needs.
I love the administration and faculty but I'm not so fond of my peers.
I wish we had more options and better online classes than the ones we have.
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