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I really liked how simple and effective the learning methods were. You were told what needed to be completed and when. Most of the curriculum was pretty black and white. What I felt needed to be worked on was the communication with the office administrators. Before the beginning of the year when my mom would call to enroll me for school, something always ended up getting mixed up. Also, for the first two years they got my address wrong and things were sent to the wrong address even after fixing it. The teachers are very good, and do their job as needed. I recommend this school for disciplined students only however. If you are always having to be told to complete things on time, you will easily fall behind.
Georgia Cyber Academy is a unique charter school that offers an alternate path for those who do not prefer a traditional brick-and-mortar high school. I personally loved the online environment because it was convenient to complete my assignments plus teacher availability was very efficient. Tutoring was also offered through a program called blackboard collaborate which was very reliable and engaging as course content could be delivered in a live setting. There were also scheduled times for "class," but you could watch the recordings of them if you missed or did not feel like attending the session live. From my personal experience, role was never taken. I loved Georgia Cyber Academy and would choose it over public school every day. It taught me how to manage my time and be responsible. Many people do not learn these skills until they have been in college for many years, so I am very grateful for this K12 program.
I have been a student at Georgia Cyber Academy since 2016. Even though we are an online school, you can grow into your own person.
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they try, but its not that good. their goal is to teach you everything on their milestones. not to teach you normal stuff for ur grade
Georgia Cyber Academy is an online public school. I have been attending GCA for six years now and I have nothing but good experiences. Every teacher that I have had a GCA has been kind, understanding, and extremely helpful. The teachers and counselors all go above and beyond for the students that attend this school. I am a senior this year, and I am going to miss all of the kind teachers and students that I have had the chance to know at this school. I am so thankful to GCA for giving me a wonderful middle and high school education and experience. I don't know of anything I would want to change at GCA. This school has an individualized learning plan for each student that attends. I could not have asked for a better online schooling experience.
it was very hard to seek help as a student in an online class, and the supplies they provided us with did not work well at all. major connectivity issues as well as poor tech support.
Georgia Cyber Academy only strives to teach students how to pass their state mandated tests, such as the Georgia Milestones. Communication between students and teachers is poor, they fail to help students the way they should. Getting in touch with teachers via phone or email is near impossible and you often go a week without hearing back. This becomes very difficult, especially if you have questions on school work or about the curriculum.
It was an overall very satisfactory high school experience that allowed me to make my own schedule and develop my interests through independent learning.
My experience at Georgia Cyber Academy is very good. I had a great 4 years here . The teachers and students are great.
My experience k12 was very bitter-sweet. For the most part, it taught me independence and how to manage myself. The courses are flexible and are really designed to help students thrive. The only real downside to the school is lack of real-world experience and social interaction.
It was a great challenge and the only thing I would like to see change is the way they handle older graduate's records.
I started Georgia Cyber Academy as a sophomore. Over my last 3 years of high school I have been able to maintain better grades and gain a great relationship with teachers. Only thing I would recommend for the school to try is maybe allowing students to get to know each other better by social media. Homeschooling gets very lonely after awhile.
My experience with Georgia Cyber Academy started freshman year of high school. The school teaches k-12 but I started in 9th grade. I love the teachers and how involved they are with their students, considering it was an online school. I love it!
Georgia Cyber Academy is not easy, but it is worth it. You trained yourself at an early age discipline when it comes to classwork. GCA is the best way to prepare you for college.
What I like about Georgia Cyber Academy is that allows to have more free time in order to do other things outside of school as well as give more people options of classes.
It is an online school that focuses on education, and students involvement with teachers and education. The teachers are very nice and would give multiple chances at helping students who need the help.
GCA has made many changes due to their continual problems with low performance and the possibility of losing their accreditation.
The biggest problem with GCA is that they always have non-educators heading their school and running it like a business rather than an educational institution. Recently, they moved away from their parent company K12 and went solo. The problem was that it was done haphazardly rather than using a slow gradual transition. GCA also went with Jigsaw Interactive for their online live class connects which has been sub-par to say the least in comparison to Blackboard. The teachers are great but GCA needs a real educator to run their school that would understand both the needs of the students as well as the teachers.
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It is easy to get accustomed to it,
when they see problems they try to fix it,
if you know what you are doing it is easy to move at your own pace.
Georgia cyber academy gave me a chance to learn about the opportunities i have in education. They do their best to make you feel comfortable and make sure you have all your questions answered. Georgia cyber academy is very organized and the best school i have enrolled in. All the subjects are supposed to get your brain thinking and to fit your critique. I thank the teachers, counselors, principal for showing me great opportunities and strengthening my education.
If I could rate this zero stars I would. GCA is actually the worst form of education you can find, and It is so bad the only thing it's good for is making students depressed and ruining the bond between parent and child.
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