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If I could give a negative, I would. My child has attended 5 different schools. This was the only bad experience, and by bad, I mean remarkably horrible. Bottom line, if your family has lived in Georgetown dating back to the 1700s you’re good. If your child enjoys drugs, vaping, alcohol and discrimination against others (note swatstikas in bathroom), they’ll enjoy this school. The administration told me after 1 1/2 years of problems, that no other transfer student had stayed. Would have been nice to know that at the outset. Also, make sure teachers prorate work if you transfer in. Otherwise they’ll give them a full years work even if they’re only there a couple weeks. If your child has a 504, don’t expect them to follow it. Some teachers were good, but some were just truly horrible. I’ve had the good fortune to have had my child in different schools, so I know what a good school looks like. Worst mistake I ever made allowing my child to attend this school.
Georgetown feels like a tight-knit community. I've seen people that I've never talked to ask me if I was okay when I wasn't. The teachers (at least some of them, and the English department is AMAZING) care about me - and I mean genuinely. I remember my sophomore English teacher is the first professional I ever openly told I was bisexual. She gave me my first pride flag and I was so happy I could cry because I felt like she was accepting of me. This was honestly crucial to my mental health at the time and still is a memory I hold close to my heart.
Georgetown is a VERY competitive school. It does depend on your class, but you could be a genius and not even get close to top of the class. There isn’t much to do, so many students just focus on academics. AP classes are extremely selective and hard to get into. Socially, there is little diversity and if you don’t fit in, you’re screwed because it’s a small school. The resources aren’t there to do anything amazing. Try and start a club, my idea got shut down. It leads to the college readiness factor. Nobody is encouraged to do anything amazing; nobody will get into top schools. Teachers are amazing but there are a few bad ones. Super supportive to students with disabilities (especially more “minor” ones). Many passionate conservatives are at the school. A bit of hate but no fights. My experience was bad, but I also moved. If you’re kid grew up with their classmates they’ll be fine.
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This school was very good academically and I was able to excel in the areas that I wanted to, however the lack of diversity and the small population made it difficult to expose myself to topics and events that I would have liked to.
Georgetown as a whole is a very cliquey community and so I did not entirely enjoy my high school experience. There were gossipy mothers that got too involved with school drama, there were typical high school popular groups. That being said, I received an excellent education. Not every teacher was the best but they all care deeply about their students. I could go to any person in that school with a problem, academic or not, and they would help me out. There are some teachers that are way better than others but again, they are mostly all super caring. The AP classes were great, I am already a semester ahead at my university because of AP credit. Overall, this school is great in preparing kids for higher education. There are also many cool clubs. The small town drama just comes with the territory of living in Georgetown unfortunately.
Georgetown High school is a great community to be apart of. While we may not have the best teams and clubs we always have a lot of school spirit. The school offers many opportunities to better your education, creating many AP options and self-study programs.
It is a small school so it is very easy to get involved. However, it is not very well known, which hurts in the college application process. also, because it is small, there ae not a lot of resources.
I had a pretty good and average High school experience there. A lot of the teachers were helpful and nice, not all of them though. I really had a [problem with the principal and other high end faculty, they seemed unjust and uncaring. The food was okay, I just chose to eat a salad everyday instead.
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What I liked about Georgetown high school was the fact that all the teachers knew your name and were willing to work one on one with you if you needed the help. The teachers really care about the success of their students. Also the Georgetown students are all very welcoming. This high school is such a small school and that makes it very easy to get to know everyone. The guidance counselors make it easy to fill out college forms and help you make educated decisions. They make the college process a lot less scary. This school gives students great opportunities to grow and to learn different opinions. It also teaches you how to respect opinions other than yours.
Georgetown High School is a small tight-knit community. We as a school come together and are able to make changes not only within our school but within our community. We are all for helping others and making the school and community better. Something that we could change would be our attitude towards high school. Like many others we do not always want to get up early and go to school. If the environment can be more exciting students will be more willing to get up and head to school.
Overall the student body is open to diversity, however being in a small town, the school population does not offer much diversity.
The teachers at my school are excellent, they go well beyond their responsibilities of just teaching. They get involved in all aspects of teaching and make each student feel important and recognized. They challenge us in every aspect by leading by example. As an individual the teachers really know your strengths and weaknesses in the classroom but also on the social side of the classroom. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by a highly educated and professional staff during my high school years.
Georgetown has a strong no-bullying policy and a staff readily enforcing it. With a connection to the local police force, the anti-bullying policy stands strong in order to make every student as safe and comfortable as possible. In such a safe community, it isn't mandatory to have a police present at all times, but other safety measures are still maintained, such as locked doors, security cameras, and mandatory visitor sign-in. The school also offers great health programs, along with an outstanding school nurse who is dedicated to her job and willing to go above and beyond for all of her students. She takes the time to get to know the names of the students, as well as learn about their interests. Georgetown truly goes above and beyond to make the students feel safe and secure in a healthy learning environment.
Georgetown offers a wide range of extracurricular activities ranging from GSA and drama club, to different varsity sports. It is non uncommon to find the football captain marching with the band at this school due to such an accepting group of students. Georgetown offers clubs such as anime, GSA, yearbook, current affairs, drama, NHS, NAHS, chess, dance, and more. Georgetown also offers a range of sports. Although the town is small and unable to house all of the sporting options a student may desire, it is very willing to accomidate. Georgetown co-ops with schools in the surrounding area for sports, to give students the ability to participate in a sports we may not necesarily offer. This allows students more opporotunity to find what their passion is. In georgetown if a club you would like is not available, you can work with the school administration to get the club started. Although Georgetown may be a small town with not very many students, the quality of extracurricular options is outstanding, and students can always find an interest.
most teachers do a great job explaining, while others hand out packets and expect us to learn
The teachers in this school seem more interested in padding their pockets and those of their friends the they are in making it better.
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students are able to get into the classes they want because of the small school size
they all want you to succeed
not too many because of the school size
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