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George Washington University Online High School Reviews

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Freshman 20-21 year. We chose this school to accommodate high academic standards and high level in sport. I’m not going to lie, there were tears a few times from my straight A student as she got used to the online learning and curriculum. She trains in her sport approximately 30 hours per week while maintaining a 90 or above in all Honors classes. I believe this is totally attainable for any kid who is willing to put in the work and stay on task. She loves the flexibility that she has with her classes but has also learned to manage her time properly to assure she remains on task and on schedule with her assignments. There are are countless resources to help out i.e, Subject specific Help desks, school and college counselor, clubs and school participation activities to engage in if your student chooses to do so. Yes, there have been a few glitches along the way but if you keep an open mind and your student is adaptable they will most likely enjoy the offerings this school has.
This is the worst school. I'm a new student at GWUOHS this year and I felt that I needed to write this review to warn anyone who might be considering having their child come to this school. DON'T. I've been at this school for a month and I'm already the most stressed out and miserable that I have ever been. It was a huge mistake ever joining and I urge you to not put your child through this same misery. They tell you when signing up that the workload will be 1 hour a class per day with homework. I can assure you that this is a lie. If you are taking any Ap classes then you will won't even have time to have a life. I'm taking a few Ap classes this year and I'm miserable, my mental health has depleted so quickly and I'm not sure that I can survive this year. Unless you want your child to be constantly miserable, have no friends, and be so stressed out that it's impossible for them to sleep then send them to this school. But just know that you will 100% regret it
Staff and teachers are great. Very flexible school program. Clubs a fun too. One thing I like is that you get to meet new people from all around the world. Very diverse.
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In online high school, there is no one actively teaching you, meaning you are often teaching yourself.
GWUOHS supports its student with a rigorous curriculum, excellent teachers with the primary goal of helping their students reach their full potential.
George Washington University Online High School has been an incredible experience for me. I never expected to make friendships through online school, but I did. I actually became more active in my school community as I never did any clubs in brick and mortar school, but I am now apart of several clubs at GWUOHS, even holding positions such as president of NHS and social media coordinator of the only online debate team. The teachers are even better. I thought I would feel disconnected from my teachers as I was not with them in person, but they were always thorough in their responses to my questions and made sure I understood the material before I moved on. My grades have gone up with GWUOHS and I feel actually happy to be learning sometimes as I often felt slowed in brick and mortar to the speed some of my peers went at. With GWUOHS I could complete my school work mostly at my own pace. I can fit more things in my schedule and can actually schedule my school work around my activity
Great, interactive teachers with a wide variety of classes. Some of the coursework is a little outdated, and certain subjects are more difficult to learn online, but it is overall an excellent choice for online education.
My daughter attended 9th grade the year when we were in Hong Kong. It’s is a high quality education- vigorous curriculum, great teachers and helper advisor. We would recommend this George Washington online high school to others.
George Washington University Online High School has entirely exceeded my expectations. The teachers have always been responsive and have never ceased to amaze me with their level of guidance and attentiveness. Additionally, students have access to clubs, tutoring, and in-person events that allow them to actively engage with their peers. GWUOHS is the perfect school for a smooth transition into an online schooling atmosphere.
My child is an 8th grader at GWUOHS. We have been really pleased with the rigorous curriculum and the live classes, as well as the independent lessons. The pace of the courses are rapid and the assessments are varied, from quizzes and tests to papers and graded assignments where she shows her work. Prior to GWUOHS, she was bored at her private school and unchallenged by the classes. Now, she is excited and is working much more to her full potential. The teachers interact with the students like professors, and are a lot of help when needed in help sessions. Her fellow students are a diverse bunch, and they are all positive and supportive of one another. She has made friends with students from various parts of the country. Also, as a competitive athlete, she can accommodate her practice and competitive schedule more easily with online school without sacrificing rigor. Five stars!
GWUOHS is such an inspiring high school that gave me the chance to thrive as a student. I was able to take college classes and GWUOHS prepared me very well for that.
Throughout my childhood I was used to attending a local public school; however, when I moved to a district that was lacking in administration and guidance, I was shocked at how little they were doing to help prepare me for college and life after high school. Feeling frustrated, I decided to apply to George Washington University Online High School(GWUOHS) for my senior year. I am now extremely self motivated and have rediscovered my passion for learning. I have access to an abundance of resources including an incredible team of teachers and staff to help me when I am struggling and cheer me on when I achieve even the smallest of my goals. For the first time in three years, I am able to say that I can wake up and feel happy and exited to attend class. Without GWUOHS, I would have gone to college with minimal time management skills and a lack of excitement.
Solid online education. Wide course selection, including AP courses. Allows student to develop the kind of independent and organizational study skills required for college.
I started GWUOHS in sophomore year, leaving my brick and mortar school due to health issues that were interfering with my ability to attend and succeed in a normal school setting. Since joining I've had 2 major health crises, and all of my teachers, advisors, and the school's administration did everything they could to accommodate. There's no doubt in my mind that I would've been held back if I were attending my old public school because of the amount of days I would've missed (for intense treatment, hospital stays, etc.) I'm so grateful I avoided that at GW due to the flexibility and help available.

Academically, I learn a lot from the rigorous curriculum. If I'm having trouble, teachers are always happy to help outside of class. I've developed great relationships with my teachers and advisor; now that I'm going to into senior year, I feel prepared for college and excited for what the future holds. I can't thank everyone at GWUOHS enough!
This school has provided our high schooler with a fantastic experience. She has been pushed to learn and research independently and interact with professors as an adult.
I attend GWUOHS (George Washington University Online High School.) I left my top-ranked, academically-rigorous brick-and-mortar school because I wanted flexibility and choice to be a larger part of my education. I loved my old school and my friends--I wasn't being bullied or doing poorly academically or anything like that--but I felt like something was missing and that I needed to take control of my education in a way. Best decision of my life!
I like that we can connect with our peers through clubs, programs, and in-person field trips. I also like the challenging classes and how teachers can connect with you one-on-one. The only thing I would change is adding more clubs.
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I enjoyed the fact that I was able to take classes online and work full time. I also was able to communicate with the professor via WebEx online chat and conduct my presentations from my computer at home. The black board feature was very user friendly and it made it easy to communication with fellow classmates.
GWUOHS has become my academic home over the past four years. I am forever grateful to this school for preparing me for a future in an ever-changing global environment.
I love the curriculum because some of the courses are very challenging and it prepares you for college work. I also like the college preparation activities and the information about colleges. Most of all I love the way they walk you through choosing the right college and applying to college. I do believe though that some of the courses have too many assignments and this can be difficult if students are taking part in sports or other activities that compete for their time.