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The academics and sports programs at George Washington are great. There are a lot of opportunities for the students here to better themselves.
My overall experience was okay. The school provides great academics and a lot of extracurricular activities. They offer a multitude of college and AP classes that students can take as early on as their sophomore year. These credits will transfer to your college if the school of your choice accepts them. Also, they are very sports-oriented. If you are an athlete, this would be a great school for you. No matter if you are an athlete or not, this school will provides you with multiple opportunities.
the students are very nice to everyone and they have no problem helping new students who need help. the teachers are genuinely concerned about their students and how well they are doing. the teachers will always help the students if they ask for extra help. the principals are very helpful in ways they can be.
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My Experience was so good on this school because I’m Esl student this school teach me how to speak English. My Experience in this school was so good
Great experience teaching self discipline with open campus/college course availability. Lots of opportunities to become involved in a variety of clubs. The JROTC program is fantastic, lots of real
World education and responsibility education.
There are some great aspects to George Washington High School, however, the administration truly does feel like the school is better than it is. They pride themselves on various things and fail to deliver. Some teachers are excellent, most are average at best, and the rest are absolutely horrendous.
I enjoyed the pride of George Washington High School. The people there were driven to be number one academically. The only bad thing was that the school was not very diverse and they focused a little too much on the football team.
As an upcoming senoir, I think the school experience is very dependent on what teacher you get. Most are caring but others can be testy. You usually find your group and stay with them throughout your years there. The JROTC is great.
GW had excellent teachers and staff. Instruction was of high quality. However, they pushed Honors and AP classes on those deemed "smart enough" not because they could/should do it but because their reputation as a high-achieving school counted on it.
I enjoyed the various extra curricular activities as well as the dedication that the teachers and students put into these activities. I did not enjoy the limiting opportunities for the arts and foreign languages that this school has. The education was good for a public school.
I would like to see a redesign of the halls and all because they are becoming old and rusty and some of the tiles are kicking up.
George Washington is a great high school where I felt like I got a very good education. I had a great time and loved it!
Absolutely great teachers! It has a great reputation and is quite diverse for its location. Great opportunities for students as well.
The school offers a variety of classes, which for me makes it very interesting compared to the schools that I studied in before. The teachers I've had were very helpful and kind, which made it easy for me to study and understand everything considering English is not my first language.
I have loved my time at George Washington and have had a great experience with the teachers and culture.
GWHS is a great high school to prepare you for college. They offer a lot of college/Honors/AP classes. GW also offers off campus for upperclassmen, which is a great opportunity to gain responsibility.
This school gives so many students the chance to succeed in life. Most of the teachers are quite passionate about teaching. So many of them go out of their way to help students.
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My schools provides so many opportunities to all the students. Everyone is given a place to shine and everyone fits in. The teachers are fantastic and truly want you to succeed. Could not have asked for a better place to spend 4 years!
Great environment with friendly, well behaved students! Athletic events are great student life activities and a lot of fun. Classes are taught by great teachers, and you have the freedom to choose your classes and make your own schedule.
I participated on the volleyball team. The coaches were excellent and the parent involvement was amazing. At GW, I was also graduated with a 3.5 GPA and feel I was very prepared for my college experience. Currently, attending the University of Charleston, I have maintained a 3.2 while participating in the work study program working in the Health Sciences division, and a member of the Student Activities Board. SAB has given me an opportunity to have a campus lifestyle while communiting.
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