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I have really enjoyed my time at Wash. The teachers are very accommodating and there are so many opportunities available to students. I would highly recommend joining clubs and activities, as many of my best memories have been made through being involved in school. When I first started at Wash there were several safety incidents, but they were handled extremely well and students were always informed of the situation immediately.
I like Washington high school
First it my school and I like the teacher in Washington and I ready good and I understand and I like Washington so much it beautiful I love the students from Washington it help me to know more I thanks god for everything
Inclusive school with a decent art program and teachers that care about the students growth. I participated in show choir and long distance runner. Our cross country coach brought dedication to the sport and a vast knowledge of the cardiovascular system. We were encouraged to make mistakes and he believed in us. Couch Hart was the best part of George Washington High School.
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Faculty did really try to make events fun. Favoritism is strong in the band program. Staff can be snarky about chronic health issues but they’re mostly understanding. They used to do tardy sweeps but have since stopped so props to them for stopping that. Almost every teacher I had truly seemed to care about the kids and their education.
Washington is a great place to learn, all the teachers that have taught me have been incredible, and I hear that there are many more great teachers there. The staff are very nice and patient, and the principle takes time to listen to the students. While I don't exactly believe the public education system across America is as good as it could be and there are undeniable flaws in it (for example, the vast amount of time it takes from students, preventing us from exploring our own hobbies and leaving us with very little energy to explore the world), Washington is among the best of our American schools.
Teachers are great. Administration is approachable and generally reasonable.
There are a lot of stupid students. Fights are not as frequent as they used to be but are not exactly rare.
This school has a lot of amazing teachers that always want their students to pass, no matter what it takes. I wish more kids would go to class and actually enjoy their opportunities.
I really enjoyed my time at Washington! It is a very diverse school with lots of opportunities for academic achievement. However I wish that the school provided more information about both colleges and scholarships.
I have had a positive experience with my teachers and the administration. I wish I could speak on the behalf of others but I can not. I am happy to be a part of the Warrior Nation. I believe that my teachers have well prepared me for college and I have had amazing support from my teachers, who have pushed me to be my best. I am passionate about helping others because of how my teachers have helped me, how they have supported me, and have wanted to see me grow.
In my experience, I thought that overall I had a very good experience at Washington High School. There were certain areas of the school that were better than others. Certain facilities, teachers, and programs were better and/or better supported than others. Music and the Advanced Program are heavily emphasized and supported at this school.
I kind of think this school is okay. One thing I don't really like about schools are that they don't teach life lessons.
While, overall, my experience at Washington was positive, in my last years at the school I noticed a drastic increase in student violence. Fights broke out almost every day, and there were several lock-downs due to students bringing knives to the school or breaking school property. It got so bad that entrances and exits were locked, making it very difficult to get into the school if you weren't there in time for the 4 minute windows during which the doors were unlocked. Teacher quality varied a lot, from some racist teachers who threw desks around classrooms and threatened students to some teachers who I to this day maintain contact and friendships with. If you don't participate in performance arts or a sport, it will be difficult to feel like a part of the school community.
I love how most of the staff are able to help each and every student with not only just homework, but to counsel them whenever it comes to academics in general!
Washington High School gave me a lot of freedom to take advanced, AP, and even college-level classes, but I needed to take the initiative to seek out these opportunities. Students who were content doing poorly in school would probably not be pushed to do well. However, in the years since I attended I know that there have been a lot of changes in the staff, and I hear that more attention has been placed on struggling students than before. I had a lot of fun with our many clubs, particularly those related to theatre and fine arts.
I love the traditions that the school has including a high level of academic, athletic, and fine arts achievement. There is a diverse student body that is extremely advantageous to the learning environment.
The parent involvement and teachers of this school is what makes it go round. Through the teachers, the students score well and continue to make this school a contender for the best school in Iowa. Parents also continue to give money for the school that seems to help a lot of the programs; show choir, football, band. However, the administration and safety at Washington prove to be a negative aspect of this school in a week in, week out basis. The administration's ability to control some of their students is laughable at times, as the security guards get little to no respect from the students.
As a graduate that participated in all aspects of George Washington High School, I adore the school. The teachers are kind and want students to succeed, the only con is that some teachers can play favorites. There are many clubs and activities as well for students to participate in where they will find a niche for themselves. There have been a couple of changes to the school which I find unnecessary, but if the students and staff benefit then so be it.
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George Washington High School is the best school to go to in the city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There are so many AP courses and incentives that are offered here. Any student can find a class that they will truly appreciate and love going to everyday. This school does an amazing job of acknowledging everyone’s passions and hard work. We have assemblies recognizing the numerous clubs that are offered and the sports we have, so no matter what your passion is in high school, everyone gets to feel involved. The diversity and culture here are amazing. We hold retreats and have clubs that specifically recognize the diversity of Washington. Lastly, the teachers at this school do such an amazing job of educating the students and making everyone feel appreciated. I haven’t had a teacher at Washington that I didn’t appreciate or learn much from. If I could change one thing about my school, I would find a solution to resolve all the fights that occur in our main foyer.
George Washington High School is a very good school that has a lively environment and a great atmosphere
Washington High School is a phenomenal public school. A diverse and open-minded faculty has allowed students at my school to thrive and being creative. Amazing teachers are everywhere you turn, and students are full of personality and ready to take on the day. Like, our motto says, “it’s always a great day to be a warrior!”
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