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The teachers do a lot to help students with assignments if they ask. I feel like the quality of education there is extremely high, and I'm glad to have been taught by amazing teachers.
Everyone in George Mason is extremely kind and are always willing to lend a helping hand. The community is very supportive.
I remember the first day coming here as a freshman. Everyone was really friendly and willing to help me find my classes. I'm apart of the minority group of people who moved here to go to the school itself (the 2 larger groups are people who have lived here their entire lives and state department). Despite being exposed to this kind of environment, everyone who I met that first day (who I'm still friends with today), were so approachable and outgoing. It took time to build close friendships and figure out where I belonged socially, but getting that initial, positive impression from people will always be something that I'll remember about Mason.
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George Mason was a school that fostered academic excellence while building a strong community. Not only were the parents very involved with academics but also with clubs and sports teams. The thing that I would have liked changed would have been the lack of diversity and also a needed increase in administration connection with the student body.
I like the diverse environment. I visited the school during orientation where I got to tour around the campus for a bit. The faculty members were very welcoming and made me feel less nervous. The transition from high school to university/college can be stressful. Walking around campus and meeting with some staff members helped me understand the complex system. I look forward to spending the next couple of years growing my learning experience.
It's a decent campus, not sure what I'd change. Probably keep it more focused on academics now since its diversity thing is a-ok.
Mason is pretty great compared to other schools. Most of the teachers care and are helpful, but when a teacher is bad they are horrible. And if you have a bad teacher no one will help. Also, the administration makes horrible decisions involving school days. But we have fun events and are prepared for college.
As a student who moves often, I was nervous going into George Mason. Since George Mason is placed in an area where many kids of diplomats and government workers come and go, the students there were used to new students coming in and were very accepting. Although the school has the stereotypical division amongst the students such as jocks, thespians, brainiacs, etc, there was no animosity amongst the groups which I appreciated. There are many talented students in the arts programs, and being a theater kid myself, I was able to grow in a very healthy environment.
Overall, education, after school activities, and faculty wise, I had an excellent experience at George Mason High School and I deeply miss the people there.
Teachers are very supportive and classes are challenging. However, if you have been a student in FCCPS for a long time and you did not establish friends you will never make friends. Once a rumor is started about you there is no opportunity to get past it. The IB program is also way over emphasized and there are not many classes offered to juniors and seniors who want to take honors but not IB. Very few AP classes offered. I'm very unhappy here but because I have parents who desperately want me in an IB program I am stuck. Students also tend to stress each other out and the environment is high stress and not really one of encouragement. We are all constantly competing to have the best grades. The administration also doesn't take the students seriously.
I had a really good experience here. The school is great, with many facilities and good administration.
The school puts much too much emphasis on the IB diploma- which they don’t even do justice -but in doing so they sacrifice the classes for other students. George mason high school does not offer crucial math classes like precalc (only honors available) or AP AB calc. I’ve had some really great teachers who’ve helped me with my own learning style, but it means nothing if I can’t take the classes I want to, especially basic classes.
One of the best prep schools leading into college, helping students excel in not only academics, but also personally achievements.
George Mason is a very good school, although they assign at least three hours of homework a night in common placement classes, their MYP integration is poor, and the projects that are designed to ready students for college is poor. Still balances out to a very good school despite these reasons, though.
I liked the academics, the sports and the clubs. I also appreciated the faculty and the support staff.

The facilities could do with some improvement and I know the School Board has sought approval to build a new high school that will open by Fall 2021.
George Mason is THE amazing high school in THE amazing school system in Northern Virginia. Mason was the first IB high school in Virginia, but recently the entire school division went IB. I cannot express my love for their staff, the kids, and our small community. And in two years, they are building a new high school! Such an exciting time to be in Falls Church.
It was fun to be in this environment and I had a good time. I would definitely change and update the facilities as those tend to be poor in nearly every public school
My experience was good while attending George Mason as a student. There is a lot of diversity within the school and everyone is very accepting of newcomers. the School educates and helps students achieve their goal in order to get the most out of life.
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George Mason high school is a school that is determined to prepare you for college through good teachers, hard classes and the IB program. Even though i have not yet graduated, I have been told by many graduates that college work was a lot less of a shock because of the preparation they went through here at George Mason.
Through all of the trials that High School has, George Mason is filled with some of the best people you will meet. Not only students but teachers too.
The fact that George Mason offers the IB diploma is a huge plus for the school, I was not sure if I was going to do the full diploma when it was being offered to me but I signed up to take all IB courses and my teachers are supportive of their student's endeavors. The best thing about the teachers at Mason HS is that when a student asks for help, they get it. And the majority of the teachers will give all their time to help their students succeed. The things that bring Mason down by one star for me is how long the classes are (1hr and 30min) and the building is very old and falling apart. But there is a new financial plan for the school to be completely rebuilt starting 2021.
I'm a new student at George Mason, and it's been a strange experience. I've noticed that the community here focuses on higher learning and questioning things to obtain a better understanding of the world. Although the physical building has many flaws, a new one will be built soon so that problem will go away. It's a very diverse place with a phenomenal counseling department.
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