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Genesee Jr/Sr High School Reviews

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the School is in a very small community and gives each student a chance to build a relation ship with his or her teacher
I like Grand Blanc High. There are two campuses, the lunch is pretty good and there are clubs for everyone here.
The students are nice but food is disgusting and the way the displinary is a little bit stupid.I wouldn't really recommend for students that wanna be pushed.
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There are so many options of school clubs to be part of and if it isn't there you can create it! Student council, class officers, Honor Society, band.
Senior year we had our senior cook out and all the parents came and set it up. We had a huge water fight and had plenary of fun. Our class was close compared to other larger schools and I would choose that all over again.
All the teachers are always helpful and caring. They help when you need it even when they do not have to time.
Some teachers really try to connect well with the students and try to make sure we understand what we are learning. There are teachers that you can talk about anything with.
Sports programs are getting better. We have strong athletes, but I wish more people participated. A lot of people come to support, but it is hard to get people to join the extra curricular activities. The people we do have is great, though.
Parents are so loving and supporting of not only their own children, but of other kids they care about. They are very involved and are a part of the reason why the community is so tight.
Because the school is so small, the teachers are engaged with the students academics and personal life. Several teachers are coaches or attend sporting events. They work around personal problems and try to help you if they can. They always have things planned out and are willing to find time outside of class to help you if needed.
Its quick and easy to get into as well as being able to get certified or a degree in a program towards your future.
I have made plenty of friends that Genesee. Even though we have lots of fininacial issues we still find a way to make our school a wonderful place with fun activities.
Many of the teachers are great. They really know their stuff. There are no a lot of class options and, though I never experienced it, there is a lot of teasing and bullying that goes on.
The teachers tend to be a variety of different teaching methods. Some are very laid back and have no homework and some have alot of homework. In a way I don't feel challenged enough in my school work.
I bbelieve that the health and safety of the school could be more. We recently got a very good security system. Students can not have bags in the classrooms
The staff may sometimes be helpfull but since it is such a small school people get let off with just warnings.
It is a very small school, alot of students to a classroom. If you have to work on stuff with a computer you would have to have one at home.
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The bullying rate is very high and it increases every second. Me and my friends only have our little group because majority of the students bully and judge one another.
Many of the teachers do not give out books because there are not enough. For chemistry, we had to have print-outs because we only had 23 books and there was 34 kids in the class.
The schools breakfast is burned pancakes and a little box of cereal. The lunches suck, you do not get any variety of foods.
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