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Good school. Really helped me gain morals and life skills that couldn't just anywhere else. Most of the staff is friendly, but they are not all the most qualified, or even good at teaching.
Very Educational: All the classes offered are taught with the baseline required information, but with even more to it.
Great Staff: All the teachers, and workers, and the administration involved are all very professional, kind, and efficient. They are fantastic at what they do and they make the school look good.
, Fantastic Community: The entire purpose of the school is to provide a home for anyone who is looking for it. It does that beautifully and you can feel it as soon as you walk in. It is very homely and accepting and feels like a lovely place to be for most of my week.
I do not agree with the other reviewers. Despite its small student population, this school is thriving with its brilliant kids, committed teachers and fully engaged PTO. Its improvement has been remarkable. 100% high school graduates go for a 4 yr college degree in a reputed university.
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It's a small Islamic school so there is a sense of community there. The cirriculum is challenging, but it prepares you for life after high school. However, the teachers aren't the best here. somr of them don't know their own plan or the material and others are somewhat bigoted. You really have to teach yourself most of the material.
I have attended Genesee Academy since my very first year of elementary school, so it is easy to notice the various aspects of the school whether it be exceptional or poor.
The school doesn't have many extracurricular opportunities for their students. Although we have recommended it for numerous years, they haven't implemented any clubs or activities for us to explore besides our general education during regular school hours. I feel very limited and underprivileged while being at this school, blocking me from the many advantages that other schools have which can make their students more attractive for college.
However, our school can be exceptional at times. The administration and faculty are very easy to reason with. They are quick to respond to anything you come at them with. Also, with the small number of kids who attend the high school, it is easy to converse with the teachers and develop a bond with them, too, in order to enhance our classroom experience.
I did not like my experience at the school. I felt like I did not learn anything. The teachers were not well educated on the topics they were teaching. Other than learning Quran and Arabic, I do not recommend the school.
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