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Gateway High is a super awesome school, not only because they help you a lot with your homework but also because they are there to support you at any moment. Gateway High School is a small school but that is an advantage that people that go to Gateway have; small school means more help from teachers because when they're are thousands of students in a school, teachers don't have enough time to check in with students, but in Gateway; teachers make a lot of time to those students who need help and also to push all of those students who ask for help, even if students don't ask for help they will still be there for you, to support you and make you a better person. At Gateway there is also a lot of ethnicity that treat every single student equally.
Gateway is not a bad school. The community here is kind and including. Students here are made to succeed. Teachers try their best for all students to learn and succeed to the best of their ability. However, I wish our academics were at a higher level and school spirit was stronger.
Its awsome place! To make friends and learn, which makes it really comfortable environment. The staff and teachers are really welcoming and warming, they help you out and provide resources so tagt you can find help out of class online.
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Teachers focus their attention on student needs. They will provide any type of guidance you need and will always be available to help you. They have counselors who will help prepare you and guide you through the college admissions process and help ensure you're on the right track.
This school has helped me through good and bad times. You'll always find a teacher who will have your back and make sure that you're on top of your game at all times.
Gateway High School provide students of all backgrounds with the opportunity to succeed. They offer a fair amount of AP/Honors courses as well as a college preparation program that encourages students develop a post graduation plan. The teachers seem like they care a provide students with support and a mindset to do well in the future.
The school is a very tight-knit community with teachers that are very thoughtful and care about the students' success.
Gateway is a fun school but it is small. Also not only is it small but we have to share a campus with a middle school which can get annoying. Also they don't let us off campus and the food isn't exactly good. If they could improve the quality of food available for lunch, then students wouldn't try to skip school so much.
I think that Gateway High School is an excellent school that focuses on helping each student learn at there own pace. The school's community is very open and welcoming to all students because the school focuses on core values that challenge each student to be good people and good advocates for each other.
I had a wonderful experience at Gateway. I learned to grow, gain confidence in myself, and how to be a leader. The teachers are really supportive and will help you with anything. Beyond the academics, this school is really strong about community and is passionate about getting their students to college.
I enjoy Gateway High School because of the opportunities it has with taking college courses. I also love how the teachers show their enthusiasm for learning and also care about the students learning and their growth throughout the year. I think that Gateway is very good at their mission, which is to help students go to college. The College Counseling class helps not only with getting to know yourself personally but with seeing what colleges are a best fit.
The class is small. The principal and teachers are supportive. The counselors help the students to meet the goals.
I love Gateway I went to the middle school and will be graduating from the high school in May 2019. The staff and teacher are very understanding and take my education very serious, I have a lot of support from everyone through out the whole school. I wish that we could have more sports at our school, we are limited to the sports we have. I would love to come back after college to volunteer and show them how much I appreciate all there effort.
Gateway is great. The academics and the people are great.
If you are interested in going to college, it is a great place to make your splash.
I'd definitely recommend joining the debate club and garden club - both jewels in the SFUSD extra curricular system!
Gateway is a great school to go to. There are a few things I love most about Gateway, for starters it is a small community of 450 students. This creates a space where you have the opportunity to get to know everyone and connect. The thing I love most there is the fact that the classes are small so you are able to have that one on one time and they teach to all the students paces so no one is left behind.
I really enjoy the community, because it is a small high school compared to others in San Francisco. The classroom sizes are pretty small which also means that students and teachers have a good close relationship, where teachers are there to help the student understand the classes and get outside help and tutoring when they need it for tests. There is also many quiet places to work on homework, during the day if students have classes; periods or blocks that are free. The faculty and teachers really want the student to learn, and enjoy learning different things, through different choices in classes starting junior year, choices between challenging classes, honor and Advanced Placement and normal classes. Also, there is a class called, college counseling where there are counselors who teach students about college readiness.
Gateway has a great teaching curriculum. I love how they give teachers the ability to teach the course the way they plan and not following certain guidelines. I enjoy the smaller class sizes compared to other public schools in the district. The teachers at Gateway are all caring and they offer flexible office hours. Gateway isn't just a school it's a community where everybody knows each other and gets along which I love. The only thing I would like to change about the school is offering a smoother transition due to there majority acceptances to be from Gateway Middle School.
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Its a good school academically, but its a lottery to get in. The teachers are nice, will keep you attention for the most part. But there is no off campus lunch until senior year.
Gateway helps all students that need it and are very supported.
It is a small school, a lot of nice interaction.
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