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I would like to see the arts get more attention . The majority of the funding we have goes straight to the sports and many arts such as film and the art program do not get a budget at all.
Overall good school if you are involved in activities and participate in school events showing school spirit. IB kids stick to themselves though and are rather inclusive.
GHS is constantly improving upon itself, both as a student body and an actual campus, to strive for more. We’re the oldest school in the district so we have our fair share of traditions, and we’re also one of the most culturally diverse schools in the district and we celebrate that as well. While my friends and I complain about the work and the people from time to time, we wouldn’t want to go anywhere else
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It offers rigorous and intensive programs that ultimately will help you gain a lot of credits for your graduation and initiation into college
I loved Garland High School! I had so many great teachers and the classes were easy to learn in. The staff really care about helping students achieve their best.
Although the school has the IB program and perhaps some arts programs that draw student in , it is otherwise a terrible school to enroll. The classrooms feel underfunded and some teachers do not even have their own room.
I am in the IB program and am extremely impressed by all of the teachers I have had so far. The fine arts program is also excellent. However, I have heard from some of my friend that aren't in the IB program that they feel like all of the resources go to the IB kids.
Garland High School is an IB school so the Academic levels are outstanding. We are also an Performing Arts school so our many programs over achieve those of their schools. The Garland High School is THE place to be!
The fine arts department at Garland High is absolutely amazing, especially the theatre and film department. However, there is a major divide between the IB, AP, and regulars students; and students who aren’t in IB are often neglected and overlooked.
There are good education programs with AP, IB, Dual Credit, and many endorsements (like AVAPA and classes at the GRCTC center). The school in very diverse in ethnicities and the school body is generally accepting. However, some parts of the school are very old, and while there is currently construction going on, it is not on these older parts of the building.
The diversity at garland is really good, no cliques or anything like that. The only thing I would really like to see a change in is the food. But other than that, I would strongly recommend attending this school.
I love how spirited te school gets as a community when it comes to football. Although we may not be the best team in the district, both students and staff do not hold back when it comes to showing off that gold and black!!!
I love the diversity of the student population and the traditions that the school has upheld for over 100 years. Even though we are in a new day and age the school hasn’t lost its old roots. Garland High School isn’t in the best part of town and I’d love to see a change in the student attendance, a lowered fight rate, and less drugs around the school. I am in the IB program where these problems are very rare but I know it is hurting the learning environment of those involved. Every student is given the opportunity to thrive but not all of them has come to that realization.
Garland High School is a one in a million school. The school supports many different cultures and has an incredible amount of school spirit considering our less than average sports performance. The people here are genuine and the culture of students created doesn't support bullying and other "high school superiority" tactics. We all support each other wholeheartedly. The IB and AP programs here are great and do a great job teaching and preparing their students for college. The staff have a great balance between being the adults in charge and being the friend a student needs. Overall fantastic school despite its poor facilities and condition.
I like that the school had the IB program but if you are not in the IB program the education may have been in adequate .
I wanted to make sure when I got to high school that it had to have an art class and it did and even better it wasn’t just any art class it was ib glad I was able to get into the program I have learned a lot being in it.
This school is very diverse. Although it is not the most athletic school, it is well diverse as well as very high in academically wise.
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Excellent IB academics but poor otherwise, at least in terms of facilities and lower level teaching.
Garland Highschool provides a unique culture build up on more than a hundred years of service. Although the building itself may be in poor conditions, it is strong in tradition and its school spirit is unbreakable.
One of my favorite things about Garland High School is that there is so much diversity, and this gives us students more insight to different cultures and backgrounds which is important to our society today. Another one of my favorite things about Garland High is the variety of different activities and programs you can do from academics to athletics and to clubs which makes for a well-rounded student body. Lastly, the International Baccalaureate program is one of the bigggest pluses our school offers, being apart of this prestigious program helps prepare students for college life which in my opinion is very beneficial. Garland High School has many things to offer which is why it provides great experiences to last not only through high school, but for the rest of your life.
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