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Garland Christian Academy is a small school, but that is not necessarily a disadvantage. The atmosphere at my school is amazing. We are all so close it is similar to having a large family. The teachers are always willing to help in any way they can and genuinely care about you and your success. I feel well prepared for college due to the high academic standards I have been held up to. The only thing I wish were different is I wish I had received more help in applying for colleges and scholarships through the school.
I graduated from GCA almost 20 years ago. A lot has changed since then, but I know that the people there care about the kids and want the best for them.

I would trade my experience there and didn't realize until long after how unique and special it was.
Not very diverse. Not a welcoming environment. Teachers are ok. They want to get the kids in and out.
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The teachers and staff really care for the students and help them succeed. I feel very safe here. I wish they would have academic clubs. They need to offer a STEM program.
GCA is a very close knit environment and the children are more than numbers to the teachers. The teachers really care and help the children in succeeding every year. Parents are involved and take a leading role with the teachers in helping their children grow and learn.
I have attended this school since 6th grade. I feel that the teachers and staff have prepared me for college, and have instilled in me a desire to read and learn for the rest if my life. I love it here and will be sad to leave after next year.
There are very few teachers that no one likes.
The staff is pretty involved the students lives
There's only athletic things, and sports games.
I like how small and close it is.
We have an awesome computer lab.
We have a thing on the front door where you have to be buzzed in by the secretary, and any other door is locked form the outside, so only teachers can open them. There are also video cameras, but no police officers or security guards because the school is not that big.
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